Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, 27 November 2009

*boy* i'm slack

but no time like the present time to get about and update my blog for all you that pass on by, pause a bit and actually read my ramblings. sorry it's been awhile, not unintentionally but flat out busy with real life stuff and some scrapping here and there when i get the chance. so while i'm on that know....the scrapping one....wanna see some LO's?!!! silly question really because of course you do. ok here we go. seeing as i can cause it's easy enough too with these LO's I'll be posting the kit/s below each LO I use from Edeline Marta Designs so you know what kit i've used and the link so you can grab it if ya want it.


Designs by Edeline Marta (collab with Aja Abney)

ok so there you go LO's and kits and links to all for credits and shopping....enjoy!!!

and guess what? i'm gonna leave it there for tonight except to say check Edeline's new blog here as well seeing as I am on her CT and I can's young so please be nice it's completely up and running but still a baby in the making so until we get a few more posts underway, more kits and few other bits and pieces head on over and take a peek.

alrighties then....nothing else, nope not till next time and i promise i won't leave it so long. till then take care, ciao and hugs xoxo

Friday, 6 November 2009

end of the week ramble!

it's friday evening here and all is happy and quiet in the house. grace at a friends for a sleep over, tim and the boys watching tv, steph in her room and me???....well i am just plain restless and so i thought it must be time for a blog update...the only thing is i have no idea where to start although i have plenty to chat about.

yesterday (6th nov) i received a phone call from the autism assessment clinic in regards to maddison. it has taken us exactly 1 year to get this far because of the obstacle course we have had to try to get through but finally we do have an official diagnosis. maddi does not have asperger's syndrome but is indeed autistic. relief yes but i kinda fell into another rut having to face reality again and that has hit hard and i feel somewhat blue. the thing about all this is i have no idea what sort of help will be available to him because he is not case managed like lance and steph and he is too old now for any of the autism funding packages to help assist the family with much needed therapy as he has now turned 14. however i am still waiting for all the reports and letters etc which should be in the mail monday but still i am not sure what the next steps are apart from dealing with the school yet again as this time the evidence and the proof is here and he needs a modified program and hopefully we will be able to get some sort of extra support in place for him. plus i am hopeful that now his diagnosis has come through officially that DHS will pick him up which was suggested not too long ago.

while we're on the matter of diagnoses....steph's has been deferred for about a month as she too is going through the ASD assessment process but they need to do a speech assessment with her to gather the rest of her information and what's going on in that li'l brain of hers as her cognitive assessment is too scattered. so hopefully by the end of the year we will have some clarification as to whether or not she has an ASD!

now onto other matters and that of the scrappin' sort...............yes i have scrapped. i love being on a ct again as it has brought me out of the dull drums a little and allowing me to make some time for myself and i am enjoying every moment i get to be creative " according to chris's style"! now these lo's are mostly using goodies from edeline marta designs which you can find here and here


now i have done another but it's not posted to galleries yet which is fine because it'll give me something to blog about in the next day or 2. oh and for all of you shopping up big for DSD (digital scrapbooking day), i hope you celebrate it well and enjoy every moment of it. i won't be joining you this year as my priorities have to be elsewhere when it comes to the kids medical needs and putting food in their bellies but you know what?...........there's always next year and that's just fine with me! take care and till next time.........ciao xoxo