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Friday, 31 August 2007

Spring is heading downunder!

Don't ya just lurve spring???!!! Hummmmm oh I do and it's one of my fave seasons of the year and even though spring is not here officially till the 1st of September it sure has hit our shores here downunder...well at least where I am living. Our temps are rising nicely but the worse thing is that winter is still not officially over until the 1st of September and that also means we are in for a very hot, dry, humid and horrible summer and an early one at that too. Summer is not my fave season as I don't cope with the heat but alas it is on it's way and I am not looking forward to it but bring on Spring and those yummy toasty warm days.

Yes I managed to finish the kit that I have been working on for a bit and it finally has a name and a home over at Pickleberrypop. Spring Break is now available over in the POP SHOP and the paper pack and element pack are only $3 (AU) each. So go on over and grab yourself a bargain.

Spring Break Element Pack
The weekend is upon us here and we are just going to sit back and take it easy as Monday Tim and I need to get Lance down to RCH by 8am for an angiogram. Thats' going to be fun as it takes roughly 2 hours to get there so a very early morning indeed. It's an overnight stay so Tim will travel home again (taking Grace with us and Steps and Maddi will be looked after) while I stay down with Lance and then he and Grace will travel back down on Tuesday morning to pick us up when Lance is discharged from hospital. It will be interesting if they find something. We have already been down once this week as it was arranged for Lance to be admitted to RCH as he was pretty sick last week and when we got there they decided not too even though he was having a fairly bad attack, the nurse had the resusitation kit there and he had to be monitored all the time as his BP dropped to 44 and pretty much remained that way for the entire time we were there and as that was the most unpleasant experience for us, I am not even going to go into full detail about it......that's how awful it was for us and his cardiologist up here was quite shocked with it all too.

Wanna see what new toy Lance has.....check this out.....not bad hey...pity it didn't come with a lifetime of ear plugs......hehehe anyway he has been after a new kit for sometime so this is his birthday present and his xmas present all rolled into one. One of the best drum kits you can get....German made, fantastically engineered and his pride and joy so some big $$$$ went out for that but a fabulous and great kit to build on and add to.
So no scrapping as I just can't seem to get into the creative streak at the moment. One thing I do want to mention is over at PBP we are in for a few surprises over the next couple of weeks so head on over there and check out what is happening. PBP is having it's first birthday and we all not what that means now don't we?!

Ok well enough from me for now as I have to go pick up the car as we are getting new tyres. We were going to hold off for abit with those but with the traveling we are doing at the moment back and forth to Melbourne we though it better and safer. So there go a few more big $$$$

Until next blogging stay safe and take care.

Chris xxoo

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Just a little thankyou!

It has been a couple of weeks since I popped my latest freebie up here on my blog for all of you and therefore it has been that long since my last blog as well so it was time for an update. Thankyou so much to all of you who have downloaded the lastest freebie I hope you enjoy it. I would also like to say a very warm and heartfelt thankyou to everyone who has left comments as well and for those of you keeping Lance and us in your prayers, thoughts and hearts. It has really touched me with your kind words and knowing that you are all out there thinking of our family and in so many ways that means so much too me and you have all touched my heart. He is not doing all too well with more and more unstable angina attacks on pretty much a daily basis and as of Monday one of his heart medications has been increased. The poor kid had 4 attacks on Monday and even one on the way to his cardiologist appointment and we are so grateful that so far the tablets he has for the attacks are working. He had another 1 yesterday and some little ones today so his cardiologist has ordered a few days off to recover and stay calm and quiet and depending on how well he goes today and tomorrow he will go off to school on Friday. So today we went out for lunch just to spend some time away from home and by some new bits and pieces for him. There is sooooo much he wants to do and he can't anymore, well at least for now, that that in itself is really frustrating for him but we had a little chat today about things and I think he is dealing with it just that little bit easier.
We are still managing well considering the impact it has made but you know we take one day at a time and get through it and of course knowing God is in complete control is very comforting to us as well.
I haven't managed to do anymore scrapping but I am in the middle of a new kit. Papers are done and some of the elements and I just work on it when I can. So hopefully it will be in the PBP shop shortly.

There are a few CT LO's I need to show off from the galleries but for today I think I will leave it there and get about to doing some other things so to all of you out there that read my blog...take care, pop in and say hi and leave a little loving.

Until next blogging and hopefully it won't be as long inbetween, pop a smile on your dial and treasure all you have.

Chris xo

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Latest freebie and update.

I finally managed another freebie for all those that have been patiently Don't forget to leave a little loving and I hope you enjoy.

Download link no longer available.

Update on the home front....Lance had the rest of his tests on Monday and they finally found a problem. Under the Stress Echo Test they found that when Lance was at the peak of his exercise that the bottom of his heart literally stopped working...therefore no oxygen or blood flowing through as is meant too also means that not enough is getting to his brain. The pains he is having is literally Angina and not because he has blocked arteries but because he has a heart defect. Thankfully apart from the 2 technicians being there so was Lance's cardiologist and he saw what an attack does to Lance and what a mess the poor kid was so straight onto oxygen for awhile and still is could be until the attack subsided enough for him to get up and basically be told the bad news. Too keep it short it is very serious and we have been referred to the cardiology dept at the Royal Children's Hopsital (RCH) in Melbourne. All the info was faxed too them Monday and now we just have to be patient and wait for them to ring us and get us down there. I have no idea what this mean is reality apart from the fact that the daily pains are daily attacks of angina and sometimes he gets several in a day. The dizziness, sweating, nausea, faint headed is all due to low blood pressure as not enough is being pumped to his heart, and at the moment he really is not well. So we are in limbo just for the moment and somewhat numb and dazed by this. Anyway when I know more I will try to blog about it but in the meantime keep us in your thoughts and prayers please with what we are going through and about to undertake. I know God is looking after us and I know I gather my strength from him. As for how Lance is doing with all this.....well apart from the fact that his life has just been turned upside down he has not recovered well since the stress echo test on Monday and so is not well, is actually sleeping and he is not allowed to do any thing on the sports front whatsoever. Mentally I think we are all trying to deal with it the best way we can knowing God is with us and until we are told all the facts down at RCH then we just sit tight and pray. Oh and just for those that don't know....Lance turns 16 on the 15th of September. :)

Until next blogging....enjoy your freebie and leave a little loving.


Chris xx

Friday, 3 August 2007

Whats' new and huge congratulations.

I have a cute new co-ordinating set now available in the POP SHOP. Buds In Bloom is my latest and priced at just $3 (AU) each it's a great bargain to add to that already huge digi stash you already own.

Buds In Bloom

Paper Pack Available Here

Element Pack Available Here

I must say congratulations to a couple of gals who have just had their beautiful babies over at PBP. Beautiful picklebubbas everywhere.
The first is to one of our very own designers....Carole. So congratulations Carole, Andrew, Travis and Cooper on the birth of your beautiful baby girl and sister, Brodie Shaye born on July 23rd at 8:51am, weighing 6lbs 10oz.
And of course our very own picklemama...boss lady of congratulations Annette, James and Caleb on the birth of your beautiful baby girl and sister Holli Annette, born at 3:26 pm Friday 27/7/07 weighing 8lbs 13oz and 49.5 cms long.
So the weekend is drawing nigh and that means a little pottering about. Any plans?
Take care, stay safe and until next blogging ciao!!
Chris xx

Treasures to Scrap LOTD 1/8/07

Yes this LO was selected as LOTD 1/8/07 over at Treasures to Scrap. I registered there 2 nights ago (as part of my CT work requirements) and started putting in some of my LO's over in the gallery and the next thing I know this LO has been selected as LOTD there. I am wrapped. This is my 2nd toot recently and it may only be little toots but hey who cares I'm excited. Anyway this actual LO (no doubt already on my blog here somewhere) was originally done awhile ago as a scraplift challenge for PBP. The original LO inspiration came from Kaye Winiecki (nockosh) which you can find here. Well that's all for now just wanting to toot.

Chris xo

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Layouts Galore.

Yes wanting to show off a couple of LO's today. A few from my CT girls and 1 from little old me.
The 1st one is my CT Lo for Faer Oak using one of her latest kits Brandishly Bold.


LO created by Kittychen

Layout by scrapingal89

Layout created by Scrapastrophe

Layouts created by Di
A little update on you may be aware Monday he had an appointment with a cardiologist and he went over everything with Lance. This coming Monday Lance is back to have a Stress Echo and another ECG done. Whilst on the treadmill they monitor him exercising and when the pain starts they can see once and for all what the heart is doing and how it is reacting to the conditions. If his heart is normal through the pain then there will be nothing at all wrong with his heart and we are back to square 1 with it all following a different path. If there is something wrong they will see and can then act upon it. The cardiologist did say that the pain Lance is having sounded so much like Angina but some of the attacks are lasting too long so that puts a ? next to it all. He also thinks that the way some of the pain is that something mechanical is inflammed....chest wall etc etc but all blood tests have ruled that out as they came back clear so at this stage and until next weeks tests he is stumped and so are
Anyway another wait and see.
Today I am catching up with LO's in galleries etc etc and may start on something new in the way of designing. I am in desperate need of getting a little freebie done so guys bear with me my time is not my own at the minute and I will whip something together asap. In the meantime grab a cuppa, put your feet up and read away.
Until next blogging take care
Chris xxoo