Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

happy new year...

wow...i feel i've fallen off the planet in full when it comes to blogging. this is the longest stretch ever i have not posted a blog update and i look at the last time i did so back in october 2011 and realise in those few months how things have moved forward for my family and i in such a positive direction sometimes i need to pinch myself. i'm not dreaming this is real!!!

now let's see if i can catch all my followers up to speed with everything.
  • grace got her p's and is so independent we rarely see her it feels
  • our family is moving forward well and all is stable so because of this tim is able to go back to work full time and has
  • tim started back to work full time after a nine year spell helping me raise our 4 kids - 3 with autism, other disorders, our 2 youngest asd kids also visually impaired and losing their sight to a rare genetic disorder called Best's Vitelliform Dystrophy
  • grace was accepted for her diploma of nursing and cert iv in disability and has chosen to do the cert iv in disability first then work her way up and through her diploma of nursing. grace starts her course next monday
  • steph enrolled into yr 12 and will be doing her vce over a 2 yr period. pretty awesome seeing as it took all of 2011 with additional support to settle into a new school (bendigo senior is for yr 11 and 12) and a completely new everything
  • isaac is managing so much better and we did actually enrol him into homeschooling and he was accepted. however now that tim is back at work full time and was isaac's mentor and tutor we may have to leave that option and just wait till he is older for another school option as a mature aged student
  • the 1st case study and notes on steph and isaac and their eyes and treatment has been published and we have a copy. apparently they are still case studies and a 2nd paper is being written
  • lance bought his 1st car - a vt holden commodore and is very quickly becoming mr.independent
  • my photography is now a business with the name chris turnbull photography registered and my abn being reinstated
  • service providers and agencies throughout victoria have either heard of me or have me listed in their own directories or both after families who have booked photo sessions with me (these are families that have children with autism and other additional and special needs) were so stoked with the entire process that they've let their early intervention workers know, teachers at playgroups, kinder, creche, school etc know, their autism advisor's from autism victoria (now trading as amaze) know , other specialists and the list just goes on and on and on. all impressed and all excited to let families and others know about chris turnbull photography and i am completely overwhelmed by it all
i think that may just do it for the 1st post of 2012 so until next blog update and i will make sure it won't be so long inbetween...take care. hugs chris xoxo