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Friday, 20 February 2009

Building Site Progress #2

I do apologise for not getting here yesterday to give you updates from the work finished Wednesday afternoon but better late then never....isn't that what they Ok so as you can see the veranda to the front entrance is done and the roof is going ahead....just to update the roof is fully finished, builders did that yeterday and I will take a pic of that tonight.
Ok lookie up there that's Lance's loungeroom, the heater goes in today I think and the entire unit is being painted - next week but so far this is it.....only much tidier now cause the builders have left and taken their goodies and rubbish with them.
This is Lance's kitchen although to the right ......>of the photo is another wall of cupboards and a food pantry. I am so so jealous because he actually has more cupboards in his kitchen then me.....hahaha. Too the left < the place for a fridge and freezer. The lower cupboards in the corner will house his gas oven and stove.
Yep he has a bathroom/laundry and a bedroom as well and I might just put them on later today. But for now that's it. So the updated news is the unit is actually finished in relation to the builders. We have the plumbers and the electrician in now finishing off their work and we were told the painters and carpet layers are in next week. Not bad for one weeks work hey not bad at all!

Ok well that's it for today's posting. Oh but I have forgotten one thing.....more good news Lance was referred to Department of Human Services (DHS)- Disability Services (DS) in relation to looking at long term help and support a few weeks ago. If you remember with the unit we were approved by the Department of Human Services - Disability Services - Movable Units a couple of weeks ago and of course Lance's unit is almost complete. Lance's referrals have been approved and he will start to receive long term support, care and help through a few different areas within DHS - DS which is all starting to come through for us now and that still includes Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services(CAMHS) and Carer's Support Services (CSS), which unfortunately are only short term and once Lance turns 18 in September CAMHS can no longer help us. So with everything else going so well it should hopefully be a fairly smooth transition for Lance from children's services to adult. Now we just have to pray that we get the right case manager in the dept because that is going to make all the difference to Lance and the appropriate help he will constantly need.

So I'll leave you with that news oh and before I forget DHS - DS are also now aware of Maddison and his autistic diagnosis so we have started on the right path there as well. Ok so now I'm really done......yep time to sign off for the day and wish you all a wonderful weekend as we enter into that time zone now. Here down under it's already Friday and it's another busy day for me....but then when isn't it. Until next time stay safe and take care, hugs Chris xoxo

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Ann-Marie said...

OMGosh I cannot believe how quickly they are getting this done! It's awesome!! Hope u r having a good w/end!!