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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Gypsy Gem of the Day.

I am soooooo excited as I have never really had the opportunity to toot before so I am going to toot with all I have "toot toot"

I just received a PM over at Scrap Gypsies saying I was their Gypsy Gem of the Day 26/07/07...woohoo now you gotta be excited about as I am.

The LO is this one Tomorrow's History and you can check me out here and I am always happy for you too leave me some loving. :) :)

Gypsy Gem of the Day Layout 26/07/07

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Latest layout.

Yes I actually managed another LO mainly using Faer Oaks Choco-Chic Kit along with a few other bit'n'bobs you can read the list of credits here. The photo was taken by DD Grace who is 14, and this is one of her best buds Alysha. She has started her photography class this term and the funny thing is that these photos are amongst several taken some weeks back before she started the course so this makes me think she's a natural. :) Unlike me who would love to be :(

Just a quick blog today with a little update on Lance. He sees a cardiologist on Monday the 30th of this month at 10:15 am so we are so thankful that we have been able to get in so much earlier than the previous appointment date which was on the 14th of September. Who knows perhaps the specialist will find something and perhaps he won't but the main thing is to rule in or out anything heart related at this stage. So all good news for now. Ok 'nuf from me while I get back to some sort of designing...right now I've hit a brick

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Phew...miss and blink!

Yep seems to be what happened with the past week. I must have blinked and missed it cause now it's the wee hours of Saturday morning and I feel I haven't accomplished awhole lot at all. I've hardly been at the computer this week as there seems to be so much other stuff happening and then of course the kids are still hijacking it....their excuse is "well mum gets it all day long"....rofl isn't that funny but then they also forget that some days I don't seem to get on it except to check my emails as I am busy doing other things like the shopping so they can recharge or the taxiing so they can go places, or the parent/teacher interviews so I can be more active in their school

So I haven't done any designing......(well just between you and me I have done some but that's all a secret and you just have to wait for the unveiling there), but for the last 3 days I don't think I have even opened PS CS2 as I just haven't had the opportunity and there is much too do as well. But on another good note Tim finally replaced a worn out leaky pipe in the kitchen today and trust me when I say it took quite sometime to get cause it did and then after that we went out for lunch just to a chinese restaurant and really enjoyed it. We haven't done that in months and as he starts back at uni on Monday thought we would take the opportunity as there won't be one for a long time now as he has 6 fairly extensive and exhaustive weeks coming up and 2 of those weeks he does a short course which also manages to take out his weekends. Then he is on placement until the middle of December but on top of that he still has to fit in his full time studies, assessments and assignments. Placement for those that may not know is when you go and work as a student....normal work hours etc etc with an employer in the field of choice and a contract etc with no pay and learn on the job skills for your degree. Full time and full on!

Kids are good, had Maddi's parent/teacher interview yesterday and he is doing really well so that's all that matters. The rest have theirs on the 27th of this month and all their mid year reports had pleasing results so that's too.

Well I think that's it...short and simple so have a great weekend and take care.

Chris :)

Monday, 16 July 2007

Back to school!

Am I well yes I am as today the kids all went back to school. Now don't get me wrong as I love the school holidays and we all enjoyed them wonderfully but sometimes it is a matter that the kids themselves simply need to get back to school as they miss their friends and the routine of school. For me I also welcome that first day of peace and quiet once they have gone back and the fact that my computer becomes all and it isn't hijacked for the day. Meany mum I Ok so what did the weekend started off with Friday night's monthly chat at PBP which I always enjoy and that continued on late. Of course watching the Tour de France is always great and what beautiful countryside they ride in. I love it. Saturday was a little cleaning up and rearranging so the boys totally redid their room and I started on the kitchen and Tim the laundry. Then went to Hungry Jacks for tea and home to watch Déjà Vu with Denzel Washington. Now if you have never seen this movie then go and grab it, sit and watch it, as it is awesome and in fact one of those movies you could see at least twice if not three times as the riddles and clues make it so worthwhile.

There is alot to do this week and it will be busy with designing in one form or another and today I managed to catch up in the gallery over at PBP and pop a couple of LO's around the digi scrapping galleries myself as well. Here is my latest LO creating for Faer Oak which I just love. The photo was taken as a self portrait by my DD Grace and I have been lucky enough to scrap it.


So not much to say really except it's freezing as one would expect in the midst of winter. Until next blogging take care, stay safe and remember that no matter how difficult things tend to be there is someone out there in a much more serious way who needs your love and support.

Chris! :)

Friday, 13 July 2007

New Aged Polaroids now in the PBP shop!

It's been school holiday time for the Turnbull household here downunder and I have to admit that since my new computer was built one month ago it also seems to have been hijacked by 4 very clever, soooo anyhoo I did manage to finish designing these aged polaroids and pop them over in the Pickleberrypop POP SHOP, at just $3 (AU) they are a great addition to your digi scrapping stash. So pop on over and check them out!

So a little news here and there.......... my new computer has had some strange problems so took that in yesterday to sus out why. I happened to notice that the new 320 gig HD was full already I mean what!!!!!! So we managed to get that sorted out and it seems to be that photoshop popped 6 temp files in the temp folder recently and all up that was something like 258 gigs so they were deleted promptly and my new hd is nice and empty as it should be. So I just need to keep and eye on it and see if there is anymore troubles and fingers crossed it is a once off but the guy that built my pc was absolutely blown away when he saw what had happened and thought it most odd, thankfully an easy fix. Anyway picked up the printer as well as that was also in the shop because it stopped printing last week but the printer itself was all working so that was just in need of a new USB cable and then of course went to print out my DD Steps Egypt assignment and guess go so after another uninstall and reinstall and ringing Epson I managed to get that problem sorted out and the printer is once again all setup working and functioning as it is meant too. Although I did not have to resort to Epson's help on this and finally managed to delete everything in the spool manager after it let me in and delete the printer which enable for the new reinstall to sort out properly. Argggghhh so now I am thinking no more problems please and just leave me be.

Update on Lance....blood tests all came back clear and now we are just waiting on a phone call to get him into a cardiologist. I rang today to make an appointment but at this stage it won't be till Septemeber so the cardiologist's receptionist mentioned that if the pediatrician faxed through the referral today with a note for Lance to be seen much sooner than Dr Tony Jackson will then look at the referral himself and put Lance in sooner if he can. Let's just hope it works out if not then I suppose the 14th of Sep sounds good (lol the day before he turns 16)! Not much we can do about it anyways. So we continue to wait for a diagnosis if any.

Well that's all folks I'm outta here and off to buy a new set of speakers for my!

Take care, stay safe, all mums (and dads) to school holidayers stay sane and ttyl!

Ciao Chris

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Woohoo I have scrapped!

Yes it's true I have put some much needed time aside for digi scrapping, boy have I missed it alot. It seems trying to get new designs out has taken up so much of my time that it was time to pop it aside just enough to scrap instead. We're allowed to be biased aren't 'cause I just love what I have created and there are just so many amazing bits and pieces out there that I had to add a few more to my very own digi stash. You can read all about the LO's in the credit links which will take you directly to my gallery over at Pickleberrypop. I don't even mind if you leave a little loving here and I'm not greedy I'll just take all I can get....teehee!

So it's school holidays for us here and apart from taking a little time out from designing to spend some much needed time scrapping, I'm spending some time with the kids and with hubby who thankfully also has a mid semester break. Today I finished off the bottom 2 LO's, spent time pruning, weeding, replanting and tidying up in the front garden with Tim. We lost some of the garden in the summer time because of the drought and although the drought is far from over we have also had alot of rainfall in the last little while so what's left of the garden has been revived. We still need to do one corner and the pathway but it is looking better than it has for months.
Kids went to see the movie Transformers with my sister...(their aunt) today and loved it. Apparently it is a great movie from what so many people are saying and the fact that they are seeing it more than once kinda helps the reviews a little. So I can't wait for it too come out on DVD so I can see it myself.
What else is new designs yet although I have some stuff on the go. My creative team have settled in nicely and are producing some amazing work. Thanks guys!
Can you believe that PBP is turning 1 what an amazing journey that has been. Stay tuned for further details on our 1st birthday bash.
For those of you who stop by and read my blog and would like an update on Lance well he was at the pediatrician's yesterday for his latest appointment and a whole lot of blood tests have been ordered and they were done yesterday afternoon. We should have the results by Wednesday to see if there is anything there. Then he is off to see a Cardiologist (appointment will be made once results have come back) then back to pediatrician. Yes he is still having a lot of pain and we are concerned with some other issues that may or may not be serious.......loss of weight, drinking stacks, craving loads of sugar so yes the blood tests will also detect if diabetes is there, pediatrician doesn't think so and I am not too phased as it may be due to whatever else is wrong but at this stage we are now getting tests done to rule out the possibilities of so many things as we just don't know what is wrong but we know something is....make sense?!
So anyway I think it is time for me to go, I kinda reckon that once your in "the zone" then do what you can before you space out :)
P.S to all of you who downloaded my latest freebie...thanks!
Till next blogging take care, stay safe and keep smiling.
Chris xx