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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Happy 12th Birthday Maddi!!!

Yay another birthday and today we all wish you a wonderful and fabulous birthday Maddison. Only one more year before you are officially a teen...woohoo.....I!! Anyway today is a special day as you celebrate your 12th birthday and I have to say I cannot believe just how quick the time has gone since we first brought you home from the hospital all those years ago now. You are very independant, out spoken, cheeky, bold and mischievious boy. One of your true passions in life is anything to do with war and the army. But not like most kids are, as you really know your stuff when it comes to both, those that fought in them, allies and enemies, the sadness war brings and the questioning that comes with it as to why! You amaze your father and I with the knowledge you have on so much to do with the war and the armies and you hope to join the army cadets when you get to the right age and then go on to the army reserves. We know you may not make it into the full army because you are visually impaired but the passion you display is incredible.
Today we all wish you the best birthday ever and hope it really is fab. Happy Birthday buddy and enjoy the day. Love us dudes who love you more than ever. xxoo

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Jacinda at TTS said...

Hey Chris, we've been missing you at TTS, and just want to say we're thinking of you and Lance, and we all send our prayers and sincere love to you both.