Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, 30 July 2006

Grand Opening Day!!!

Woohoo the day has finally dawned and PBP is finally here for the entire world to check out. So far the day has been awesome. There is the huge mega freebie over there check it out will ya.

All of us designers collaborated on this one and as you can see it is huge. So for the next 7 weeks you can download one part of this huge kit for free. Each week you need to follow the link over at PBP to download that weeks freebie.

The first one is awesome by our very own talented Annette Farrelly. Boy is she one talent designer.

So come on get over there and nab it as there are also designer samples for free and one of our very own designers Faer Oak has another awesome freebie so where do you go to get all this great stuff. well just in case you didn't grab the link from above here it is again.

So what you all waiting for come on get over and I promise you one thing you'll love it. And just in case you don't believe me the head of all pickleheads has this too say and I quote:

"Let me say this very loudly and very clearly for you all to share around at will!

Anything that you can remotely call scrapbooking or was once scrapbooking or might one day be scrapbooking is welcome!

Paper, digi, off the page, pure photographics (digital or film) graphic design... anything!

I really am not going to be restrictive at all. I want to see it all, I want to learn it all!

Yep we are primarily a scrapping site and mainly a digi site but I think we all have so much to learn from every other style of scrapping and other related creative things that I just think it would be a great loss to restrict people to narrow categories!

Ok so did that answer your question!?!?!?"

Well it sure answers mine.

Until next blogging guys I hope to see you over at PBP.

Thursday, 27 July 2006


3 more sleeps and we go live. How do I feel about it all.....hummmm I don't know yet!

So this Sunday our doors open at PBP. The team over there have all worked so hard to get this far and I just need to say thanks to you all.

So on Sunday what are you doing......come along and join in the opening celebrations at PBP. Fab kits in the shop, an awesome looking gallery, great DT and CT and wait there's more a HUGE mega freebie kit up for grabs. Each week for the 1st 7 weeks there will be one part of this kit available for free and after the 7 weeks you will have a huge fab kit a number of us designers put together just for you.

So tell your buddies and let them all know about us and come join the party over at PBP.

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Doctors, Blood Tests and CT Scans.

Yesterday I took one very very courageous step and saw my doctor about my back problems I have been suffering with for many years. Now some of you may thing....hey! and why didn't you do something sooner well the simpliest reason would be that I have been too frightened to do anything about it. Years ago I was diagnosed with a degenrative disc in my lower back and when I was younger it didn't really bother me more than just the odd back ache here and there but in all those years it has become more complicated so it was time to finally do something about it before it really did cripple me. Anyway without going into the nitty gritty about it all it was time to do something about it and so I did. Yesterday I told the doctor what has been happening and he ordered blood tests and a CT scan. I had the blood tests this morning and the CT scan at 4 this arvo. I was in and out in 15 minutes would you believe. So I pick up the scans tomorrow and take them off to my doctor on Monday morning and find out the results on all the tests. I am interested in what will take place but I am certainly not worried whatever the outcome. He has already spoken about physio and exercise but he too needs to wait before he can implement that plan to see whether there is something really serious or if it is something less serious. Either way I'll be getting all the help me and my back needs....and truthfully just between you and me it has been a long time coming.

Anyway I must be sick as I have updated my blog a bit lately. But then that's ok too cause strange things have been happening with blogger and it sure has affected my blog. I have it all back to "normal" at least I hope so but I thought I has lost it for good because I went in there the other day and half my template css coding was gone.....very bizarre and all I had was coding on my blog with a banner for you all to see and try to make some sense of ......what the heck!!!!!

Anyway I think blogger is having more problems too cause when I went to do some links and republish my blog it went who else is having wierd things happening to their blog while they have been sleeping......most odd!!

Anyway I have created some really nice LO's but I don't really want to pop them on here just yet cause that would give to much of my secret I have been hiding away all this time. So come Sunday onwards woohoo no more secrets and no more worries of trying to keep my lips shut, sealed, zipped and locked. Boy has it been difficult at times.

So anyway leave me a comment and let me know how your week has been.
Until next blog entry...........................ciao!

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

You can't live with them and you can't live without them.....

.....and I am not talking about husbands either at this point although it would make for interesting conversation at a later

We in todays society cannot live without our computers. We could never go back to the time we never had them because we rely on them so heavily these days and I rely on mine everyday. But when something goes wrong and you can't fix it yourself then you realise that just maybe it is like the old saying we can't live with them and we can't live without them.....we are so dependant on them.

So Sunday morning I wake up turn the pc on and started doing what I do best....a catch up over at PBP and DSDU and SnF and the next thing I smell is that burning smell you know something is certainly very wrong and then the pc turns itself off and I very quickly turn everything off at the main power switch and let hubby know something is seriously wrong and I was so hoping that is was not drastic and my pc had completely died. I just had it all upgraded and the timing could not have been any worse although I don't think timing comes into play on this one as it is something you just don't need and I NEED MY COMPUTER with all that is happening this was not good. So hubby and I cleaned up the inside got rid of the dust and took out the power supply box because that was where the burning smell was coming from and then popped it back in just to see what was the go. Sure the pc still ran with no hiccups, windows was still there along with everything else and I managed to very quickly finish what I was in the middle of but that smell was still there so it was time to turn the thing off and get it off to the techies the next day.

Monday morning rolls round and Tim and I take it in explaining what we thought the problem was and how urgent it was for them to get it all sorted it out for me because of what I have been involved with for awhile now and how PBP goes live Monday. So they see it as a priority as well.

I had to ring this morning to see where the techie was at and they found the problem and yep it was the main power source. They need to figure out why and replace it so it never happens again and they are doing all that today so I am so grateful to them. normally it is a 7-10 day wait maybe more as I only take it to one place in town and they are good and I normally wait and I would still be happy to but sometimes I think because of certain circumstances as already mentoned that you become that urgent priority and everyone else unfortunately has to wait. No matter what, I needed my pc back this week. It will be and hopefully by the end of the day. So I am really very relieved as well as very happy too and so grateful they have been able to sort it out straight away for me.

Ok onto another topic and one that may seem silly to you but a few of my friends understand where I am coming from with this. I finally made an appointment to see my doctor about my back. Many years ago before children I was diagnosed with a degenerative disc in my spine in between lumbers 4 and 5. It has caused me many problems since. Most of the time when I get an "attack" I would just abide my time with it and although it crippled me it would go within a few days and this has been going on for years but because I have had some other serious medical conditions to also deal with for years so my back was not a priority to me. I had to get my other medical conditions under control and sorted out which now are and now I am suffering very badly so it has taken me alot of courage to make the phone call and take that 1st step cause it has always frightened me what they would find out and then what procedure they would carry out and it was that mentally I could not deal with it at all. Do I need a spine fusion or rods in my spine or is it something else cause when I was 1st diagnosed with this my doctor also said I would be in a wheel chair before I hit my 40's I'm 39.

When I have an "attack" I am crippled by it. My entire body is hunched over but my spine cannot straighten out and my legs are bent along with my hips out of place it is not a pretty sight by any means and usually as I said I am right within a few days but the last 8 months or so it has been getting worse and the attacks coming more often and more severe and the past 3 weeks have been very difficult for me indeed.

So think of me my friends as I need you in so many ways. I'll let you know how I get on as well. Todays appointment is just the start but a very big one for me as now it is reality if that makes any sense cause I can no longer push it aside anymore.

So till next blogging stay well my friends and keep smiling.

Friday, 21 July 2006

New Look!

Yes it was time for a desperate change to my blog and I have to give a HUGE thankyou to my wonderful friend who created my fantastic banner today. I love it thankyou so much. It is amazing and I just love it.....or did I already say that....hehehehehe

Also just want to say thanks Jo for helping me get my banner on my blog.

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you both.

Well that's it for now. I hope you enjoy the new look and leave me a comment cause I love it when you do.

Thursday, 20 July 2006

Letting the cat out of the bag......sort of!!!!

Woohoo I am sooooo excited cause I can finally let you all in on my little secret! well maybe not all of it but certainly this much.

Ok here goes you ready.............

There is a new aussie digital scrapbook site opening very soon.....yep see under the Mega Mega Mega Exciting News to your right and down a little and the blinkie happily blinking away well that's it. Now this is what I can tell you.

It is aussie based but everyone is welcome no matter where your from and it's gonna have the works....forums, galleries, chat, tutorials, friends, new friends, awesome DT and CT oh and don't forget the shop.
I was asked to be part of an awesome Design Team and I will be full on with selling my kits and helping out in every other way I can and I feel very priviledge to be there.
There is one very big mega-huge-enormous freebie available to you when we open our doors and it is super awesome. I don't know about you but I love a freebie and this is a fantastic one.

Ok so I hope you can join us when we open and between you and me...this site is awesome.....or did I say that

Ok gotta go now!

Time is not on my side!

.....and that's what I have decided. It simply isn't at the moment but I can't complain too much it's just that there is so much I want to do each day and housework and cooking are NOT 2 of, nor is spending the day grocery shopping and running errands which is what will happen today as Thursday is payday therefore shopping "needs" to be done. Would be alright if none of us had to eat (or sleep)...hehehe but we do but what I would give to spend the money on other things then food and each week the prices are rising and so is my do any of us keep up well I guess in so many ways we have no choice but to do so but it is difficult at the best of times.

Ok on to next topic......

I finally joined DigiScrapDesigner. In actual fact I was already a "normal" member but never really stuck my nose in but I went full subscribed member/designer yesterday and I am so glad I did. I have been wanting to do this for so long and now I have. Now ok some of you may be asking why pay a $35.00 a yr (US) fee a year and all I can say is....there is so much to learn as they are there for designers in every part of what a designer does. Let me run it by you. They have tutorials to learn all the wonderful things you ask "hey how did they do that" and you can't find this stuff on the web no matter how much you google. They teach you everything there is that you need to know. From designing kits in a very professional way to selling them and setting up a business and the fact that they are their to support you in every aspect of it. That's why I joined and already yesterday I made chipboard and then made chalked chipboard letters. So I have a full uppercase alpha and punctuation and today I hope to work on the lowercase and numbers to pop together and sell at PBP.

Here is a little sneak peek of what I worked on yesterday................. these are the raw chipboard lettters ........

And these are the chalked ones........

Not bad hey? Well at least I don't think so anyway and I made them all so I am feeling really good for a couple of reasons and they would be:

A) I could actually follow the tutorial
B) In the end I didn't even have to follow the tutorial cause I had done so many of them it just became 2nd nature...(may be a different story next time though hehehehe)
C) They look pretty darn good!

I know there are a few other things I could point out and I know you must all think I'm crazy getting excited about what I created but I am and I created this in PSCS2 as well.

One thing I would like to do though is hook up a 2nd monitor to my PC...I don't know how as yet but it can be done and you work with 2 of them side by side. I know of people in the world of graphic art and digi designing who do this....may have to ask for their help although I could just get the techies to come in and do it for me. But it certainly something I am considering and that way I can have certain things open on one and on the other monitor I can have other things open so it is much easier to work with.

Anyway I think I'll leave it for today and go shopping. Trying to get Tim to come as well so we can have a cuppa and just spend a little time together, but he has his head in a book so my chances are not looking good.

Toodles for now!!!!

Friday, 14 July 2006

Tripping to the tip today!!!!

hehehehehe yep today we are taking a couple of trips to the tip to get rid of plenty of rubbish. Already done one trip and ready to take the next load and at $7:50 a trip well we may just leave it at the 2 for now which will get rid of most of the rubbish anyway. So have you ever tried to reverse a trailer???? Hummmmmmm now I have driven with a trailer many times but never had to reverse and boy I had to give it a go today at the tip and nope just wouldn't have a clue starts off okay as you have to turn the wheel to the opposite direction you want to go to get it where you want it but you also need to be precise with each turn so after a couple of attempts the tip fellows moved the huge tip vehicles to make way for a few more of us and I could just drive in parallel. There isn't a problem reversing in straight at all thats too easy but when you have to come in from an angle that's a very different thing so like anything else if I don't ever have to do it then it don't matter. I mean the amount of times we have ever been to the tip to get rid of rubbish is just not enough to want to learn how to reverse a trailer in from an awkward

So I have been flat out just being busy as mums and wives are and as I had a little homebased business I closed in January (scrapbooking) I also have to do a stocktake and get the books finally finished for the tax man. So I am halfway through my counting just a few more papers and albums and bits and bobs and then get it all typed up so the accountant can do what he does best so I want to finish that this weekend. Well hoping too............

Ok now on to the next topic..........high school or here in Bendigo we call them secondary colleges. So what I want to get off my chest is this..................just how many days does a child spend a week at school.........let me refresh the education department that it is meant to be 5 days a week and not 4. So where am I heading with this well read on. I have Lance and Grace in secondary college and as most people are aware Victoria usually has their school holidays 2 weeks before most other states so my kids have been back at school for 2 full weeks now....full yeh right they have had 4 day weeks as the first week there was parent/teacher interviews and then this week today in fact it is some teacher professional thingy day. Now don't get me wrong I know they have to have PD's and all that just seems last term and so far this term that most weeks they have had have been 4 day weeks only. Pretty incredible really. Will be interesting to see what the rest of the term holds up for them.

So no layouts this week although I did finish a kit that I had been working on so I am happy with that and also some more elements too so hasn't been all that bad.

My latest kit is called Cornflowers Blue and here it is a little sneak peak!!!!

Oh and here is a little pack of hearts from my Gorgeous Elements collection.

So there you have it for the week and now I best get the whip out and get some work done!!!!

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Have I been slack or what????

Gosh have I been busy though...... I just can't seem to get myself organised to fit everything that has to be done in one day. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just have a few more hours in each day...or perhaps not needing to sleep then we would be ok....but still no matter how much time is on your hands I find I just can't do everything.

The kids are back at school this is there 2nd week and it is so peaceful here at
I have to admit I just lurve the school holidays although as the kids are getting older now they find them extremely boring. The first week is always good but come the 2nd week and that is a so totally different story.

So what's new you ask!!!!

Well I got my hair cut the other day and changed the colour.....I am naturally blonde and have been all my life so it was time for a change and yep.... a rather radical one at that too. All chopped not too short though just right. Then a colour change so base colour is rich copper and I have blonde and soft copper foils right through and I love it and so does Tim and the kids. So I feel good about me.

I have been busy scrapping and designing as well. Both paper scrapping and digi format and I have managed to finish a 12x12 canvas and just need to take a photo of it to place in here. Started a Basic grey lunch pail and that is looking really good and have done a number of digi LO's but I can't put them on here just yet so you will have to all be patient....and that includes

But I can leave you with one I have done which I adore.

Credits: Marling Road Kit - Artline Ranges - Tracy Ann Designs and Little Stitches by Trish Jones.
Fonts: Impact and Janellescript.
Special Thanks: Atomic Cupcake Pristine Chipboard Action.

Ok so I'm off to do some more of what I do best and I 'll see you all later.