Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Retirement Sale

Yes it's true I am retiring from designing digital papers and elements over at Pickleberrypop. It has not been an easy decision for me to make by any means and one that didn't come over night either but one that had too come all the same. Alot of my blog readers have been aware of my son Lance's health issues now ongoing for some 3 and a half months with still no answers and still inconclusive. It has certainly impacted on our lives and I have needed to rearrange my priorties and spend more time with my family. What does this mean? Well you get to save 50% off all my designs over at Pickleberrypop until the 30th of September....great bargains in store so why not go on over and grab one or 2 before Chris Turnbull's designs are no more. But wait there's more I will still be designing the odd freebie for my blog readers to grab and enjoy no worries there and the other exciting news is that I am joining the CT over at Pickleberrypop. I can't wait to start and boy have I missed scrapping sooo much. What else does this mean? Well simply put I am still going to be around after all I am only giving up the designing part of digi scrapping and nothing more. So you'll still see me here and there and perhaps a little more often as well.

So a huge thankyou goes to so many people. The gang at PBP for having me on board the designers wagon and supporting me there. My incredible CT and all you gorgez gals have done to support me and my designs and of course my most wonderful and loyal customers. So what you waiting for go on spread the word and let everyone know where they can get a bargain.......over here at Pickleberrypop.

Thankyou to everyone for all your wonderful support!

Hugs Chris xxoo

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Happy 12th Birthday Maddi!!!

Yay another birthday and today we all wish you a wonderful and fabulous birthday Maddison. Only one more year before you are officially a teen...woohoo.....I!! Anyway today is a special day as you celebrate your 12th birthday and I have to say I cannot believe just how quick the time has gone since we first brought you home from the hospital all those years ago now. You are very independant, out spoken, cheeky, bold and mischievious boy. One of your true passions in life is anything to do with war and the army. But not like most kids are, as you really know your stuff when it comes to both, those that fought in them, allies and enemies, the sadness war brings and the questioning that comes with it as to why! You amaze your father and I with the knowledge you have on so much to do with the war and the armies and you hope to join the army cadets when you get to the right age and then go on to the army reserves. We know you may not make it into the full army because you are visually impaired but the passion you display is incredible.
Today we all wish you the best birthday ever and hope it really is fab. Happy Birthday buddy and enjoy the day. Love us dudes who love you more than ever. xxoo

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Happy 16th Birthday Lance!!!

Happy Birthday Lance...woohoo today is your 16th birthday and we are all wishing you the very best for today. Although it has been a rough rollercoaster ride the past 3 1/2 months with doctors and specialists and tests galore with your heart, this week taking a trip to the hospital in a MICA ambulance after splitting your hand open at school on Wednesday (7 stitches later with an uncertainty of nerve damage but thankfully your tendon although showing missed the party and was lucky as it was not damaged) and suffering with severe chest pain, having your Thallium Scan done yesterday which showed up "something" we managed to get here today unscathed. What a journey we have travelled but we have travelled it together as a family, with it's good days and it's bad, with its tears and its laughs but above all every moment with an eternity of love unfailing and knowing that no matter what we will always be here by your side every step of the way. So Lance today on your 16th I wish you the very best of birthdays and know that today will be a great day. With all our love....have the best birthday ever! xxxooo

Monday, 10 September 2007

Now the party is over.......

......come on over to Pickleberrypop and grab your lolly bags. Priced at just $2:50 (AU) each and jam packed full of never before seen goodies from a number of our talented designers, these are just too yummy to pass up. Available only until the 16th of September, so come on don't be shy, head on over and pick 'em up before you miss out. It's just our way of saying thankyou to all of you who have helped us celebrate our very 1st birthday.

Until next blogging, stay safe and take care and go grab a bargain.

Chris xo

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Pickleberrypop!!

I know I am a little late with this because of being back and forth to RCH lately but did you know that PBP is having it's 1st birthday so go on over and join in the celebrations. Just click on images to take you to the links.

There is oodles and oodles to join in with so pop on over to the shop and the forum and check us out and you never know what you might win. We also have plenty of challenges and seeing as it is our 1st birthday here are 2 challenges to get you started if you haven't already.

Ooooooh and there is some more fabulous news as another picklebubba has arrived into the world. Dee one of my CTers has had her baby. A beautiful little girl called Anya Elizabeth, 3.45kg, 50.5cm length, 34cm head circ born on Tue Sep 04, 2007 at 9:46 so a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you and your beautiful family Dee.

Ok well I think that's it for today and until next blogging, stay safe and take care.