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Thursday, 31 August 2006

Boys will be boys and my son is no different.......

....and dare I say that here's the proof.

2 broken wrists...yes 2

How amazingly talented is this son of mine to break both wrists at the same time and not only that but in exactly the same spot. Now ask him to do it again and I'm sure....knowing my son, he could cause after all that's Lance for ya.

So wanna read what happened......well read on.

Yesterday Lance and Grace had a day off school as it was a day full of interviews chosing pathways and subjects etc for next year (yrs 9+10's) and Lance and a couple of mates decided to spend the day at the skate park. Yep sure no drama it's a place they often go and come home in one piece.

So here is what happened: at about 2:15 at the skate park he is trying out a new trick...(tech talk here now girls and no laughing ok) "rock the fakey" and whilst doing it he thinks he hits a rock and the skateboard goes out from under him causing him to hit the ground with outstretched hands flat to the concrete to soften the

So anyways after I get home he shows me and a mum can always tell when something aint right as I knew one was broken so off to hospital we go and they said straight out that one was broken but as the other was sore I asked if they could check it as well and so they decided to xray the 2 and yep the 2 broken in exactly the same spot.....on ya Lance only you could do that......hehehehehe

So the right arm is fully plastered and the left is in a plaster slab and bandaged so it can be taken off so he know go to the loo and wash himself...the sort of thing a nearly 15 yr old can only do all by himself....teehee!!!!

Plaster for 4 weeks and then it is taken off, xrayed again to see how things are healing and hopefully healed and if healed then no more plaster if not then redone.....yatta yatta yatta

So boys will be boys and my son Lance sure fits the picture hands up.....pardon the pun.

So that's it in a nutshell oh and BTW I'm all better to funny how sometimes just the change in focus turns things around for you.

Till next blog....ciao and keep smiling guys

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Laid up in bed.........*sigh*

That's me alright I have managed to become fairly sick again with whatever but am slowly recovering. Saturday night I came down with something....a virus of some sort and it sent me for a sixer keeping me in bed in agony. Not much sleep cause I don't sleep when I'm sick and my back and my neck have been in so much pain and then on top of that this virus thing went schizo but I have managed to sit up for the arvo and get some much needed catching up done. Albeit now my back is way out of wack...not so good....not so straight and in much pain.
Anyways enough of that.


is this one called "Softly Sweet". I adore the colours in this kit and I have to admit it just came together in only 2 days. I started it one day and had it uploaded to the shop by the end of the next. I do hope you like it. Oh and before I forget.....the link to it over in the here


This LO was done for the August Quote Challenge over at PBP and this is what I came up with.

My boys Lance and Maddison. Love these photos of you 2. You can be quite a challenge but all in all you are thoughtful when you want to be, respectful when you need to be, and your humour......well that is wicked to say the least, anyway just have to let you know that I love you both on the good days and the bad!!!

Friendship quote by KateF, TracyAnn-Artlines-Blackburn kit, Evening in the Garden File Folders by Lisa Carter, Michelle Colemans Brush Strokes, and Stitching from my new kit Softly Sweet (avail over at PBP).
Fonts: Arial Narrow.

I have done a couple more but I can't pop them on at the min you will all just have to wait as that would spoil my little exciting secret and my lips are sealed just for a couple more days.

Anyways that's it from me it's getting late and I'm bushed to say the least.
Till next time ciao and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 24 August 2006

Yep here I am.......

Gosh time flies by so quickly I am amazed. You would think that I would be use to it by now but everyday seems to just zoom and every other day after that. As for keeping up with everything I find that a tad difficult as well but I seem to be managing. as for the housework though well that's another

No new LO's this time but I have been working on another kit which all just came together yesterday and boy has it worked well. As for a sneak peak nah!!!! not this but it uses the softest of blues, creams with a dash of brown and I love it. It will be a full kit and I am just in the middle of negotiating it's name with my scribbled "name thoughts" on a bit of paper. We (my bit of paper and I) just have to come up with the perfect one. I do hope to have it ready by today so I can get it into the shop over at PBP today or tomorrow at the latest.

Moving right along this kit(look down) is what is up for grabs this week over at PBP so go on if you haven't already get on over and snag this beautiful kit designed by one of our awesome designers Heather.

Last blog entry, blogger decided it would not let me upload a preview of my latest Kraft Basics Alpha Letters set (perhaps because I had uploaded LO's it thought enough was enough) so you can now purchase these over at PBP. They have all been created from Kraft board/paper and designed simply so you can pop the finishing touches on them.

See told you they would be simple and you can do sooooo much with them all you need is a little time and a little imagination and voila all done.

So tonight is going to be busy straight after school as the 2 older kids Lance and Grace have a "Subject Fair" at their school. I think that's what they call it It is an info night designed for the kids going into yrs 9 and 10 (gosh am I saying this yrs 9 and 10 already *sigh*) so they can get a first hand look and ask and find out info about their career paths (already no no not yet they're still babies).
Lance will be in yr 10 next year and is looking at doing a trade (with loads of encouragement from us) as that is where he fits best and he has had his eye on bricklaying which he has taken a liking too. He did recieve a fair amount of info with what this entails earlier in the year and he still seems to be on that path. Tonight might be a different thing of course. But he would make for a great tradie in some sort of hands on building work. So will see what happens.

Grace wants to be a nurse and I would have to say that she is looking at doing the subjects that lean to that with great encouragement from her teachers as well as us. She has what it takes and most of all she has the personality for it as well as she is so very caring and capable.
Then we have volleyball after all that so busy busy and if I don't stop waffling on I ain't gonna get anywhere with this new kit.

So until next time to all my scrapping buddies take care and keep smiling.

Saturday, 19 August 2006

New LO's A4

Ok so I have been really enjoying working with the A4 size format, and here are just 2 LO's I did yesterday. So I do hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. They are both of my 2 girls Grace and Stephanie taken over the past 2 weeks when we have been doing the Saturday outing.

Journaling reads:
It's true...a picture paints a 1000 words but in this case words are not needed no matter how many. I love this photo of the 2 of you, still enjoying one another's company as sisters should.

TracyAnn Robinson Chelsea and Kalista from her Artlines4 Collection, White Chipboard Alpha by DebF (recoloured), Stitching - Spring Breeze kit by Shabby Princess and Michelle Coleman Brush Strokes.
Janellescript and Kayleigh.

My 2 DD last Saturday when we went for a picnic lunch to a place called Mt Alexander about 30mins from Bendigo. Photo edited with blurred background by me.

Love Letters by KateF, Stitching by KateF from her Country Kitchen Kit, Michelle Coleman Hat Pins and Stitched Hearts from her Grandmas Attic Kit. White Chipboard Alpha by DebF and recoloured by me.
Dymo Font Invers

OK this one (look down) I adore but it is not an A4 it is 12x12 and simply love this photo of my DD Grace having a quiet moment.

Taking a little time out to quietly contemplate and create some space. I love this photo of her and so glad I was able to capture it.

Journaling reads:
Just to be me in quiet contemplation only takes a moment away from the rest of the world. Chris Turnbull
Credits: Girly Shirts by DebF and Trish Jones Little Stitches Brush Set.
Fonts: Courier.

Ok so I don't know about you guys but I feel like I am just not keeping up with everything this week and boy has it been busy but more time would be so good. You know sometimes I think I would dearly love to sub for some CT's but apart from the fact that I don't feel I'm talented enough with my digi scrapping I simply don't feel I have the time either although I would still like to give it a shot. Anyway maybe a dream for another time hey.

On a plus side I haven't needed to use my walking stick all week which is cool and my back has been....well...stright this week since I have been doing physio everyday here at home. I go again Monday am. and the fellow is going to give me strengthening exercises for the muscles so I am really hoping that things will simply just get better for this back and that I can also maintain it as well.

What else have I done this week ......well managed an alpha, number and symbol set for PBP from kraft paper I created and popped that into the shop this week and of course the LO's. But still haven't finished the kit I started working on yet and that will happen hopefully this week.

Anyway that's it from me for now I'll stop waffling on and start doing something

Till next blogging ciao and keep smiling!

Monday, 14 August 2006

Your help!

I have been having a few problems with my blog and although I think I have it all sorted it out now I would like you to tell me if you see anything wrong.
As I tend to use both IE (internet explorer) and FF(Firefox) browsers everything goes perfect in FF but in IE it doesn't so for those of you using IE and you see something a miss on my blog give me ahoy.

Whether it is the sidebar on the bottom although it should be on the top or whether it is that my sidebar doesn't seem to be align.

Anyway I would appreciate it greatly and thanks.

New freebie!

Yep it's that time of the week again with the 3rd part of our awesome mega freebie kit up for grabs so all you need to grab part 3 designed by our awesome designer Faer Oak is to pop over to Pickleberrypop and snag it. This is one fab kit girls only available for a week and my kit from last week and Annette's are still available in the PBP shop at an incredibly cheap price.

Today I started my first round of physio for my back and it feels good. Tomorrow may tell a different story though as I may be sore with what the physio did but I can cope with that as it is expected it's the chronic back pain due to a degenrative disc that I can't cope with.

So why am I having physio you ask?

Well to cut a long story short as I already mentioned I have a degenrative disc...the last one that sits at the bottom of my spine and the joints there are also just starting to give way as well. So to put it quite simply I haven't been able to stand straight for the past couple of weeks and I have been in a lot of pain so physio for the next month and if I can't get my back under control with that then it is back to the doctors and a spine fusion is what's up on the list which if I have to have one then so be it but if pyhsio works then good too, whichever way it's too go, I'm ready.

Gosh I was sooooooo sick last week with some sort of virus and it took until Thursday to start feeling a little normal after being in bed since Sunday. So I am behind in what needs to be done but you know that's ok too cause I learn't a long long time ago that you can only take one day at a time and whatever life throws at you on that day then you deal with it as best you can sometimes things are good and sometimes things are not.

So there are no layouts or anything like that so sorry but on a brighter note I am in the middle of designing a new kit and I have purchased some awesome new kits as well...........just got to find time to do some LO's and continue work on this kit which I think is coming along quite nicely and as always learning much along the way.

Sneak peak below on what I have been up to! Let me know what you think?

So till later girls and any fellas that may read my blog ..... keep smiling and stay happy.

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Ok next on the agenda is.....

.......this awesome freebie girls.

Yep part 2 of our Grand Opening Brand New Day Kit is up for grabs so pop on over to PBP and snag it because it's only up for the week.

This 2nd part of our awesome mega kit has been designed by yours truly...yep me and it is big so enjoy and I have already had so much positive feedback with it so keep the comments and the compliments coming.

Ok so what's next I here you ask...well if the above doesn't entice you although can't see why it wouldn't then maybe this will as well.

Yep this week we start our Colour Challenges and mine is first up. This little freebie goes so well with my Shabby Sherbet Kit available here

So snag it here

Follow the instructions...all too easy.

Then let me see what you do with it and I will be checking the gallery daily to see what awesome LO's you all come up with.

P.S I have to get my LO's in the gallery as well.
P.S.S Will do it soon I promise.
P.S.S.S Just have to finish them off.
P.S.S.S.S But please don't hold your breathe waiting for them cause I been very sick these past few days and now I'm just trying to catch up.
P.S.S.S.S.S Now just to get me some of that get up and go

Ok that's it from me for now so until next blogging......put on that scrappy smile.

Thursday, 3 August 2006

All abuzz over yonder!

Yep it sure has been very busy over at PBP and can I say that since our Grand Opening and as I post this entry we have now some 116 registered members and have made a total posting of 3514 articles in both the forums and the gallery. Now that is awesome.

I have been busy placing myself in little areas of the digi community and promoting my kits I sell over at PBP. I know I am new to all of this and I have to admit quite clearly that it is all incredibly overwhelming as well. Many times I think can I do this can I design and design well and I know I am just a newbie and still learning....boy that's the understatement of the year, but I am. I spend all my days and alot of hours at my beloved computer, creating LO's using other peoples kits, designing kits,going through tutorials, making a banner or 2, creating a blinkie here and there, trying to keep up with PBP, and trying to blog and blog hop. Then I still have my family to take care of. Is it worth it well that I guess am yet to find out. Should I have just stuck to creating LO's and trying out for a CT or 2 sometimes I think yes....but I am here now and I know that as long as I stick at it things should be ok.

Anyway want to leave you with a few LO's I have been busily creating although I can now put some of the ones I did using some of the awesome kits over at PBP finally on here. So they have been done for awhile now.

Actually before I go I need to say this.

I work with the most amazing and talented group of girls and although we are all in this together as newbies we are all there to support, hold each others hands, help each other through some incredibly difficult situations life throws at us, and I am just in awe of their true friendship and togetherness.

So here you go look down and be inspired...well I hope you will be anyway.

This photo was taken on my DD Stephanie's 11th B'day in 2005. The journaling is a reflection on how I feel about her growing up.

Journaling reads:

Before you turned 11 you were smaller
and not as tall. Before this day you were
still only 10. What happened to each of
those years, where did they go?
I remember carrying you inside of me,
giving birth to you and loving you right
from the very beginning, I remember the
hard times we had and how we managed
to get through them. But still you weren't
as big as you are now. I remember so
many days and all before this one special
day. For this one special day is today and
it is your 11th birthday. This day is the
one day that you turned more then 10.
I cannot believe this day has come but it
has and here you are once again growing
that little bit taller, ageing that little bit
older, becoming that little more independent
and still I love you that whole lot more.

Credits: Country Kitchen by KateF and Love Stamp by me from my Cornflowers Blue kit both available over at PBP

Fonts: Arial


So this is the next LO my dear sweet hubby Tim....yep it is all about what he means to me.

My wonderful husband Tim who is my everything, my best friend, my soulmate and my other half. Without him I am nothing.

Journaling reads:
How do I even begin to tell you how much you mean to me.
How much I love you, how much I need you. Words are not enough sometimes. But I love you with all I have. xxoo

Hugs N Kisses Kit by Annette Farrelly (here at PBP). Hearts from my Gorgeous Elements Collections (here at PBP). Journal mats by me. Little Stitches Brush Set by Trish Jones (recoloured). Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for chipboard action.

Arial and my own handwriting.

Ok so that's it for now until next blogging ciao and to all my buddies out there in this big wide world keep smiling.

One thing more before I sign off and yep I'm talking to you my paper scrapping buddies and you know who you all are over at StickersnFun leave me a comment and let me know you're all ok once in awhile cause I miss ya's and I know I don't get over there often (nearly everyday) but you are all very much still in my hearts.