Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Wow the days go by fast!

Yes they sure do and before ya know it ya haven't blogged....and I'm talking to me about me....rofl. Oh I think I'm going crazy but the good news is...I'm not going crazy of course unless you ask my family and they'll tell you I've always been like it anyway and of course those web buddies I call awesome will know I'm a little (ok alot) insane or crazy or even Ok so what's new in my neck of the woods. There is so much to tell you but I won't bore you with the facts.

News with Lance is we really have no news although we expected to get some on Wednesday but the process is so complex so we have to wait for the team who are dealing with Lance to discuss his case in full with one another and that takes place on the 20th of this month and then we go back to see his case manager on the 27th and with all fingers crossed find something out. Although that is a bit of a set back for the family we need to wait till it's all official. It has been a very long and drawn out process for our family and far from easy bit still we wait.

Tim is travelling much better then he has in a long time. Yes it has been a rough journey for sure and it's still only early days but the good thing is we are moving very slowly but very much forward one tiny step at a time. There is still a long way to go but bit by bit and with God's strength we manage to get through. I want to say a huge thankyou to all my friends that have helped me get through this really rough patch because without any of you I would have gone crazy a long time ago and without your love, emails, text messages, phone calls, precious gifts, understanding, putting up with me, prayers, love and well wishes not only myself but my family would have not have managed at all. You all know who you are and so I wish to say thankyou to each and everyone of you who in some way have touched my heart and my soul with your friendship and support. xoxo

They say that when we scrap we do it for so many reasons...I have lots! I scrap because I love to be as creative as I can be, because it allows me to use that creativity to preserve precious memories and moments kept alive in a photo with a unique and awesome story behind each and everyone of them. I scrap because it is my "me" time and with my days as hectic mentally and physically and extremely demanding as they are, it is something I truly treasure. I scrap to allow my mindset to remain calm in the midst of turmoil and crisis. For whatever reasons I or you may scrap do it because you love to, not because it's a chore!
Ok so for today these are my latest LO's, yep I have more but haven't uploaded them to my galleries yet so they'll wait for another day.....I'm a tease I know!!! Ok both LO's are PBP CT ones and this 1st one received DST weekend gallery standouts today so I was wrapped....thanks Amanda you made my day. Pop on over and check it out, just follow the DST link and scroll down to #17 and voila!



Oki doki well so not too bore you too much I'll leave my blogging for today there and hopefully come back tomorrow with some more news! Until then take care, stay safe and I would dearly love it if you read my blog then leave some loving by saying hi! Hugs Chris xoxo

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I must be sick!

ROFL.......cause I am blogging two days in a row. See told ya that when I can I will but when I can't I don't.......clear as mud??? Thought so! Ok remember in my last post....yes that was just yesterday I mentioned I had some exciting news, well at least for me anyone and in fact I have 2 lots of exciting news first all know Tara Dunstan and her fantastic designs (and if you're not familiar with her digi goodies then you'd better get on over and check her stuff out) well of course she not only sells at Pickleberrypop but she now has her own store....Tara Dunstan Designs and of course with a new store of her own, comes a brand new forum and brand new gallery and creative team blog and of course she can't do it all on her little lonesome ownsome so for some time now well in fact ever since I have been CTing for her I have also played an important role in the admin side of things and yep I am part of the TDD admin team......yay see I told you it was exciting news well at least for me. So if you want somewhere else you'd like to call home then why not register at Tara's forums and if you love her goodies so much and use them in your LO's head on over and pop them in the gallery as well. Don't forget the challenges and awesome extra's you will find from time to time on the Creative Team Blog, oh and while I'm at it why not subscribe to her newsletter because she delivers the most awesome freebies and I mean awesome. Full kits to be precise most of the time and the odd freebie on her very own blog.

All the links are above so go on pop on over and do what ya have to......well get moving what ya waiting

Ok my next exciting little bit of news is yesterday I took the plunge and registered over at Nuts4Digi......yes I had been invited forever by Fiona and yes I felt I did not have the time to be a part of another forum but the great thing about this one is it is also an aussie site and you gotta be proud of that....being an aussie and all. Anyway I am still in the middle of getting my gallery sorted out and topped up over there but I already got LOTW with this LO Genuine Article already posted here on my blog not too many posts ago. I can't believe it so I am now the proud owner of a new blinkie I am sporting in some of my siggies about the place. You can find this LO in my gallery over at N4D here.


Ok well that'll do for today I it's enough anyway so enjoy the post and till next time take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris xoxo

Monday, 2 June 2008

Oooh am I slack or what!!!!

My latest layouts for you to enjoy! The first 2 G and Autumn Days are Tara Dunstan CT LO's, the next 2 Love Imagine Dream and Unlock Your Mind are PBP CT LO's and the last one My Wish For You is a "me" LO! But don't stop there read the blog post too.....rofl!!!!!

You know I reckon the title of this post (or something similar) must be one of the most used in all time because I also figured that no matter how good you try to be at blogging and keeping up to date......the best laid plans don't always go down so well.

Anyway I wanted to say that I have been slack because I have been sooooo busy even my poor brain (well what's left of it) is full and worn out. But things are getting better here in a slow but sure way. Tim is improving although still has a ways to go he is very slowly but surely getting there and Lance had the last of his assessements on Thursday and now we wait for them to gather all the info and hopefully with all fingers crossed give us an official diagnosis Wednesday week. It's been a long time and we so deserve one and so does poor Lance.

Ok I have some exciting news but not sharing that with you just yet......rofl ain't I a

Just a quick post tonight to tell you I'm still in the land of the living and hopefully will come back with the exciting news when I get round to my next posting.

Take care guys and hugs Chris xoxo