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Thursday, 14 October 2010

more fun...

yep had a little more time up my sleeve today so managed a little more editing with my photos although it doesn't really take all that long for each pic to be sorted. now i'm no way a professional photographer nor do i profess to be cause the simple truth is i'm not however i just love photography and so being the hobbyist photographer will suffice for now. however one day when i have all the time in the world i would love to take some photography courses and be one step closer to the more amateur photographer i would like to be. in the mean time learning more and working with the very limited time i have will do. ok so here a few pics from today's batch of editing...not lots just a small handful. enjoy!!!

that's all now folks. xoxo

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Ann-Marie said...

Oh they're all brilliant. Lightroom is soo addictively fun isn't it?!