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Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Yes it's that time of year again when the festivities of this season take hold and the kids are so excited as Santa arrives tonight. Too all my buddies wherever you are at this time of year, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope that you are celebrating this season with family and friends. We also celebrated Grace's 15th birthday yesterday and Happy Birthday Grace with loads and loads of love from your family. It seemed to be a fairly busy day yesterday as we had the car break down on us the night before and had to leave it and go back yesterday morning to deal with it. Thankfully we managed to get it home although it broke down again. With all this rain and flash flooding we have had over the past few days water got into part of the engine and after cleaning it up and doing what one does to get things back to normal we seem to have it running back to normal now. So yesterday we dealt with that, I also wanted to take Grace out for brekky first up so Tim could set up her brand new computer we had built for her and she had no idea she was getting so managed that as my sister came to the rescue to get us to and fro and boy was she surprised with her b'day pressie she had no idea she was getting. Of course all my kids on their b'day get to choose the kinda takeaway tucker they want and the kinda cake to go with it so pizza and Boston Mudcake was on the agenda and scrumptious plus.

Today we have cleaned and done those last minute shopping things at the local supermarket mainly cleaning, in readiness for tomorrow...Christmas Day. Pressies all wrapped last night and tonight we will go check out the Christmas lights that are on show all over Bendigo.

I will be the first to admit that I am looking forward to putting 2007 behind us as it has been an incredibly difficult year for us with so many different situations we had to endure and so with that I also wish to say thankyou to everyone who kept us in your hearts, in your prayers and in your thoughts as we dealt with Lance and the difficulty we had with his health and the even more frustrating part not knowing ("still") what is wrong with him. But there is one thing I do know and that is God is a miracle working God and I know that he has helped our family through this year. Not only dealing with Lance but for those of you who may hubby Tim is visually impaired and I am his full time carer. Along with him both Stephanie and Maddison are also visually impaired and they all have a genetic eye disease, no cure and nothing can be done for it. They have Best's Vitelliform Dystrophy. All you need to do is google it and you could also google Macular Degeneration, that should give you some understanding of it. Recently, about a month ago, both Maddi and Steps had another appointment with their eye doctor and Maddi's right eye has weakened. Not easy to deal with as he approaches high school next year and all that goes with settling and establishing himself there but with a disability and so many people NOT understanding what these kids go through it will be an eventful year for him to say the least. But we manage and thank God for helping us through even if so many times I feel I am just not coping and managing too well because I will for the first time say that I do have alot on my plate and it is far from easy!

For all of those out there in particular 3 families I know who are going to struggle this year due to the loss of loved ones in their family I wish you peace. I know it will be a struggle and very difficult for you but I know that you will also be surrounded by loved ones.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Friday, 21 December 2007

It's not always.......

......... easy to blog new entries on a daily basis or even once a week. Life gets busy, things get in the way, there is often those things such as housework, feeding your tribe and running errands that often stop us from doing things that we really do wish we had a little more time for...........such as blogging and making it a little more regular! But I guess we just do the best we can. :)

The countdown finally begins as we near that special time when Santa slides down our chimneys and delivers those wonderful and precious gifts under our tree. When the children still believe, when Christmas is still magical, when the festivity celebrations are underway and when it is time to sit back, ponder and really think about the true meaning of Christmas, yes the birth of Jesus Christ and what that meant to the world and all those in it. A time to celebrate this miracle in all it's glory, a time to truly appreciate what Christmas is all about.

So as I sit here trying to blog a few words here and there my mind is elsewhere, thinking of a song that has been in my heart and on my lips for the past few weeks and although many others sing this song including Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Rudd, this would have too be one of the most truly beautiful songs ever written and is now renowned as a Christmas Song. Mary Did You Know words written by Mark Lowry and music by Buddy Greene. This song is full of power, passion and emotion. I have watched the video clips and cried and I have sung along with the song but mostly I have listened and I have imagined what the song is saying, the story of a mother and her child and emotion this song brings with it. It takes me to a different place, one of compassion, filled with emotion and power, filled with grief as only a mother can feel and above all, a place that I can draw close to God. I hope you listen to it and enjoy.

Scrapping.......yes I have done a little scrapping. The LO below is my latest PBP CT LO and the last one for the year as we now have a break to do those things that we need to do being Christmas and all. The photo was taken a couple of years ago and is of my youngest son Maddison.


The CT LO below is the latest for Tara Dunstan Designs. Photo has been scrapped before (who could resist) and I just love my girl Grace with a little 'tude!


I am working on 2 other LO's although neither of them are CT LO's and just popping the finishing touches on them before I pop them on here and in the galleries. I have just finished creating some bookmarks (as Christmas gifts) and need to print them off and I have also done some very simple Christmas Cards that I need to take photos of and plonk in here as well. So a little busy before the man in the big red suit arrives.

Well I am going to leave you with my latest LO's for now as my eyes are hanging out my head and I need to pop myself to bed. Till next time...stay safe and stay calm with all the festivity celebrations happening.


Chris xoxox

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Well what can I say..............

I'm a bad blogger but you already knew I try so hard to update my blog but it just does not seem to work and I try so hard to do a little blog hopping, ready with some loving but that too I'm afraid just doesn't happen. Well it's that time of the year where we all seem to be flat out with the "festive season" and all the challenges it throws at us. Have you done your Christmas shopping? Oh I hope you have all at least started. I know I have and have everything organised........well I hope so anyway. Today I pick up one more present for Grace but as her birthday is 2 days before Christmas Day Tim and I decided we would give this pressie to her for her birthday instead of Christmas. About 2 weeks ago the poor kid had her mobile phone, her wallet and her Ipod stolen and too make matters worse a friend of hers had asked Grace if she could pop her mobile phone and wallet in her bag as well and yep they were knocked off too. The worse thing about the phone is Grace worked so hard after school by picking up garbage for half an hour as often as possible and being paid $5 for it. She saved like mad to buy this pretty darn expensive phone only for someone else to come along and say they'd prefer it instead.....grrrrrrr. Anyway the phone was useless to them as after we reported the theft we also rang Telstra and they put a full block on the phone. By doing that they could not turn it on and nor could they put another sim card in for all their efforts they got nothing.
So Tim and I decided that her main pressie would be given to her for her birthday instead and I can't say what it is because she might just pop in and read my blog but I can tell you that it is not a new phone or a new Ipod........nope nope nope better than either of

Ok onto other stuff. Yes I have been scrapping here and there and of course that's what you all come to visit me for right????....ROFL to check out my LO's, well I hope so anyway and to catch up with all other news. So the first 2 are the latest CT LO's created for PBP and the designers there.



And the LO below is a CT LO for Tara Dunstan Designs.


I am finishing off my latest CT LO for Tara and will post that as well when I feel it is worthy to adorn the galleries and my blog.....rofl!

So what else is is coming to a close. Lance finished his exams about 2 weeks ago now and seems to have past.....we are still waiting for the results. But with that he has finished school now as well and we have just finished the orientation/transition program into Yr 11. For those that are nor aware here in Bendigo we have I guess junior and senior high and we also call them Secondary Colleges not highschools. Yes we are pretty much the only area in Australia that does it like this but it works so well. So the 4 main secondary colleges go from yr 7-10 and unless you are in a private school than that will go through to yr 12. Then off to BSSC Bendigo Senior Secondary College for yrs 11 and 12. Without seeming to brag and we only found this out last night at orientation for parents and child that BSSC is pretty much the only school in Australia that caters so well and so much for the kids in Yr 11 and 12. It is nationally recognised as one of the best schools in Australia and they get kids coming here from all round just to do their education in those years. Their success rate is something like 95% and some of the well known people that have come out of that school and made names for themselves world wide are amazing and here I was thinking it was JUST the next stage in Lance's life......hmmmmm a little more than that.

So not only has Lance been going through the transition stage there but Maddison our youngest has also been going through his as he is off to secondary college next year. He had another orientation day Tuesday and seemed to settle in nicely. Ahhhhh my babies are all growing up.

On another "Lance" moment he is 16 of course and now has decided he wants to go for his L's. So we will be booking him in asap and getting another looney driver out onto the roads.

The girls are doing well. Grace finished her exams she had last week and we are just waiting on the results of those but she did top the geography exam and came in with the highest result for that in her class.....and she told me she didn't think she was going to get very yeh right girl! So that was a very proud moment for her as they acknowledged it and paraded her about the place....well just in her class anyway where they applauded her, she had to do a speech and then she got to be in the teachers possie for awhile and dished out a geography test that all the other kids had to do. WTG Grace!

Stephanie didn't have to do exams as she is only in Yr7 but she has been just as active and just as busy with school and she is doing very well.

So the year is almost at a close and it's a very busy time with Christmas and all that goes with that. Don't get too stressed out at this time of year and if nothing else just take it in your stride and enjoy it. Till next blogging take care and stay safe.

Hugs Chris xxoo

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Not much to say......

.......but I'm blogging again. Quick some one call the doctor I've blogged twice this week. Anyway there really isn't much to say except that it's Saturday, we have had storms today with some rain and the is awesome. I think we are about to have another pour down as all is looking very dark outside and no it's night night time....rofl. This kinda weather I love and I hope we have it for a few more days yet so we can get as much rain as we need.

I received an awesome package in the mail on Thursday. 21 12x12 LO's I order through My Reflections and they are amazing. I have been hanging out for so long to have some 12x12 LO's printed professionally and withing a decent price range as well. This September My Reflections started offering loose leaf printing in a few sizes but in 12x12 as well. The quality of printing is absolutely amazing and I am really happy with the results....well actually I am more than happy with them. Thanks Suz you've done a marvellous job. So for all you aussies who have been looking at need a place to have your LO's printed than pop on over to My Reflections and check out what they have and what they are going to be bringing out and it's all great stuff.

Of course where are my're looking for the latest Chris Turnbull well here you go this is my latest LO and I hope you enjoy!


There isn't much more to say except I am working on the next LO which would you believe is of Lance on his father's motorbike. So of course when that is finished apart from all the galleries I pop it in, I'll pop it on here as well.

I'm settling rather nicely into my latest CT gig with Tara Dunstan and her wonderful designs. Man can her and I chat like you wouldn't believe....rofl or perhaps those that know me well enough would believe it ;). She actually has me helping out on the admin side of things too which I was more than overwhelmed when she asked me so yes settling in nicely.

Oh and there is one more thing to say and although this LO has already been posted here I thought I would post it again as it was voted LOTM over at TTS. Totally amazing and I feel so honoured. Thanks girls who voted for my LO. :) If you click on the image itself it will take you directly to my gallery over at TTS. However the credit link will take you directly to my PBP gallery!


Well that's it for today, enjoy your weekend, take care and stay safe.

Hugs Chris xxoo

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Dear Oh Dear!!!!

I have been somewhat slack in my blog duties these past 3 weeks or so. I always have good intentions to blog at least a couple of times a week but good intentions just like everything else sometimes mean well but at the end of the day don't quite happen. So to my blog readers I'm sorry.

What's new...well these are my latest PBP CT LO's which I love and have come together so well and I have to admit that I just love my return to digiscrapping. As a designer (although I know a few are still saying how much they miss my designs) I had no time to scrap and when my son Lance became sick I realised that it was time to not only once again be able to create my own family heirlooms I had missed so much, but also realise scrapping was more important too me than designing. As much as I enjoyed people creating with my designs all that work was not worth what I was missing out on and so there had to be a change and I am so grateful that I made it.



Did you want to hear some fabulous news? Yeh course ya do....check this out and I'm proud as puff because I was so overwhelmed this designer wanted me on her team.......

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tara Dunstan of Tara Dunstan Designs asked me to be on her CT and I was so stoked. Yes she has a call going out now but before that call went out she asked me to be on her CT and how could I say no. I love her designs and started loving them when she started selling over at PBP and I have quite a little collection of her stuff already. Of course I will pop some links in to her part of the shop over at PBP but for now the shop is down for some maintenance so can't link ya up yet. I have also started creating for her but can't show just yet till I get the all clear from her so when tis all ok I'll show you what I've been up to.

A little update on Lance. He is going really well, he had the last of his tests about 7/8 weeks ago and they could not find anything further which in reality is good but as the cardiologist and his paeditrician have said very frustrating for us as well. They are now saying his heart is good and are thinking along the lines of the arteries surrounding the heart going into spasms which is quite serious anyway and that if they decide this it will take time to diagnose this. It took 3 years for them to diagnose this in one young patient who was similar to Lance so we may have to wait If they decide that it is not then they really have no idea what is going on. He is back on his heart meds because they cannot deny they have been a huge benefit to him and I have to admit that he has been the best in the 12 months that this situation has been affecting him. Long term management...... follow up visit with paeditrician in January, medication for the next 6 months then wean him off to see how he is without them. All the experts have admitted they cannot deny what they found but they can't explain it to us either. For me it's simple I know God is taking care of it all. He is back to playing sports and doing what he does best with specialists permission and we just keep an eye on him too see how he copes that way. Now with his meds fully in his system he has only had 2/3 attacks in this time (8 weeks) compared to that many a day. So much better.

The other kids are doing well, the flu hit our home as it has most but not all of us got it thank goodness. Lance came down with it first and is still struggling with the sniffles and is a little bit chesty and it's been 2/3 weeks now. Then Tim came down with it really badly and although he is better he is still a little sniffly and a little chesty with not much voice, and of course Stephanie came down with it at the same time as Tim but not as bad and she seems to have made a full recovery thank goodness. The rest of us....nothing and hope it stays that way.

So Christmas is like not too many days away and it is creeping up on me a little too fast. I have all the pressies organised but I wish I could have just a couple more paydays to help get through and as much as I thought I would be fine 3 bills came yesterday.....grrr. The house rates, phone bill as it has just gone to the new monthly billing and the water bill. The worse thing about the rates is I just paid one lot last month.......the council here in Bendigo have weird dates for it and it is suppose to be quarterly (every 3 months) but not sure what happens as the first 2 payments are no where near 3 months as I paid one quarter last month (Oct), now another quarter this month then the next in February which would make it 3 months and then the last lot in June but how does 3 months work into October and me!

Exams are coming up for both Lance and Grace in the next 2 weeks so that will be interesting. Grace will study very hard and has been doing so and Lance....well Lance is a different matter and won't study or put any effort into it all and no matter how much Tim and I try to encourage him to study and prepare himself for them, he refuses so what can you do. Schooling does not come easy to Lance at all, the poor kid struggles at the best of times and really has to work at his learning and as parents all we can do is be there for him, continue to encourage and do the best we can as we do with all our kids and luv 'em to bits!

Seeing as I have yet again written a novel and I have to get up in the morning to get the kids off to school it's time for me to call it a night and bid you adieu. Take care and stay safe.


Chris xxoo

Monday, 22 October 2007

Been awhile since.......

.......last blogging but here am I at last. Not much to say really just settling into my new CT role over at Pickleberrypop and enjoying that and I am not missing the pressure of designing one bit. It's Monday once again (always seems to come round so quick) and the countdown is on for Christmas and I am not so sure I am ready at all. Every year it just seems to come round faster and faster and every year I say I am going to be more ready but never happens.

Time to post my latest LO's so without further ado here they are.



Oh and while I am at it I would just like to welcome Didee and Mama Cass to the PBP CT. Congratulations girls and look forward to working with you creating awesome LO's that truly rock.

Just before I go I do want to say a little something to both Faer and Anita......thinking of you guys and although I can't be there with you physically I am thinking of you and knowing that both are going through a bit of a rough patch. Sending oodles of hugs your way.

Ok well that is all from me so till next time if anyone still reads my blog, take care and stay safe.


Chris xo

Friday, 12 October 2007

Yay Friday is here at last!

Oooh yeh it's Friday at last and the kids have settled back into school for the first week rather well. I've managed to do another CT LO for PBP starring my DD Stephanie of course although the photo is almost 2 years old (Jan 06) but I love it just the same and really do love what I have scrapped as I do with all my LO's otherwise I wouldn't be scrapping them! Besides it's a scrappers rights to love each LO they have wonderfully and artisticly created with a little magic and a whole lot of love!!!! (oh and many thanks to all you wonderful designers out there who create so many yummy goodies).


The weekend is here and I am looking forward to it. Tomorrow Tim is helping a friend move house so will just be me and the kids for most of the day here at home. Apart from that life goes on and we are managing as best we can with all that has been thrown our way. Poor Lance was struck down with a blindling migraine today something that made him so sick and lose most of his site in his left eye then bang it hit and I had to grab him from school. He is still not quite right and not sure why this came on as he does not normally have them but have popped it in my diary for the next visit to the paeditrician and will just keep an eye on them. Hopefully will just be a one off thing. Grace is up to her armpits in homework already. Man only yr 9 and only just started back Monday and she was sent home with, would you believe 4 assignments all due this coming week. I mean honestly that is just a little ridiculous and certainly way over the top. Someone once asked recently on a tv program.........why do kids nowadays receive so much homework don't they have teachers in school anymore? Makes you stop, think and wonder why our kids have to grow up so quickly.....society sure as heck does not allow them to be kids anymore with so much on their plates.

Pssst....... hey by the way have been on a huge spending frenzy over at Christina Renee's Designs. I just love what she creates and I think I now have quite a good collection of all her designs. Shopped there twice already in 4 days, spent up big and used up half my internet limit for the month (oops sorry kids my bad) but what I really want to know is WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT HER UNTIL NOW!!! Yes of course I had heard of her many times but never checked out her stash of goodies and man when I was pointed in that direction I just had to have whatever I could grab although I did have to leave a few things behind until next month (when the internet limit is reset and when I have more $$$ in the purse) and hopefully by then some of the things her awesome CT are creating with will be in the shop. I know they're-a-coming but woah I can't wait.

Anyway enjoy your weekend I know I plan to.


Chris xo

Monday, 8 October 2007

Kids went back to school today do-da do-da!!!



Oooh I love this no designing because now I can spend my time scrapping and that's what I have been doing. Kids went back to school today after 2 weeks of holidays and so I was able to finally finish these 3 LO's off and hang them proudly in the gallery.
So yes it was the first day back to school today and they were all up, dressed, making tea and toast before I got out of bed at yep even Lance and that was a shocker as he is a typical teen and goes to bed late and sleeps in till forever. Tomorrow may be a different story though. So that's all I have to say right now except's Spring, the flowers are blooming, the garden is actually looking pretty darn good considering the drought, the birds are singing and the weather is perfect and I'm loving it!
So what did you do today?!
Chris xo

Thursday, 4 October 2007

First CT LO for Pickleberrypop!

Woohoo I am excited as this is my very first LO as CT member for Pickleberrypop. The photo is of my eldest DD Grace who is nearly 15. She took this photo of herself a couple of months ago and I have been eagerly waiting to scrap it. She takes the most awesome photos and I am a little but then taking photography as one of her electives this semester has given her every opportunity to learn so much.....oh man I wish I was able to go back to school and learn...teehee!
Ok so school holidays are heading to an end and we have really enjoyed every moment of them and I have managed to scrap some LO's although they are not yet in the galleries.....I'll get there.
Time is awasting and I'm off to scrap....digi style of else! ;-)
Chris xo

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

It's official!

I have fully retired from designing over at PBP and once again I just wish to thank all those that have supported me in all that time especially my loyal customers and I hope that I have been able to contribute in some way to help you create some very special memories.

So what am I going to do with myself now you well first and foremost my family comes first and I have been enjoying that immensely. It's school holidays here and we are, although not doing awhole lot, enjoying it greatly. As for scrapping well I am now officially on the PBP CT and can't wait to start this week. I have missed scrapping enormously and am looking forward to getting right back into it as much as the old mojo and scrapping funk allows.

Update on Lance who is doing really well these past 8-9 days. He is back on one of his heart meds (now looking at it from a different point of view) and so far so good I think in the past week he has had one little niggle and that is all. He is riding his bike, skating, rollerblading and enjoying every minute of it. No angina attacks and no anginine to have to take either. Woohoo! With all the tests this kid has had they are now saying his heart is healthy as (albeit whatever they found which all the experts don't deny) and are now thinking that the arteries surrounding his heart are spasming and causing all this. Very difficult to diagnose and will take awhile but we seem to be on the right path anyway. So just something for us to be patient with and honestly as his paeditrician said that if after this they cannot find the answer then they honestly don't know what is going on and the severe chest pains and everything that goes with it is totally unexplainable....ahhh the frustration of that. But enough said on that for now.

Spring has sprung for sure and Tim and I have been getting into the garden and yes we still seem to have one considering we are still in the worst drought ever. But the garden is thriving at the moment and so we are doing a little TLC. I've planted a couple of tomato plants, strawberries, petunias all in pots and replanted a beautiful self seeded (can't remember name at the minute) creeper from the back garden to the front garden in hope it will take off and cover an arch. Still need to plant some azaleas and a birds nest fern in the garden, have planted two standard roses in the front garden after they have been sitting in pots forever it seems, and done a little rearranging on our front porch. Hummm reminder to oneself.........must take photos. So that has kept us nice and busy.

Have scrapped a couple of LO's but you will have to wait till my next blog entry to see them as right now it's 2:52 am on Tuesday morning and time for me to bid you all a goodnight or a great day depending on which side of the world you are on.

Take care
Chris xo

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Retirement Sale

Yes it's true I am retiring from designing digital papers and elements over at Pickleberrypop. It has not been an easy decision for me to make by any means and one that didn't come over night either but one that had too come all the same. Alot of my blog readers have been aware of my son Lance's health issues now ongoing for some 3 and a half months with still no answers and still inconclusive. It has certainly impacted on our lives and I have needed to rearrange my priorties and spend more time with my family. What does this mean? Well you get to save 50% off all my designs over at Pickleberrypop until the 30th of September....great bargains in store so why not go on over and grab one or 2 before Chris Turnbull's designs are no more. But wait there's more I will still be designing the odd freebie for my blog readers to grab and enjoy no worries there and the other exciting news is that I am joining the CT over at Pickleberrypop. I can't wait to start and boy have I missed scrapping sooo much. What else does this mean? Well simply put I am still going to be around after all I am only giving up the designing part of digi scrapping and nothing more. So you'll still see me here and there and perhaps a little more often as well.

So a huge thankyou goes to so many people. The gang at PBP for having me on board the designers wagon and supporting me there. My incredible CT and all you gorgez gals have done to support me and my designs and of course my most wonderful and loyal customers. So what you waiting for go on spread the word and let everyone know where they can get a bargain.......over here at Pickleberrypop.

Thankyou to everyone for all your wonderful support!

Hugs Chris xxoo

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Happy 12th Birthday Maddi!!!

Yay another birthday and today we all wish you a wonderful and fabulous birthday Maddison. Only one more year before you are officially a teen...woohoo.....I!! Anyway today is a special day as you celebrate your 12th birthday and I have to say I cannot believe just how quick the time has gone since we first brought you home from the hospital all those years ago now. You are very independant, out spoken, cheeky, bold and mischievious boy. One of your true passions in life is anything to do with war and the army. But not like most kids are, as you really know your stuff when it comes to both, those that fought in them, allies and enemies, the sadness war brings and the questioning that comes with it as to why! You amaze your father and I with the knowledge you have on so much to do with the war and the armies and you hope to join the army cadets when you get to the right age and then go on to the army reserves. We know you may not make it into the full army because you are visually impaired but the passion you display is incredible.
Today we all wish you the best birthday ever and hope it really is fab. Happy Birthday buddy and enjoy the day. Love us dudes who love you more than ever. xxoo

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Happy 16th Birthday Lance!!!

Happy Birthday Lance...woohoo today is your 16th birthday and we are all wishing you the very best for today. Although it has been a rough rollercoaster ride the past 3 1/2 months with doctors and specialists and tests galore with your heart, this week taking a trip to the hospital in a MICA ambulance after splitting your hand open at school on Wednesday (7 stitches later with an uncertainty of nerve damage but thankfully your tendon although showing missed the party and was lucky as it was not damaged) and suffering with severe chest pain, having your Thallium Scan done yesterday which showed up "something" we managed to get here today unscathed. What a journey we have travelled but we have travelled it together as a family, with it's good days and it's bad, with its tears and its laughs but above all every moment with an eternity of love unfailing and knowing that no matter what we will always be here by your side every step of the way. So Lance today on your 16th I wish you the very best of birthdays and know that today will be a great day. With all our love....have the best birthday ever! xxxooo

Monday, 10 September 2007

Now the party is over.......

......come on over to Pickleberrypop and grab your lolly bags. Priced at just $2:50 (AU) each and jam packed full of never before seen goodies from a number of our talented designers, these are just too yummy to pass up. Available only until the 16th of September, so come on don't be shy, head on over and pick 'em up before you miss out. It's just our way of saying thankyou to all of you who have helped us celebrate our very 1st birthday.

Until next blogging, stay safe and take care and go grab a bargain.

Chris xo

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Pickleberrypop!!

I know I am a little late with this because of being back and forth to RCH lately but did you know that PBP is having it's 1st birthday so go on over and join in the celebrations. Just click on images to take you to the links.

There is oodles and oodles to join in with so pop on over to the shop and the forum and check us out and you never know what you might win. We also have plenty of challenges and seeing as it is our 1st birthday here are 2 challenges to get you started if you haven't already.

Ooooooh and there is some more fabulous news as another picklebubba has arrived into the world. Dee one of my CTers has had her baby. A beautiful little girl called Anya Elizabeth, 3.45kg, 50.5cm length, 34cm head circ born on Tue Sep 04, 2007 at 9:46 so a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you and your beautiful family Dee.

Ok well I think that's it for today and until next blogging, stay safe and take care.


Friday, 31 August 2007

Spring is heading downunder!

Don't ya just lurve spring???!!! Hummmmm oh I do and it's one of my fave seasons of the year and even though spring is not here officially till the 1st of September it sure has hit our shores here downunder...well at least where I am living. Our temps are rising nicely but the worse thing is that winter is still not officially over until the 1st of September and that also means we are in for a very hot, dry, humid and horrible summer and an early one at that too. Summer is not my fave season as I don't cope with the heat but alas it is on it's way and I am not looking forward to it but bring on Spring and those yummy toasty warm days.

Yes I managed to finish the kit that I have been working on for a bit and it finally has a name and a home over at Pickleberrypop. Spring Break is now available over in the POP SHOP and the paper pack and element pack are only $3 (AU) each. So go on over and grab yourself a bargain.

Spring Break Element Pack
The weekend is upon us here and we are just going to sit back and take it easy as Monday Tim and I need to get Lance down to RCH by 8am for an angiogram. Thats' going to be fun as it takes roughly 2 hours to get there so a very early morning indeed. It's an overnight stay so Tim will travel home again (taking Grace with us and Steps and Maddi will be looked after) while I stay down with Lance and then he and Grace will travel back down on Tuesday morning to pick us up when Lance is discharged from hospital. It will be interesting if they find something. We have already been down once this week as it was arranged for Lance to be admitted to RCH as he was pretty sick last week and when we got there they decided not too even though he was having a fairly bad attack, the nurse had the resusitation kit there and he had to be monitored all the time as his BP dropped to 44 and pretty much remained that way for the entire time we were there and as that was the most unpleasant experience for us, I am not even going to go into full detail about it......that's how awful it was for us and his cardiologist up here was quite shocked with it all too.

Wanna see what new toy Lance has.....check this out.....not bad hey...pity it didn't come with a lifetime of ear plugs......hehehe anyway he has been after a new kit for sometime so this is his birthday present and his xmas present all rolled into one. One of the best drum kits you can get....German made, fantastically engineered and his pride and joy so some big $$$$ went out for that but a fabulous and great kit to build on and add to.
So no scrapping as I just can't seem to get into the creative streak at the moment. One thing I do want to mention is over at PBP we are in for a few surprises over the next couple of weeks so head on over there and check out what is happening. PBP is having it's first birthday and we all not what that means now don't we?!

Ok well enough from me for now as I have to go pick up the car as we are getting new tyres. We were going to hold off for abit with those but with the traveling we are doing at the moment back and forth to Melbourne we though it better and safer. So there go a few more big $$$$

Until next blogging stay safe and take care.

Chris xxoo

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Just a little thankyou!

It has been a couple of weeks since I popped my latest freebie up here on my blog for all of you and therefore it has been that long since my last blog as well so it was time for an update. Thankyou so much to all of you who have downloaded the lastest freebie I hope you enjoy it. I would also like to say a very warm and heartfelt thankyou to everyone who has left comments as well and for those of you keeping Lance and us in your prayers, thoughts and hearts. It has really touched me with your kind words and knowing that you are all out there thinking of our family and in so many ways that means so much too me and you have all touched my heart. He is not doing all too well with more and more unstable angina attacks on pretty much a daily basis and as of Monday one of his heart medications has been increased. The poor kid had 4 attacks on Monday and even one on the way to his cardiologist appointment and we are so grateful that so far the tablets he has for the attacks are working. He had another 1 yesterday and some little ones today so his cardiologist has ordered a few days off to recover and stay calm and quiet and depending on how well he goes today and tomorrow he will go off to school on Friday. So today we went out for lunch just to spend some time away from home and by some new bits and pieces for him. There is sooooo much he wants to do and he can't anymore, well at least for now, that that in itself is really frustrating for him but we had a little chat today about things and I think he is dealing with it just that little bit easier.
We are still managing well considering the impact it has made but you know we take one day at a time and get through it and of course knowing God is in complete control is very comforting to us as well.
I haven't managed to do anymore scrapping but I am in the middle of a new kit. Papers are done and some of the elements and I just work on it when I can. So hopefully it will be in the PBP shop shortly.

There are a few CT LO's I need to show off from the galleries but for today I think I will leave it there and get about to doing some other things so to all of you out there that read my blog...take care, pop in and say hi and leave a little loving.

Until next blogging and hopefully it won't be as long inbetween, pop a smile on your dial and treasure all you have.

Chris xo

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Latest freebie and update.

I finally managed another freebie for all those that have been patiently Don't forget to leave a little loving and I hope you enjoy.

Download link no longer available.

Update on the home front....Lance had the rest of his tests on Monday and they finally found a problem. Under the Stress Echo Test they found that when Lance was at the peak of his exercise that the bottom of his heart literally stopped working...therefore no oxygen or blood flowing through as is meant too also means that not enough is getting to his brain. The pains he is having is literally Angina and not because he has blocked arteries but because he has a heart defect. Thankfully apart from the 2 technicians being there so was Lance's cardiologist and he saw what an attack does to Lance and what a mess the poor kid was so straight onto oxygen for awhile and still is could be until the attack subsided enough for him to get up and basically be told the bad news. Too keep it short it is very serious and we have been referred to the cardiology dept at the Royal Children's Hopsital (RCH) in Melbourne. All the info was faxed too them Monday and now we just have to be patient and wait for them to ring us and get us down there. I have no idea what this mean is reality apart from the fact that the daily pains are daily attacks of angina and sometimes he gets several in a day. The dizziness, sweating, nausea, faint headed is all due to low blood pressure as not enough is being pumped to his heart, and at the moment he really is not well. So we are in limbo just for the moment and somewhat numb and dazed by this. Anyway when I know more I will try to blog about it but in the meantime keep us in your thoughts and prayers please with what we are going through and about to undertake. I know God is looking after us and I know I gather my strength from him. As for how Lance is doing with all this.....well apart from the fact that his life has just been turned upside down he has not recovered well since the stress echo test on Monday and so is not well, is actually sleeping and he is not allowed to do any thing on the sports front whatsoever. Mentally I think we are all trying to deal with it the best way we can knowing God is with us and until we are told all the facts down at RCH then we just sit tight and pray. Oh and just for those that don't know....Lance turns 16 on the 15th of September. :)

Until next blogging....enjoy your freebie and leave a little loving.


Chris xx

Friday, 3 August 2007

Whats' new and huge congratulations.

I have a cute new co-ordinating set now available in the POP SHOP. Buds In Bloom is my latest and priced at just $3 (AU) each it's a great bargain to add to that already huge digi stash you already own.

Buds In Bloom

Paper Pack Available Here

Element Pack Available Here

I must say congratulations to a couple of gals who have just had their beautiful babies over at PBP. Beautiful picklebubbas everywhere.
The first is to one of our very own designers....Carole. So congratulations Carole, Andrew, Travis and Cooper on the birth of your beautiful baby girl and sister, Brodie Shaye born on July 23rd at 8:51am, weighing 6lbs 10oz.
And of course our very own picklemama...boss lady of congratulations Annette, James and Caleb on the birth of your beautiful baby girl and sister Holli Annette, born at 3:26 pm Friday 27/7/07 weighing 8lbs 13oz and 49.5 cms long.
So the weekend is drawing nigh and that means a little pottering about. Any plans?
Take care, stay safe and until next blogging ciao!!
Chris xx

Treasures to Scrap LOTD 1/8/07

Yes this LO was selected as LOTD 1/8/07 over at Treasures to Scrap. I registered there 2 nights ago (as part of my CT work requirements) and started putting in some of my LO's over in the gallery and the next thing I know this LO has been selected as LOTD there. I am wrapped. This is my 2nd toot recently and it may only be little toots but hey who cares I'm excited. Anyway this actual LO (no doubt already on my blog here somewhere) was originally done awhile ago as a scraplift challenge for PBP. The original LO inspiration came from Kaye Winiecki (nockosh) which you can find here. Well that's all for now just wanting to toot.

Chris xo

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Layouts Galore.

Yes wanting to show off a couple of LO's today. A few from my CT girls and 1 from little old me.
The 1st one is my CT Lo for Faer Oak using one of her latest kits Brandishly Bold.


LO created by Kittychen

Layout by scrapingal89

Layout created by Scrapastrophe

Layouts created by Di
A little update on you may be aware Monday he had an appointment with a cardiologist and he went over everything with Lance. This coming Monday Lance is back to have a Stress Echo and another ECG done. Whilst on the treadmill they monitor him exercising and when the pain starts they can see once and for all what the heart is doing and how it is reacting to the conditions. If his heart is normal through the pain then there will be nothing at all wrong with his heart and we are back to square 1 with it all following a different path. If there is something wrong they will see and can then act upon it. The cardiologist did say that the pain Lance is having sounded so much like Angina but some of the attacks are lasting too long so that puts a ? next to it all. He also thinks that the way some of the pain is that something mechanical is inflammed....chest wall etc etc but all blood tests have ruled that out as they came back clear so at this stage and until next weeks tests he is stumped and so are
Anyway another wait and see.
Today I am catching up with LO's in galleries etc etc and may start on something new in the way of designing. I am in desperate need of getting a little freebie done so guys bear with me my time is not my own at the minute and I will whip something together asap. In the meantime grab a cuppa, put your feet up and read away.
Until next blogging take care
Chris xxoo

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Gypsy Gem of the Day.

I am soooooo excited as I have never really had the opportunity to toot before so I am going to toot with all I have "toot toot"

I just received a PM over at Scrap Gypsies saying I was their Gypsy Gem of the Day 26/07/07...woohoo now you gotta be excited about as I am.

The LO is this one Tomorrow's History and you can check me out here and I am always happy for you too leave me some loving. :) :)

Gypsy Gem of the Day Layout 26/07/07

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Latest layout.

Yes I actually managed another LO mainly using Faer Oaks Choco-Chic Kit along with a few other bit'n'bobs you can read the list of credits here. The photo was taken by DD Grace who is 14, and this is one of her best buds Alysha. She has started her photography class this term and the funny thing is that these photos are amongst several taken some weeks back before she started the course so this makes me think she's a natural. :) Unlike me who would love to be :(

Just a quick blog today with a little update on Lance. He sees a cardiologist on Monday the 30th of this month at 10:15 am so we are so thankful that we have been able to get in so much earlier than the previous appointment date which was on the 14th of September. Who knows perhaps the specialist will find something and perhaps he won't but the main thing is to rule in or out anything heart related at this stage. So all good news for now. Ok 'nuf from me while I get back to some sort of designing...right now I've hit a brick

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Phew...miss and blink!

Yep seems to be what happened with the past week. I must have blinked and missed it cause now it's the wee hours of Saturday morning and I feel I haven't accomplished awhole lot at all. I've hardly been at the computer this week as there seems to be so much other stuff happening and then of course the kids are still hijacking it....their excuse is "well mum gets it all day long"....rofl isn't that funny but then they also forget that some days I don't seem to get on it except to check my emails as I am busy doing other things like the shopping so they can recharge or the taxiing so they can go places, or the parent/teacher interviews so I can be more active in their school

So I haven't done any designing......(well just between you and me I have done some but that's all a secret and you just have to wait for the unveiling there), but for the last 3 days I don't think I have even opened PS CS2 as I just haven't had the opportunity and there is much too do as well. But on another good note Tim finally replaced a worn out leaky pipe in the kitchen today and trust me when I say it took quite sometime to get cause it did and then after that we went out for lunch just to a chinese restaurant and really enjoyed it. We haven't done that in months and as he starts back at uni on Monday thought we would take the opportunity as there won't be one for a long time now as he has 6 fairly extensive and exhaustive weeks coming up and 2 of those weeks he does a short course which also manages to take out his weekends. Then he is on placement until the middle of December but on top of that he still has to fit in his full time studies, assessments and assignments. Placement for those that may not know is when you go and work as a student....normal work hours etc etc with an employer in the field of choice and a contract etc with no pay and learn on the job skills for your degree. Full time and full on!

Kids are good, had Maddi's parent/teacher interview yesterday and he is doing really well so that's all that matters. The rest have theirs on the 27th of this month and all their mid year reports had pleasing results so that's too.

Well I think that's it...short and simple so have a great weekend and take care.

Chris :)

Monday, 16 July 2007

Back to school!

Am I well yes I am as today the kids all went back to school. Now don't get me wrong as I love the school holidays and we all enjoyed them wonderfully but sometimes it is a matter that the kids themselves simply need to get back to school as they miss their friends and the routine of school. For me I also welcome that first day of peace and quiet once they have gone back and the fact that my computer becomes all and it isn't hijacked for the day. Meany mum I Ok so what did the weekend started off with Friday night's monthly chat at PBP which I always enjoy and that continued on late. Of course watching the Tour de France is always great and what beautiful countryside they ride in. I love it. Saturday was a little cleaning up and rearranging so the boys totally redid their room and I started on the kitchen and Tim the laundry. Then went to Hungry Jacks for tea and home to watch Déjà Vu with Denzel Washington. Now if you have never seen this movie then go and grab it, sit and watch it, as it is awesome and in fact one of those movies you could see at least twice if not three times as the riddles and clues make it so worthwhile.

There is alot to do this week and it will be busy with designing in one form or another and today I managed to catch up in the gallery over at PBP and pop a couple of LO's around the digi scrapping galleries myself as well. Here is my latest LO creating for Faer Oak which I just love. The photo was taken as a self portrait by my DD Grace and I have been lucky enough to scrap it.


So not much to say really except it's freezing as one would expect in the midst of winter. Until next blogging take care, stay safe and remember that no matter how difficult things tend to be there is someone out there in a much more serious way who needs your love and support.

Chris! :)

Friday, 13 July 2007

New Aged Polaroids now in the PBP shop!

It's been school holiday time for the Turnbull household here downunder and I have to admit that since my new computer was built one month ago it also seems to have been hijacked by 4 very clever, soooo anyhoo I did manage to finish designing these aged polaroids and pop them over in the Pickleberrypop POP SHOP, at just $3 (AU) they are a great addition to your digi scrapping stash. So pop on over and check them out!

So a little news here and there.......... my new computer has had some strange problems so took that in yesterday to sus out why. I happened to notice that the new 320 gig HD was full already I mean what!!!!!! So we managed to get that sorted out and it seems to be that photoshop popped 6 temp files in the temp folder recently and all up that was something like 258 gigs so they were deleted promptly and my new hd is nice and empty as it should be. So I just need to keep and eye on it and see if there is anymore troubles and fingers crossed it is a once off but the guy that built my pc was absolutely blown away when he saw what had happened and thought it most odd, thankfully an easy fix. Anyway picked up the printer as well as that was also in the shop because it stopped printing last week but the printer itself was all working so that was just in need of a new USB cable and then of course went to print out my DD Steps Egypt assignment and guess go so after another uninstall and reinstall and ringing Epson I managed to get that problem sorted out and the printer is once again all setup working and functioning as it is meant too. Although I did not have to resort to Epson's help on this and finally managed to delete everything in the spool manager after it let me in and delete the printer which enable for the new reinstall to sort out properly. Argggghhh so now I am thinking no more problems please and just leave me be.

Update on Lance....blood tests all came back clear and now we are just waiting on a phone call to get him into a cardiologist. I rang today to make an appointment but at this stage it won't be till Septemeber so the cardiologist's receptionist mentioned that if the pediatrician faxed through the referral today with a note for Lance to be seen much sooner than Dr Tony Jackson will then look at the referral himself and put Lance in sooner if he can. Let's just hope it works out if not then I suppose the 14th of Sep sounds good (lol the day before he turns 16)! Not much we can do about it anyways. So we continue to wait for a diagnosis if any.

Well that's all folks I'm outta here and off to buy a new set of speakers for my!

Take care, stay safe, all mums (and dads) to school holidayers stay sane and ttyl!

Ciao Chris

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Woohoo I have scrapped!

Yes it's true I have put some much needed time aside for digi scrapping, boy have I missed it alot. It seems trying to get new designs out has taken up so much of my time that it was time to pop it aside just enough to scrap instead. We're allowed to be biased aren't 'cause I just love what I have created and there are just so many amazing bits and pieces out there that I had to add a few more to my very own digi stash. You can read all about the LO's in the credit links which will take you directly to my gallery over at Pickleberrypop. I don't even mind if you leave a little loving here and I'm not greedy I'll just take all I can get....teehee!

So it's school holidays for us here and apart from taking a little time out from designing to spend some much needed time scrapping, I'm spending some time with the kids and with hubby who thankfully also has a mid semester break. Today I finished off the bottom 2 LO's, spent time pruning, weeding, replanting and tidying up in the front garden with Tim. We lost some of the garden in the summer time because of the drought and although the drought is far from over we have also had alot of rainfall in the last little while so what's left of the garden has been revived. We still need to do one corner and the pathway but it is looking better than it has for months.
Kids went to see the movie Transformers with my sister...(their aunt) today and loved it. Apparently it is a great movie from what so many people are saying and the fact that they are seeing it more than once kinda helps the reviews a little. So I can't wait for it too come out on DVD so I can see it myself.
What else is new designs yet although I have some stuff on the go. My creative team have settled in nicely and are producing some amazing work. Thanks guys!
Can you believe that PBP is turning 1 what an amazing journey that has been. Stay tuned for further details on our 1st birthday bash.
For those of you who stop by and read my blog and would like an update on Lance well he was at the pediatrician's yesterday for his latest appointment and a whole lot of blood tests have been ordered and they were done yesterday afternoon. We should have the results by Wednesday to see if there is anything there. Then he is off to see a Cardiologist (appointment will be made once results have come back) then back to pediatrician. Yes he is still having a lot of pain and we are concerned with some other issues that may or may not be serious.......loss of weight, drinking stacks, craving loads of sugar so yes the blood tests will also detect if diabetes is there, pediatrician doesn't think so and I am not too phased as it may be due to whatever else is wrong but at this stage we are now getting tests done to rule out the possibilities of so many things as we just don't know what is wrong but we know something is....make sense?!
So anyway I think it is time for me to go, I kinda reckon that once your in "the zone" then do what you can before you space out :)
P.S to all of you who downloaded my latest freebie...thanks!
Till next blogging take care, stay safe and keep smiling.
Chris xx

Friday, 29 June 2007

New stuff and a freebie! sure has been busy lately, I seem to be in a designing frenzy at the moment. How long that will last.....well who knows but things are good. So what's new?
Our very own Kate (PBP designer) had a beautiful baby boy Monday morning at 2am. So huge hugs and a big CONGRATULATIONS to her and her family.
My DD Grace played her grand final game in volleyball last night and boy was it a close game. They got runners up and I am so proud of her and the team as in all the seasons they have played they haven't got that far. They sure did us all proud and even though they got runners up, in my books they are winners. You go girls! Now we wait for the next season and that starts in Spring.
My latest designs are in the Pickleberrypop Shop . Let me introduce you to Plain Jane. There is a paper pack and an element pack and both are selling for just $3.00 (AUD) each or $2.54 (USD) with the current exchange rate.

Plain Jane Element Pack

If you scroll down to the next post you will see more new goodies that are now over at Pickleberrypop. Ok so here is my latest freebie for you all. Not as many elements as usual but hey it's a freebie. Grab it while you can as it will only be available for the next week and please if you download I would love you to leave a little loving. Thanks and enjoy!!!

Freebie4U3 download link no longer available sorry!

So until next blogging take care, stay safe and for all of you about to go into school holidays over the next couple of weeks here downunder....stay sane ;)
Chris xx

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Awesome new stuff!

Woohoo I have some new goodies in the POP SHOP and so without further ado here they are!
Old Box Creations - Material Flowers Set Two
Just Graph It Paper Pack
Just Grunge It Paper Pack
Now onto some awesome layouts created by my awesome CT girls.

Created by JustDee.... credits
Created by Di....creditsCreated by Di.... creditsCreated by Di....credits

Created by Di....credits

created by scrapastrophe....credits

created by joshi_82....credits to come
Created by sharuth....credits to come

Aren't they fantastic LO's?! I truly think so. Anyway I guess that's it for now short and sweet but certainly worthwhile.

Until next blogging....take care, stay safe and keep smiling.

Ciao Chris XX