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Friday, 27 February 2009

Building Site Progress #3

Ok so I'm a little slow with updating the progress on the unit for Lance. But lookie up there with that sign they have attached to the area (which is most of our huge backyard) we are actually not allowed on our own site yep all part of that policy we have signed.....and we certainly can't get into the unit itself either as it's locked and remains that way until hand over day but I have managed to take some more photos albeit from a distance.

You can just make out to the left of the unit the brand new hot water service they popped in on Tuesday and of course all the plumbing and electrical work for water, sewerage, electricity and gas has now all been connected with everything in including the downpipes and storm water pipes under the ground.

So that's it....this is how far they have got, roof is fully done now, pall the connections, plumbing etc and now we are just waiting on a small amount of plumbing work that needs to be finished and the painters, decorators and carpet layers need to work their magic.

We had an inspector out last night just wanting to see the progress of the site and he was happy as there has been alot of pressure on the builders to get our unit done so they can then concentrate on the units from the same department for those that lost everything in the recent bush fires in particular those down at Kinglake and Marysville where they are putting up new ones.

Anyway out of here for now because it's time I got ready for the day. I'm off to see my nan who is in a nursing home as many of you know. I try to keep to routine now and visit every Tuesday and Friday, of course that alters if an emergency comes up here at home or their at the nursing home but I still manage at least twice a week. If she didn't have Tim and I and the kids visit she would have no-one....very sad indeed I tell ya!

Till next bloggin' take care and stay safe and enjoy the weekend, hugs Chris xoxo


Ann-Marie said...

Ooh it's getting there isn't it? Won't be too long. Don't ya hate that they pretty much lock you right out till they hand over the keys?? I hope you had an enjoyable visit with your nan and that u made her day by visiting. I am sure u did.

Brook said...

I"m glad that the building is coming along. I know that he will be very happy when he can move into a place made just for him.

Julie said...

Hi Chris,
I just wanted to say I like your blog, and thankyou for visiting mine and for the wonderful compliment on my first ever digi LOL. Im enjoying learning this. I am finally putting some more work up, about time hey.
Take care,