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Friday, 14 July 2006

Tripping to the tip today!!!!

hehehehehe yep today we are taking a couple of trips to the tip to get rid of plenty of rubbish. Already done one trip and ready to take the next load and at $7:50 a trip well we may just leave it at the 2 for now which will get rid of most of the rubbish anyway. So have you ever tried to reverse a trailer???? Hummmmmmm now I have driven with a trailer many times but never had to reverse and boy I had to give it a go today at the tip and nope just wouldn't have a clue starts off okay as you have to turn the wheel to the opposite direction you want to go to get it where you want it but you also need to be precise with each turn so after a couple of attempts the tip fellows moved the huge tip vehicles to make way for a few more of us and I could just drive in parallel. There isn't a problem reversing in straight at all thats too easy but when you have to come in from an angle that's a very different thing so like anything else if I don't ever have to do it then it don't matter. I mean the amount of times we have ever been to the tip to get rid of rubbish is just not enough to want to learn how to reverse a trailer in from an awkward

So I have been flat out just being busy as mums and wives are and as I had a little homebased business I closed in January (scrapbooking) I also have to do a stocktake and get the books finally finished for the tax man. So I am halfway through my counting just a few more papers and albums and bits and bobs and then get it all typed up so the accountant can do what he does best so I want to finish that this weekend. Well hoping too............

Ok now on to the next topic..........high school or here in Bendigo we call them secondary colleges. So what I want to get off my chest is this..................just how many days does a child spend a week at school.........let me refresh the education department that it is meant to be 5 days a week and not 4. So where am I heading with this well read on. I have Lance and Grace in secondary college and as most people are aware Victoria usually has their school holidays 2 weeks before most other states so my kids have been back at school for 2 full weeks now....full yeh right they have had 4 day weeks as the first week there was parent/teacher interviews and then this week today in fact it is some teacher professional thingy day. Now don't get me wrong I know they have to have PD's and all that just seems last term and so far this term that most weeks they have had have been 4 day weeks only. Pretty incredible really. Will be interesting to see what the rest of the term holds up for them.

So no layouts this week although I did finish a kit that I had been working on so I am happy with that and also some more elements too so hasn't been all that bad.

My latest kit is called Cornflowers Blue and here it is a little sneak peak!!!!

Oh and here is a little pack of hearts from my Gorgeous Elements collection.

So there you have it for the week and now I best get the whip out and get some work done!!!!


Jodie said...

Love the new kit Chris!
I have tried to reverse a trailer... it was NOT pretty LOL

fazzbech said...

The new kit looks great Chris! That's crazy about so many days off, isn't it?!

Heather said...

Wowsa! Gorgeous kit, Chris!!!