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Friday, 27 February 2009

Building Site Progress #3

Ok so I'm a little slow with updating the progress on the unit for Lance. But lookie up there with that sign they have attached to the area (which is most of our huge backyard) we are actually not allowed on our own site yep all part of that policy we have signed.....and we certainly can't get into the unit itself either as it's locked and remains that way until hand over day but I have managed to take some more photos albeit from a distance.

You can just make out to the left of the unit the brand new hot water service they popped in on Tuesday and of course all the plumbing and electrical work for water, sewerage, electricity and gas has now all been connected with everything in including the downpipes and storm water pipes under the ground.

So that's it....this is how far they have got, roof is fully done now, pall the connections, plumbing etc and now we are just waiting on a small amount of plumbing work that needs to be finished and the painters, decorators and carpet layers need to work their magic.

We had an inspector out last night just wanting to see the progress of the site and he was happy as there has been alot of pressure on the builders to get our unit done so they can then concentrate on the units from the same department for those that lost everything in the recent bush fires in particular those down at Kinglake and Marysville where they are putting up new ones.

Anyway out of here for now because it's time I got ready for the day. I'm off to see my nan who is in a nursing home as many of you know. I try to keep to routine now and visit every Tuesday and Friday, of course that alters if an emergency comes up here at home or their at the nursing home but I still manage at least twice a week. If she didn't have Tim and I and the kids visit she would have no-one....very sad indeed I tell ya!

Till next bloggin' take care and stay safe and enjoy the weekend, hugs Chris xoxo

Monday, 23 February 2009

I scrapped....wanna see?

Woohoo I can't believe I scrapped. Mind you I didn't just finish this LO, I kinda finished about a week ago or more and haven't had a chance to pop it in a gallery or on my blog. Today is a catch up day and boy have I been doing that all day, phone calls, emails, blog hopping and now finally uploading my latest LO. So here ya go and I hope you enjoy my latest creation. Till next bloggin' as always stay safe and take care, hugs Chris xoxo

Friday, 20 February 2009

Building Site Progress #2

I do apologise for not getting here yesterday to give you updates from the work finished Wednesday afternoon but better late then never....isn't that what they Ok so as you can see the veranda to the front entrance is done and the roof is going ahead....just to update the roof is fully finished, builders did that yeterday and I will take a pic of that tonight.
Ok lookie up there that's Lance's loungeroom, the heater goes in today I think and the entire unit is being painted - next week but so far this is it.....only much tidier now cause the builders have left and taken their goodies and rubbish with them.
This is Lance's kitchen although to the right ......>of the photo is another wall of cupboards and a food pantry. I am so so jealous because he actually has more cupboards in his kitchen then me.....hahaha. Too the left < the place for a fridge and freezer. The lower cupboards in the corner will house his gas oven and stove.
Yep he has a bathroom/laundry and a bedroom as well and I might just put them on later today. But for now that's it. So the updated news is the unit is actually finished in relation to the builders. We have the plumbers and the electrician in now finishing off their work and we were told the painters and carpet layers are in next week. Not bad for one weeks work hey not bad at all!

Ok well that's it for today's posting. Oh but I have forgotten one thing.....more good news Lance was referred to Department of Human Services (DHS)- Disability Services (DS) in relation to looking at long term help and support a few weeks ago. If you remember with the unit we were approved by the Department of Human Services - Disability Services - Movable Units a couple of weeks ago and of course Lance's unit is almost complete. Lance's referrals have been approved and he will start to receive long term support, care and help through a few different areas within DHS - DS which is all starting to come through for us now and that still includes Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services(CAMHS) and Carer's Support Services (CSS), which unfortunately are only short term and once Lance turns 18 in September CAMHS can no longer help us. So with everything else going so well it should hopefully be a fairly smooth transition for Lance from children's services to adult. Now we just have to pray that we get the right case manager in the dept because that is going to make all the difference to Lance and the appropriate help he will constantly need.

So I'll leave you with that news oh and before I forget DHS - DS are also now aware of Maddison and his autistic diagnosis so we have started on the right path there as well. Ok so now I'm really done......yep time to sign off for the day and wish you all a wonderful weekend as we enter into that time zone now. Here down under it's already Friday and it's another busy day for me....but then when isn't it. Until next time stay safe and take care, hugs Chris xoxo

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Building Site Progress

Would you believe this is only 2 days work. I snapped these pics last night after the building contractors went home to show you all. I wanted to take photo's each day to show everyone the progress on a day by day basis but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. OK so imagine Monday morning the unit site was empty....OK imagined? Good! Then imagine at the end of the day they had dug the holes, popped the stumps in and laid the base - where you can see the pine boards and no walls or anything.

OK Tuesday which was yesterday we have walls, rooms and windows so you can actually see the unit start to have character. Last night the plumbers were in as well and they will be back on Thursday to finish their work. Today I imagine the rest of the unit inside and a roof will progress rather well and with the electrician here too things are moving nice and quick.....and it's only 8:30am Wednesday morning.

Not bad hey for something I didn't even expect to have started for a couple of months and they reckoned that this would take 3/4 weeks.....hummmmmm I dunno about that at all maybe less the way they are going. OK will take piccies tonight with the long as I can sneak in on the site when he builders are, shhhhhhhh, I won't tell if you don't! OK till tomorrow take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris xoxo

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Our home is a building site!

Ok so I haven't had anytime to take photos and by the end of the day my head hurts and I've had enough but our backyard has become a building site. Yep the building contractors started at 7:30 yesterday morning on Lance's movable unit. I had hoped that I could take a day by day photo of the progress but as it turns's not happening.

Not because I can't access the or anything like that but simply because Lance's anxieties have increased badly again and we are dealing with a kid who is not coping in any sense of the word yet again. My worst fears unfolding right before me. He doesn't want to go out, he doesn't want his support worker, he doesn't want to see his case manager, he doesn't know what to do with himself and his obsessions are once again becoming out of control although they are never fully in control.....that's why they call them obsessions and he is displaying some fairly difficult behaviours as a result.

Another day of worry and my own anxieties, another day of rearranging my schedule and making alternative arrangements while I sit by the phone waiting to hear back from those I have had to ring in regards to Lance.

Ok well I have to say I've been, yep I am in obsessed by all things Twilight. The girls and I went to see the movie over the xmas break and man we waited to the last day it was viewing to see it which in itself isn't so bad except I could go see it again and again and again. I can't wait till it comes out on DVD here in Australia and yes we have to wait longer then the US which sometimes I think is a real drag.

I started reading the books and just can't seem to get enough. Twilight was finished in 2 days and then I started on New Moon and finished that in 2 days and now I've started reading Eclipse. My DD Steps has just about finished the 4th book Breaking Dawn and she has been dying to tell me what the story is all about but she won't because now I'm reading she doesn't won't to be a spoiler. There is a 5th book - Midnight Sun although Stephenie Meyer has not finished it but my Steps has been able to locate the 1st 12 chapters and save them so we can read them when we have finished the series. I think when your world becomes as hectic and chaotic as mine, escaping into a fantasy world one of pure imagination and adrenalin helps to keep my mind from going insane and allows me to take some much needed time out from the world around me which at the moment feels far too overwhelming and olut of control.

Well I think that will do for today...short and sweet and BTW I have completed a LO, just need to do the credits, throw it in the galleries and pop it on my blog. Maybe next time I blog I'll have it sorted and until then take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris xoxo

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Victorian Bush Fire Appeal!

In times of tragedy we stand together united as one. Since Saturday Victoria has been in a state of crisis with bushfires ravaging so much of our beautiful countryside, unleashing it's fury on so many, destroying everything in it's path and tragically taking so many lives. At the time of this post 181 are confirmed dead with at least 50 more still missing, 900 homes destroyed and 7000 people have registered for assistance with the Red Cross.

Many appeals have been set up and at least $45 million has been raised. Donations of all things neccessary are in place including blood donations and once again Australians dig deep giving so much to help those affected by this tragedy.

Our family has already donated money to the Red Cross 2009 Bushfire Appeal and I know that The Salvation Army is able to take international donations as well. There are many other fundraisers happening both on the local scene and further afield and Coles is donating profits from their store’s sales this Friday so I plan to shop there this week myself. You can also check on the ABC radio Melbourne’s website for good up to date lists, contact numbers and info on how and where you can help.

Please if you can help....dig deep as so many of us already have! Hugs Chris xoxo

Monday, 9 February 2009

What a tragic weekend.

My heart and my prayers go out to each and everyone devastated by this weekends fires with a number of them still burning, some contained and some still out of control. My heart has been touched just like so many and although it has not affected me personally we know only all too well we are fortunate to still have our home and our loved ones.

Bendigo has suffered badly. Many homes have been lost and people are still counting the costs of the impact our own fires have had on them and we have had 2 confirmed dead. Personally while I focused on the fires in Melbourne and Gippsland what started to unfold here in Bendigo in the early afternoon is almost unbelievable. The fires that roared through the suburbs not far from us tore through houses, streets and communities so quickly, no one had time to prepare themselves for what they were about to go through.

We ourselves had never experienced the mayhem of that day and we were lucky. Although the fires were not too far away, our neighbourhood although on high alert and ready to leave in an instant survived intact. Yes the guys up the road had to wet down their roof and the people around the corner survived the embers attack and quickly dealt with that before it took hold but for so many others only 3/4 minutes from us by car, lost the lot and I am ever so grateful that I have a home and my family still with me.

I am touched deeply by what has taken place, worse then Ash Wednesday and worse then the fires in 1937. We have lost so many and although I am sure the figure has risen last news I listened too confirmed 108 Victorians had died and none of them should have. The reality that some of these fires may have been purposely lit is just unthinkable, unimaginable and tragic.

To all of you who read my blog or happen upon it while surfing the net please keep us all in your prayers, this is Victoria's worst ever fires and it's not over yet.

Onto some more positive news and somewhat exciting. In my last post I mentioned how Lance was getting a movable unit in the backyard and the building contractors were coming out today to inspect etc....well they've been and guess what.....they start Monday. I cannot believe that Lance's unit is happening along so quickly. As they are movable units ours is coming from Reservoir in Melbourne and once they start Monday they say it should take only 3 weeks, 4 at the very most for it to be finished and Lance can move in. Once erected they paint it, put in new covers both floor and window, new heater, new hot water service, new lino/tiles and I am sooooooo excited. Lance is sooooo excited and he's already wanting to go shopping for some!

And until next bloggin' stay safe and take care out there and if there is ever a time to really put this into is it. Hugs Chris xoxo

Friday, 6 February 2009

Incredibly exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..sorry couldn't stop at

Awesome photos don't ya think? This is our 17 yr old son Lance and yes he loves the emo style...suits him anyway and I love both these photos of him. A little editing in PSCS2 and the use of Totally Rad's Black and White Photo Action...I love these actions is the result of the above piccies. can't wait to find the perfect kit to scrap the perfect LO or 2 and I have some more pics too. If there is a kit out there that totally rocks designers let me know.

We have recieved some really exciting news today but before I tell you that let me take you back 2 weeks. As both boys are autistic and living in a fairly smallish home with the need for both boys to share a bedroom we were encouraged to apply to the Department of Human Services - Disability Services - Movable Units. Our son already fits the criteria because of his disabilites and we had a few of the team working with us look into it for us.

Paper work was sent, filled out, sent back, more sent, more filled out and sent back and then we received a letter on Tuesday to say we had been approved. As if that was not exciting enough today we had a phone call from the building contracter to say they had a unit ready and available for Lance already and they would be out on Monday to start planning for the permits needed (they do all that), council regulations and paperwork (they do all that) of course we just sign on the dotted lines but DHS do the lot and that includes putting the unit on the site and connecting the utilities and they do all that.

The incredible positive impact this will have on the entire family will be huge. More doors will open for Lance with support workers helping him do whatever is necessary, shopping etc etc and the fact that he will just be in the backyard in his own unit that comes complete with bedroom, loungeroom, kitchen, laundry, bathroom and the all important loo.

Teaching him to become as independant as possible is something that will take a very long time and there will always be things he won't be able to do but this is just one huge step towards someone who is autistic and someone who needs lots of help and we are finally getting it.

I cannot express in words the excitement and what this really means to the family. The fact that both boys can have their very own space and have their very own stuff properly in place will be incredible. Lance hates toys (ok I know he is 17) but because of this Maddi's huge collections of things sit in the shed and he can't have them in his room.....that will change and they won't have to share because that does not come easy to either of them....another autistic trait they both have and a very strong one at that too. Oh I can't wait and I hope you can join in our excitement for what this fully means to us.

God certainly does perform miracles and I cannot thank my God enough for this one.
Ok till next blogging please take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris xoxo

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ooooh what a challenge!

Wow can't believe I am actually blogging again so soon but Ann-Marie asked me to play along so I will. The challenge is to go to my photo's folder grab the 6th photo and post it here. Now I have lots of photo folders.....doesn't every scrapper and I'm thinking which one.....which one.... but like Ann-Marie I have decided to grab one from a folder I have named latest 09....yep some of my more recent photos and this is it, totally oh so cute and adorable.

Please welcome our newest addition to the family....Little Puss! Yes he is a male and he actually belongs to DD Grace. She brought him home in November and he's about 4/5 months old now and just the cutest thing you ever did see. Talk about cheeky though oh boy this cat has it all. Cattitude and catrisma and the things he gets up to are just too darn cute to fully tell him off. Of course Tim and I are proud kitty grandparents now and in absolutely every sense of the word because we generally do most of the looking after....go!!!

Ok so now that I've taken the challenge and posted the 6th photo from my Photo Folder it's your turn.....hummmm who shall I pick let me see. Ok Jane first up I pick you. Then I think it should be Jo, then I'll choose Kelley who is a fab paper scrapper. Of course next is Sharon over here and last but certainly not least is the very talented Amy H from A5D. I hope you can join in and thanks Ann-Marie for the challenge...super easy!

Ok until next time take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris xoxo

Almost Back to School!

Yep that's right my kids are getting ready to go back to school Monday 2nd of Feb. I cannot believe how quick these Christmas holidays have come and gone and now it's a new year with new teachers and new aims and goals to achieve. My kids are certainly growing up and each year I feel seems to fly by just that little bit quicker then the last one.

So what's happening round the Turnbull place? Well as already mentioned kids are back to school tomorrow and so one more sleep in before early morning chaos is upon us 5 days a week.

The next piece of news I have for you is about our son Maddison, he is our youngest child and is 13. He was diagnosed 3 months ago with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) but on the 22nd January he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. More assessments to be done, a 6-12 month waiting list for most of them and no real help until they have been done. Another difficult diagnosis to deal with. Maddison is also visually impaired and was diagnosed with Best's Vitelliform Dystrophy when he was 3. A genetic, progressive non curable macular degeneration which effects the central vision which results in the central vision going blind, his sister Stephanie has it and so does Tim. I could go onto why he has a late diagnosis as well but for now I'll leave it and come back with that for another time.

This year was meant to be a better year and although our son Lance is doing ok for now it is so full on and now with both boys and their dual diagnoses and everything else I still deal with.......I feel I need a holiday from the holidays.

Summer.....I so dislike summer and all the heat it brings with this season. We have been in the worst heat wave this country has experienced for 100 years and boy is it hot. No relief in sight a weeks worth of over 40 degrees celcius and we drop down to 39 tomorrow. I don't think I've ever sweated or drank so much in these last few days. Anything to stay hydrated, cool and dry and with little success as well. There's a cool breeze blowing tonight as the temps have dropped nicely so hoping it will be a good night sleep.

And upon that word sleep...that's where I am headed....yep off to bed and then to sleep. Till next bloggin' take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris xoxo