Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, 7 January 2008

Happy New Year One and All!

Although somewhat late because we Turnbulls have been away I what like to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy New Year and I hope that 2008 is a year full of all things good and pure in your lives (as well as mine). 2007 was certainly a very challenging and difficult year for so many which includes me and my family. With a new and fresh start comes new and amazing things and I just have to share some awesome news. DD Grace went for a job interview at Pinky's Pizza on Friday and today she received the phone call saying she got the job. Tim and I are so proud of her and so excited although I am sure she is feeling a little overwhelmed. They were advertising for junior staff and she popped her resume in and as they say....the rest is history. Awesome start to the year already. She was given her shirt, hat and apron today and starter pack and then tomorrow we need to buy her black shoes and pants and uniform is taken care of for now until the winter when she will also receive the windcheater. She starts tomorrow at 5:30 pm and then Thursday and Saturday this week for training. Great thing is it's after school/weekend work which is awesome cause now she will have a little of her own pocket money and save for the things she wants. So that's that news and totally awesome hey??!!

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You wanna see my latest layouts.....silly question too ask of course you do so without further ado here they are.



Enjoy and with that I bid you goodnight and sweet dreams.

Till next blogging take care and stay safe.

Hugs Chris xoxoxox