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Sunday, 18 March 2012

the latest sample of my new lace crown or tiara (either name suits because this could be for a boy or girl). anyway i think it's just gorgeous and of course custom orders are being taken for this one if anyone is interested. head on over to my facebook page here and check them all out with details including price, size and postage information. i've also just popped together a teeny weeny little red one with glitter to add too my collection. i just couldn't help myself as i love red....but just a splash. it's drying on the clothes horse and then tomorrow i'll add the finishing touches and upload a pic to facebook and eventually here. oh and i have another few i'm working on moss green, sapphire and amethyst. they all look gorgeous and can't wait too take pics and show them off as well.

i'm starting to take on maternity and newborn sessions with my photography work and i've already booked in my very first shoot. bubs is not due until the 1st of may however the maternity shoot will be april and pre session is already booked in with mum and dad to be for the 30th of march. as much as i'm really excited and can't wait...i'm a little nervous as well.

anyhoo just a quick blog update tonight. it's getting a wee bit chilly now and i think it's way past my bed time.
until next update stay safe, well and healthy.

chris xxx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

lace crowns and tiara's...

what's a lace crown without a tiara? of course you can't have one without the other so i'm creating both. call them a lace crown, call them a tiara however they are pretty unique and i just love creating <------ there i go using that word again 'creating', them all. the images i upload are of individual crowns/tiara's and no two are really the same. each one is customised, created uniquely and are made to order. 

if you're looking for something unique as a gift, child's birthday, wedding, christening, other event, part of a collection or as a photography can't go past one of these. just remember they are not intended as toys and as much as i put a little love and uniqueness into each one...they are special.

i have a couple new ones on the i'm typing this blog post they are indeed drying, different lace, different colours with more too come. at the moment the sizes are usually 8" and or 11" circumference however any size is possible, any colour is possible but remember my take on all things creativity may be a little different to yours but definitely by working together achievable.

here are the latest images.

head on over to chris turnbull photography's facebook page here to view them in the album here and to place an order email me at

chris xxx

Friday, 9 March 2012

photography props - lace crowns

i've been dabbling in creativity this past week dabbling in lace crowns (or tiara's) for photography props, little girl gifts, big girl gifts or for any other special event or happening. i've loved working on and creating...filling in my time in between visiting my mother up at the hospital this week daily. my dear old mum had a heart attack this week and although it was only a minor's a tad scary. she is also battling pneumonia and is on a concoction of antibiotics, fluid tablets and steroids to help where it's needed. she'll be in for a few more days and then when they finally discharge her next week some time...there is the outpatient clinics and cardiac stuff she will be working through. so to help with the focus and what's taken place i needed to take a step back from my other priorities and just create...something i need to do when things aren't always okay in my world. 

yep that's what i've been busy creating and i have a few more to add to the collection. i've already had other photographers and mum's purchase some and although there is a limited range and amount of each...i am busy creating extra stock and taking custom orders as well.

price starts from $12 per crown/tiara plus $5 flat rate or $8 registered postage within australia only. for overseas orders please contact me and i'll organise a quote on shipping to your destination. i don't have a store just yet so for any orders please pop on over to my facebook page here or email me at

these are all created individually and uniquely and no 2 crowns/tiara's may be the same. today i hope to add a couple more images to my facebook page chris turnbull photography of a couple of different colours. please note that many of these are OOAK at present, if sold i can certainly create more upon order. 

it's a long weekend here and i'm looking forward to it. hubby and i are planning to head down to daylesford for lunch on monday just to take some much needed time out and for me to take photos. we planned to head that way this week on wednesday however due to my mum having a heart attack and in hospital i didn't want to risk being too far away just in case. for those of you here in australia sharing the long weekend with me...enjoy every minute of it.

chris xxx

Sunday, 4 March 2012

bendigo special needs photographer...

for those that may not know i am an on location natural light photographer specialising in children and loved ones with special and additional needs such as autism spectrum disorders. however i also work with families and children who don't have any of these issues. recently a photography client of mine was asked if i did photo sessions for and of 'normal' families and of course the answer was yes i sure do much to the relief of the family that would like to book a session.

now before i go any further i have a special for the month of march which is pretty darn awesome so you'd best get in quick to book a session before all the time slots are filled up and you miss out.

$130 march madness deal includes:
  • photographers time and talent
  • pre session and custom editing of 15 full resolution digital images
  • permission to print anywhere 
  • a set of low res watermarked images for web
  • up to 1.5 hours and 5 people
  • $25 for each additional family member of friend
look below at the little ad i popped together and contact me at or head on over to my website here and submit a contact form spots are already filling fast so before you miss out book a session.

now before i love ya and leave ya i thought i might share an image of my daughter steph below.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

heading too fast...

yep the year that's heading way too fast down the road and i'm barely able to keep up. today is the 1st of march for those of us living in not so sunny victoria australia today. at the time of writing this blog i'm babysitting...yup 2 cute bunnies that belong to my daughter stephanie who has autism. buzz and fatty! buzz is a doe mini and fatty the is a mini lop and just like any other 'toddlers' in the animal kingdom they are into everything. they've just worked out they can sit on my printer, drag poor raggedy andy (my rag doll and poor raggedy ann's partner) onto the floor from the chair in the front window and which of course they love to look out the window.

i'm sitting here while i have some time before the rush of the school morning run blogging. it's been too long since the last one and that wasn't suppose to be the way it worked. i was suppose to find time this year to blog at least once a week and it hasn't happened. i'm still hopeful that things will change and i will manage to keep this blog updated frequently enough for those that stop by and keep up with everything, well maybe not everything, but alot of what's going on in our family.

in the mean time i've started a new photography blog kinda bloggy thing over on my photography website here mainly for my photography work and images and of course keep this one here for the day to day going's on.

oh and guess what? i scrapped...oh yeah baby!!! seriously after what seems like an eternity of not scrapping i created a page a couple of nights ago and loved it so much that i really haven't forgotten anything. i'm slowly getting back into things now that hubby has gone back to work.


photo's by Chris Turnbull Photography
background paper - sophie papers - digi chick
brushes - selina brushes - digi chick
b&w bow, stitches, cherish tab, vintage button clip and eiffel tower - perfect day - paint the moon
striped knot, bunch of horsetail, paper (strips) - naturally - paint the moon
heart chipboard alphas - amber clegg
font - birch

journaling reads: follow your dreams, be who you are, not what others want you to be and never give up.

may as well share some photos or 2 while i'm here as well. the photos are of my daughter stephanie.

well i'll leave it there for today. happy reading and please feel free to leave some ♥