Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, 23 October 2010


the weekend is here at last and it's a beautiful day! just a short update today as i've simply popped in here to show off my latest digital scrapbooking layout. you know....i hate yellow i really really do, however something is really wrong....really really wrong. the last layout and the one in this post have all got yellow in them and wow even i have surprised myself. it's a colour i don't work with very well because i don't really like it however i've explored using it a little on the last 2 lo's, something i would never have done once before.

now don't get me wrong i love yellow in all things nature...yep the flora and fauna species and spring and summer i just strongly dislike it when it comes to much of anything else....however just lately that soft spot for it has taken over and i'm loving it...if only in accessories and not much more. how weird is that?! for me....very but perhaps it's like all things...a passing fad, a little phase of ummmm....something or another mini mid life (oh i do like that excuse). whatever it is i'm sure it won't last long but while it's here i may as well make the most of it....enjoy!

 credits: gypsy call - tangie baxter
splatter graffiti - gypsy spirit - tangie baxter
stamped glitter alpha 1 - tangie baxter
bracket shapes - big mats - decrow designs
font - arial
happy weekend, hugs chris xoxo

Thursday, 21 October 2010

midweek musings...

on a thursday! yep i was in here yesterday (wednesday) when blogger decided it was time for maintenance and we couldn't upload any pictures for a few hours so i'm here today doing so. it's been quite a good day, had our monthly thursday coffee and chat morning for members of  BAAG and 3 new mums with their darling cherubs come join us. that was just wonderful and for any of you who may read my blog (yep i know ya do) i just wanna welcome you all.

anyhoo have a few more pics uploaded and here they are...enjoy!!

ok well that's kinda it for tonight except to say to all my blog readers...thanks for stopping by it means heaps to me that i actually have followers and i ♥ that! hugs chris xoxo

Monday, 18 October 2010


i don't normally like monday's, in fact we really have a love hate relationship. however recently i've had to change my style of thinking on this, more so out of need and necessity then anything else. i've had to make some compromises but now we have a fairly ok working relationship at present and i actually look forward to them.

anyway given the fact that i've been managing my work days a little better then ever before due to some much needed planning, organising and working to a time frame...things have been good and the best part about that is that i've managed to get a little photography in and some much needed scrapping both in paper and digi media and i'm really happy about that.

so while i'm on the subject of scrapping here is my latest digital creation...wishes!

 credits: sunny daydreams - kasia designs
font - arial

ok outta here for another day, take care friends, hugs chris xoxo

Friday, 15 October 2010

i ♥ mojo

yes sirree i surely do and it's been a good week for it as well. anyhoo i've been doing a little photography as you know seeing as the last couple of posts have been busy with uploading plenty of pics and of course some scrapbooking just has to go hand in hand with the photography. i've been doing a little of that as well and created 2 digi LO's and there's a  paper LO in progress too. anyhoo here they are and enjoy...

     credits: the poets keepsakes - lorie davison - scrapbookgraphics
font: arial (for top LO)

as you can see i ♥ the poets keepsakes by lorie is so unusual for me to scrap more then 1 LO from the same kit however this kit is exquisite and there is so much in it that you can scrap a few LO's without overdoing it.
ok i'm outta here as i'm off to finish that paper LO while watching the last song with my daughter steph.
have a wonderful weekend, hugs chris, xoxo

Thursday, 14 October 2010

more fun...

yep had a little more time up my sleeve today so managed a little more editing with my photos although it doesn't really take all that long for each pic to be sorted. now i'm no way a professional photographer nor do i profess to be cause the simple truth is i'm not however i just love photography and so being the hobbyist photographer will suffice for now. however one day when i have all the time in the world i would love to take some photography courses and be one step closer to the more amateur photographer i would like to be. in the mean time learning more and working with the very limited time i have will do. ok so here a few pics from today's batch of editing...not lots just a small handful. enjoy!!!

that's all now folks. xoxo

playing with pics...

i've been playing with a couple of my faves toys lately which is a miracle in itself and something that's been a long time coming. my canon EOS 1000D DSLR camera, adobe photoshop and adobe lightroom and i ♥ the fact that i've recently made time to fiddle and play with all these lately. even better is how i really love the way my pics have turned out and i hope you enjoy my  latest collection of photo's.

not a bad bunch hey. anyway i hope you enjoy these photo's as much as i did taking them and spending time playing around and editing them. enjoy, hugs chris xoxo

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

facebook group...

i thought it was time to start a little group over on facebook for those of us who have been touched by autism in some way or another. my little group is I ♥ someone on the Autism Spectrum. i felt it was way overdue and although it's still new and needs lots more information, news and resources it's started and it's a work in progress.

i know there are plenty of FB groups on autism spectrum disorders helping and supporting in some form or another.....will mine be any different?...possibly not however my aim is to raise autism awareness in all it's entirety and allow not only those that are impacted by it have a place they can be supported, raise questions etc but a place for the unlearned to be taught.

if you pop by my blog and read this post, click on the link above and join. if you're touched by autism in some way, click on the link above and join....whether you're a parent/carer, family member, professional or just want to learn more about what autism spectrum disorders are then click on the link above and join.

at this point in time seeing as the group is not quite 24 hours old there isn't much just yet....that's the work in progress, however small steps make more of an impact then huge leaps and bounds....something i've learnt as a parent/carer of children with autism.

anyway just a quick post letting you all know about the group and extending an invitation to everyone who wishes to join to join.

take care xoxo

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


two years ago today you passed away so unexpectedly. missing you so much dad and wishing you were here with us still. R.I.P... with all my love your loving daughter chris. xoxo

thought i would share with you a photo of my dad in his younger days when he was a nurse way back in the 60's and just a little FYI...he was also a trained midwife.♥♥♥♥♥