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Monday, 16 July 2007

Back to school!

Am I well yes I am as today the kids all went back to school. Now don't get me wrong as I love the school holidays and we all enjoyed them wonderfully but sometimes it is a matter that the kids themselves simply need to get back to school as they miss their friends and the routine of school. For me I also welcome that first day of peace and quiet once they have gone back and the fact that my computer becomes all and it isn't hijacked for the day. Meany mum I Ok so what did the weekend started off with Friday night's monthly chat at PBP which I always enjoy and that continued on late. Of course watching the Tour de France is always great and what beautiful countryside they ride in. I love it. Saturday was a little cleaning up and rearranging so the boys totally redid their room and I started on the kitchen and Tim the laundry. Then went to Hungry Jacks for tea and home to watch Déjà Vu with Denzel Washington. Now if you have never seen this movie then go and grab it, sit and watch it, as it is awesome and in fact one of those movies you could see at least twice if not three times as the riddles and clues make it so worthwhile.

There is alot to do this week and it will be busy with designing in one form or another and today I managed to catch up in the gallery over at PBP and pop a couple of LO's around the digi scrapping galleries myself as well. Here is my latest LO creating for Faer Oak which I just love. The photo was taken as a self portrait by my DD Grace and I have been lucky enough to scrap it.


So not much to say really except it's freezing as one would expect in the midst of winter. Until next blogging take care, stay safe and remember that no matter how difficult things tend to be there is someone out there in a much more serious way who needs your love and support.

Chris! :)

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~Sasha Farina~ said...

Hey Chris.... lovin the latest LO!!