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Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Update on Lance!!!!!

So here we are another day and yesterday Lance went in and had his operation on his toe.....finally!!!!

We had to be in by early start to the day and Lance's op was at 8:30 am as he was first on the list. We did have a little hiccup as when one of the surgeon who was going to assist came to check up on Lance he looked at his toe and said he would have to make a phone call as the toe was too infected so we said the other surgeons new that and he was on his 3rd lot of antibiotics as we speak but as the top dudes had said there was nothing the antibiotics could do any longer as the nail needed to come off so he thought about it and said ok no worries. PHEW I did not need that at all nor did Lance. We took him up to theatre just before 8:30 and that is where I had to say goodbye to my baby and watch him be wheeled off into his little corner of the theatre ward.....for me that was so heart wrenching and I had so many things go through my head it was incredible and until you go through it you have no idea the overwhelming pool of emotion you go through.

All I can do is wait down in his room in the Child and Adolescent Unit he was in. So I did and waited and waited and waited some more until the nurse looking after him came and let me know that Lance was in recovery and we could go get him. Got up there and all was good he was still linked up to all the machines and had the oxygen mask on and was very shaky...(as I get) due to the drugs but he was good. Blood pressure had been up once and that had settled so that was good too.

Hey and how bizarre is this the recovery nurse was a male Tim Stirling and I recognised him from high school we had been in the same year together...and that was sooooooooooooooooo many years ago now. Kinda weird hey??!!

So we settled him back into his room and slowly he came back to his normal self and we were home by 2:30ish that arvo. They had also put a 12 hour block in his toe so that he wouldn't feel any pain but it wore off far too early and by 6pm...ish he was in pain and no matter how much panadol he had it would not work. I have to admit I was seriously thinking of ringing the hospital and see what I could do but finally he had settled down to sleep by around 10:30pm and slept through till the pain woke him about 7:30 this morning.

I did get him some stronger pain killers now which seem to have helped.

So no school until his review where stitches are out etc and that takes place in about 2 weeks. So I let the school know yesterday and he got his exams to do at home today...WTG Lance!!!! and the rest he doesn't have to do until he gets back to school so even better.

Ummmmmmmmmmm................. now what can I do to have 2 weeks off!!!

So what else have we been up to here....hummmmmmmmm let me see my back is right now has been for a couple of days now thank goodness. I have degenerative discs in my lower back and have had so for years..before my kids came along and they are a mess and this past 12 months have been the worse for me with my back. I guess it really is time to have them rechecked again and see what else they can do...if anything.

I have also had a fairly productive day in the way of getting a few more previews to my kits done and finishing off just the last little bits in a couple as well. So now I am on track. I still need to make one more banner and will get that out of the way and then I can play around with a new kit or two. I just love creating.
Oh and by the way check out the blinkie under My Designs/My Kits and you'll get an idea of what I have done so far!

Well I must away and get some more work done here and it's probably time for me to catch up on a few blogs anyways.

Ciao for now and until next time happy scrapping in whatever form you like!

Monday, 22 May 2006

Is it Monday already?

Yep you bet it is. How fast does the weekend go these days? I mean you blink and it's gone, just like that.

Ok so what did I do over the weekend not awhole lot. Our wonderful son Lance is really giving us a hard time at the moment.....he is challenging at the best of times....but he is really pushing the limits on us all at the moment so mentally Tim and I just get so is not easy dealing with a child/teen like Lance with all his mood swings and his disorders he sure keeps us on our toes and it gets so hard. He goes into hospital tomorrow to have his ingrown mess of a toe nail dealt with and he is so anxious about that (he also has a sever anxiety disorder) so I guess that doesn't help but his mood is so far down and even as a parent it can be so difficult because I don't know what to do anymore!

Well today I would like to get some more previews done for my kits and then I can add them to my blinkie over on the right so people can see the rest of the kits I have. Sometimes I think the previews take even longer then the but then I am a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work of any sort.......just the kinda gal I am. Not much good throwing something together when you can do it so much better given a little extra time.

Today I would also like to start on my designer sample as I have a new Dover CD as well. So would lurve to play with that. Hey and guess what I already baked 2 cakes and had them in the oven before 8:30am how kool is that....not bad for a Monday hey.

You wanna here something funny....Tim is on his laptop right next to me and I am on my computer and we are chatting on MSN to one neither of us are getting much work done at all.

Ok well I think that should do it for awhile.

Toodles for now!

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Tuesday already and again!

Yes this is the latest LO of Grace done today. She is the most relaxed and no worries kinda gal I know. Not too much troubles her.....perhaps just her big brother..... but apart from that she is usually so happy go lucky and this photo shows it only all too well.

Credits: Bluebell Road Kit by Shabby Princess.

Fonts: Artistamp Medium and My Old Remington.

Special Thanks: goes to Atomic Cupcake for the chipboard action used to create the title.

I cannot believe that Tuesday has come round yet again so quickly. I have a class tonight...well more like a crop night where a few girls come around and spend time scrapping with my help as needed. I just feel that Tuesday last week was only anyway here it is again and I must admit I do feel better since having had the flu as now it is just a small dose and that of a head cold. But because of spending extra time in bed my back has gone out on me yet again (another story for another time) and I can barely stand so I have had to sit most of the day. Anyway I am hoping as the week comes and goes so will the back trouble as it is just so crippling it isn't funny.

Well I don't feel I have done all too much with designing as I have been sick so I plan to get another paper kit done by the end of the weak at least as the little secret I have not been able too mention is getting more and more exciting and you never really know when I may be able to just let it all out and soon but for now all I can say is yes I am a digital designer and you never know where my kits may simply just "pop" up so keep "popping' in here and hopefully soon I will be able to reveal all.

Ok time for me to say ciao for now as I have some stuff to do before the evening simply disappears!

Friday, 12 May 2006

I Love You Steps.

Did this LO of my DD Stephanie tonight. We have always called her Steps for short! I just adore this photo of her....she has always been the most photogenic child in the most natural way that I have ever come across.

This is the Month of May calender from Scrapartist and the calender is by Isabelle Cyr aka zazou.

Credits: Art Inspiration Collection, by Michelle Coleman, Diane Rigdon, Nancie Rowe Janitz, brushes from Life is a Bistro, by Michelle Coleman, Diane Rigdon, Nancie Rowe Janitz and distressed stamping brushes by Michelle Coleman.

Doodles: Me

Font: Kayleigh and my own handwriting using my wacom tablet!

Thursday, 11 May 2006

I've been a little naughty!!!!

......simply because as you can tell it has been awhile since my last blog entry. But I have a good reason for it. I have been struck down with the flu. I am not a happy gal. I haven't even had a cold for like 2/3 years and all of a sudden the flu strikes with a little vengeance. My DD Stephanie has had a cold for over a week now and normally I won't get them even if the whole family comes down with it. Well I reckon because I haven't been sick for so long the bugs must have thought right lets invade this body and do it well................and that they did.

I had so many plans this week but have spent most mornings in bed and then just lying round on the couch. I have caught up with a few little things that I figured were simple enough to do so they are now out of the way.

Things are happening in my small world little by little. Lance finally goes in to have his severely ingrown toenail operated on. That has been such a long haul for him and it is a very long story.....but what the heck I got a little time up my sleeves so I tell it. Now this may not be for the faint hearted!!!!!! (just thought I should warn)

Last year, 3rd term, 1st day back to school I receive a phone call from the secondary college he attends saying he has had an accident and can I come up and get him as he will probably need to be taken up to the hospital with a suspected broken toe.

In his gym class he was helping set up the gym equipment and you know the big horse block/bolt things they use to jump over......well he was setting the piece up when along comes another student, jumps on the block with my sons foot underneath it. OUCH!!!!!!!

Anyway up to the hospital, x-rays taken, doctor says it is pretty bad x-rays are not showing any breaks but there is too much swelling for them to make out. His nail had so much blood underneath and it was black. As the doctor said it has all the right symptoms for a break. They pop a metal splint on, grab him crutches and say right back in 2 days for more x-rays to see how things are then, and yes it is a mess and he would definitely lose the nail and it would take a long time to heal......told you it was along story.

Back for more x-rays and thankfully there was no break it was just so badly bruised with a lot of blood pooling underneath the nail.

Come this year and part of the old nail falls off to make way for the new nail and this is where we start to run into lots of problems......well Lance does anyway. Full of infection so off to the doctors for help.....prescribes 1st lot of antibiotics and says it needs surgery. So gets a letter off to the hospital and we receive a letter just before the 1st school holidays this year to say he gets into the clinic just to have a check up on June 13th. Not good enough.The poor kid still had, at this time, 3 months before anyone saw him. So I ring the hospital and they say it is a out of their hands take him back to our GP or up to emergency and see if they can do anything about it. Mind you in this time Lance has been in so much pain with is a mess bleeding all the time and a lot of other gooey things coming out of it as well and he has missed days off school because of it. Go back to GP he gives another course of antibiotics and says he can't do anything about it. So after Easter it was time to confront the hospital and so we went up there explained everything and they took one look at it and saw the mess his toe was in. They call a surgeon get may need to grab a seat too......the doctor and the surgeon decide it needs to come off now and were getting him ready for surgery (under a general) then he makes one final phone call to his boss and guess what he says to the surgeon....NO!!!! Lance does not fall into the category of emergency.....................grrrrrr so he didn't get it done but a week later we had a letter to say he had a clinic appointment one week later. Off we go to that, the surgeon Mr Olivier says needs to come off we'll get that organised and they put it as urgent. We get a letter to say his toe would be done on the 24th of this month and Lance would be first up. Today we get a letter to say that his surgery would be postponed as the surgeon would be away so instead of them canceling the surgery they have put him under the next best thing a Professor somebody??!!!......... the day before, first thing. So his surgery will now be on Tuesday the 23rd of this month.

And all I have to say is thankyou!!!!!!

So that has been a drama for him for months and finally it is all going to be dealt with. Poor kid!

Well even though there is more to tell, I think that will do for today.

Ciao for now!

Thursday, 4 May 2006

Worn Hearts a little something for Mother's Day!

Download Here

Well here is the the thing I have been wanting to pop a freebie or 2 on here for some time but of course like all things time seemed to get away from me so finally here is the first, I hope, of what will be a few.

The link is only available for a short time so if anyone misses out let me know and I will upload again.

Credits: Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the chipboard action used in creating these hearts.

Please if you download these leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Happy scrapping and enjoy!!!!!