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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Dear Oh Dear!!!!

I have been somewhat slack in my blog duties these past 3 weeks or so. I always have good intentions to blog at least a couple of times a week but good intentions just like everything else sometimes mean well but at the end of the day don't quite happen. So to my blog readers I'm sorry.

What's new...well these are my latest PBP CT LO's which I love and have come together so well and I have to admit that I just love my return to digiscrapping. As a designer (although I know a few are still saying how much they miss my designs) I had no time to scrap and when my son Lance became sick I realised that it was time to not only once again be able to create my own family heirlooms I had missed so much, but also realise scrapping was more important too me than designing. As much as I enjoyed people creating with my designs all that work was not worth what I was missing out on and so there had to be a change and I am so grateful that I made it.



Did you want to hear some fabulous news? Yeh course ya do....check this out and I'm proud as puff because I was so overwhelmed this designer wanted me on her team.......

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Tara Dunstan of Tara Dunstan Designs asked me to be on her CT and I was so stoked. Yes she has a call going out now but before that call went out she asked me to be on her CT and how could I say no. I love her designs and started loving them when she started selling over at PBP and I have quite a little collection of her stuff already. Of course I will pop some links in to her part of the shop over at PBP but for now the shop is down for some maintenance so can't link ya up yet. I have also started creating for her but can't show just yet till I get the all clear from her so when tis all ok I'll show you what I've been up to.

A little update on Lance. He is going really well, he had the last of his tests about 7/8 weeks ago and they could not find anything further which in reality is good but as the cardiologist and his paeditrician have said very frustrating for us as well. They are now saying his heart is good and are thinking along the lines of the arteries surrounding the heart going into spasms which is quite serious anyway and that if they decide this it will take time to diagnose this. It took 3 years for them to diagnose this in one young patient who was similar to Lance so we may have to wait If they decide that it is not then they really have no idea what is going on. He is back on his heart meds because they cannot deny they have been a huge benefit to him and I have to admit that he has been the best in the 12 months that this situation has been affecting him. Long term management...... follow up visit with paeditrician in January, medication for the next 6 months then wean him off to see how he is without them. All the experts have admitted they cannot deny what they found but they can't explain it to us either. For me it's simple I know God is taking care of it all. He is back to playing sports and doing what he does best with specialists permission and we just keep an eye on him too see how he copes that way. Now with his meds fully in his system he has only had 2/3 attacks in this time (8 weeks) compared to that many a day. So much better.

The other kids are doing well, the flu hit our home as it has most but not all of us got it thank goodness. Lance came down with it first and is still struggling with the sniffles and is a little bit chesty and it's been 2/3 weeks now. Then Tim came down with it really badly and although he is better he is still a little sniffly and a little chesty with not much voice, and of course Stephanie came down with it at the same time as Tim but not as bad and she seems to have made a full recovery thank goodness. The rest of us....nothing and hope it stays that way.

So Christmas is like not too many days away and it is creeping up on me a little too fast. I have all the pressies organised but I wish I could have just a couple more paydays to help get through and as much as I thought I would be fine 3 bills came yesterday.....grrr. The house rates, phone bill as it has just gone to the new monthly billing and the water bill. The worse thing about the rates is I just paid one lot last month.......the council here in Bendigo have weird dates for it and it is suppose to be quarterly (every 3 months) but not sure what happens as the first 2 payments are no where near 3 months as I paid one quarter last month (Oct), now another quarter this month then the next in February which would make it 3 months and then the last lot in June but how does 3 months work into October and me!

Exams are coming up for both Lance and Grace in the next 2 weeks so that will be interesting. Grace will study very hard and has been doing so and Lance....well Lance is a different matter and won't study or put any effort into it all and no matter how much Tim and I try to encourage him to study and prepare himself for them, he refuses so what can you do. Schooling does not come easy to Lance at all, the poor kid struggles at the best of times and really has to work at his learning and as parents all we can do is be there for him, continue to encourage and do the best we can as we do with all our kids and luv 'em to bits!

Seeing as I have yet again written a novel and I have to get up in the morning to get the kids off to school it's time for me to call it a night and bid you adieu. Take care and stay safe.


Chris xxoo


Angela said...

I am so glad that your son is doing better. God does work miracles! My son is living proof! Congratulations on being asked prior to the call. What an awesome feeling that must have been for you! I agree that as much fun as designing must be...the real reward is the pages we leave behind. Great for you to figure it out. But without the designers we would have nothing to use. Blessings,

Dawn said...

Great news on your son! SO glad he is feeling better. I love the pages you did! Congrats on your new gig!