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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Our home is a building site!

Ok so I haven't had anytime to take photos and by the end of the day my head hurts and I've had enough but our backyard has become a building site. Yep the building contractors started at 7:30 yesterday morning on Lance's movable unit. I had hoped that I could take a day by day photo of the progress but as it turns's not happening.

Not because I can't access the or anything like that but simply because Lance's anxieties have increased badly again and we are dealing with a kid who is not coping in any sense of the word yet again. My worst fears unfolding right before me. He doesn't want to go out, he doesn't want his support worker, he doesn't want to see his case manager, he doesn't know what to do with himself and his obsessions are once again becoming out of control although they are never fully in control.....that's why they call them obsessions and he is displaying some fairly difficult behaviours as a result.

Another day of worry and my own anxieties, another day of rearranging my schedule and making alternative arrangements while I sit by the phone waiting to hear back from those I have had to ring in regards to Lance.

Ok well I have to say I've been, yep I am in obsessed by all things Twilight. The girls and I went to see the movie over the xmas break and man we waited to the last day it was viewing to see it which in itself isn't so bad except I could go see it again and again and again. I can't wait till it comes out on DVD here in Australia and yes we have to wait longer then the US which sometimes I think is a real drag.

I started reading the books and just can't seem to get enough. Twilight was finished in 2 days and then I started on New Moon and finished that in 2 days and now I've started reading Eclipse. My DD Steps has just about finished the 4th book Breaking Dawn and she has been dying to tell me what the story is all about but she won't because now I'm reading she doesn't won't to be a spoiler. There is a 5th book - Midnight Sun although Stephenie Meyer has not finished it but my Steps has been able to locate the 1st 12 chapters and save them so we can read them when we have finished the series. I think when your world becomes as hectic and chaotic as mine, escaping into a fantasy world one of pure imagination and adrenalin helps to keep my mind from going insane and allows me to take some much needed time out from the world around me which at the moment feels far too overwhelming and olut of control.

Well I think that will do for today...short and sweet and BTW I have completed a LO, just need to do the credits, throw it in the galleries and pop it on my blog. Maybe next time I blog I'll have it sorted and until then take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris xoxo

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Ann-Marie said...

ooh you been bitten by Twilight too!!! It's brilliant isn't it?! I LOVED it .. I have my reservations about the film though it was not up to par with the book for me but mmn yeah! I love twilight. When you have finished let me know and I will get you hooked on another series lol!! It's apparantly better than twilight ... I haven't strated reading them yet because I have to finish my library book first haha.
Shame about Lance - I hope he find some inner calm. This must be such a strain for all of you, especially with the unit being built now .. sending positive vibes chicky :)