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Wednesday, 22 February 2006

My Blog..... a work in progress!!!!

OK OK I hear ya......what you doing with this site Chris........... I am customising my blog (really having a good play with some colour and some so long as I don't mess it up) so bear with me as it is definately a work in progress and a slow one. So this is it for now and you never know what you might see over the next few weeks.....surprises even for

HDD meant to be back today YAY!!!!!

Well today is meant to be the day I am getting my HDD back and I can't wait. Already told the kids that I...yep....I....their mother, who is so far behind in all things digi is going to have the computer for a few will see how that

One can only try though can't one!!!!!!!!!

Ok ciao for now.

February 22 2006

The TIM on his 38th Birthday!!!!

Tim is not the most photogenic person I know, and I know of only one other person that just does not like to have their photo taken. LOL!!!!!! That would be me!

We had a good day and I know I know it has been a few days since I last "blogged". I happened to mention to Tim while he was next to me on his laptop checking stuff out for uni that YAY I did it I put a blinkie on a blog!!!!!.

Now you can imagine the expression on his face when I said this and I have to admit who the heck came up with these I mean blinkies and blogs yes I can understand on their own but then popping them together in the same sentence now that's where it gets kinda!

Anyway back to Tim's birthday we did have a great day and he did get some fab presents in the end oh and a nice tea and cake yep I bought cake, a chocolate mousse one and a lemon meringue . I couldn't decide between the two as they are so yummy so got both instead...hehehehehehe

It did take me awhole day to find what I was originally after for him after rushing down the street ( I also had to teach a scrapbooking class that day) in between the things I just had to get done I went to Collins Booksellers with no luck and to Dymocks with no luck and then had to fly back home and get class going and then when that was over and kids were home from school. I went up to the "market place" as we call it grabbed a couple of t-shirts and a gift voucher for him from Ed Harry.

Then into Big W to grab the card etc etc and off to the register to pay for my little (which turned out to be a rather full trolley of new pillows and sheets and doona cover etc etc) trolley full of stuff and things and whilst waiting I flicked through the catalogue and lo and behold right before my very eyes there it was the DVD collection I had been so desperately searching for in the morning. I had been trying to get him "Long Way Round" with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman a 3 DVD collection about 2 men 4 wheels and 20,000 miles. Their advernture of a lifetime. So YES!!!! I got it and then Tim got it finally for his birthday. And nope neither of us have had time to watch it would you believe but soon hopefully soon.

Anyway on a different note kids have all settled into school thank goodness and with that Lance seems to be seriously happy. He is enjoying this year so far. I am so happy he loves his subjects although he did tell me he changed to of them cause they were so boring and (can't remeber what he was doing) but now he is doing data processing and the other well can't remember that either but he loves what he is doing and so far no trouble. But I mean that..... no trouble in class, or the school ground and yes he has friends too. Now you may think course he had friends but the truth be known the last 2 years have been difficult for him and yes he had people he hung out with but to call them friends well that would be a different story. The kids he is hanging with now accept him for he is and I just hope it stays that way for him too.

A few pics taken of Lance trying to avoid his pic being taken.

LOL so these pics were taken in Rosiland Park a couple of weeks ago and thought I would throw these up just as they are for now and when I get my external HDD back I will then pop them into a photomerge and have a bit more fun with them on here. So stay tuned for that!

Onto HDD mine is still at the shop as they are having great difficulty getting a replacement casing for it they did try a week ago and replaced it but the same thing happened and now they are meant to be getting one in today and I should have it back tomorrow and then cross my fingers that it all works without any hiccups. I have so much work on it and all my digital imaging prgrams installed on it as well. So I have not been able to digi scrap for so so so long and they have so much happening at the moment.

First edition of Scrapscription.....DSH's newsletter came out on the 20th of this month YAY!!!!!! So I'll pop in a few pics from it and have a look and by the way don't forget to stop on over and have a look at DSH the link is HERE or click on the blinkie on top of my link list they have a fab mega kit for sale and all the proceeds go to the Make A Wish foundation. Here is a little sneak preview.

So go on pop on over to DSH and have a look and grab this awesome kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 February 2006

February 16 2006


Well would you believe it is my DH's birthday and he has just turned 38. We all wished him a happy birthday before the kids went to school and Stephanie made him breakfast in bed. Lucky duck and unless my memory fails me I don't remember being spoilt when it's my

Toast and chocolate milk is what he got and he ate it too. She is such a sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway so today's plans are for me to shop a little this morning if I ever get off this computer and go get a pressie for nothing like leaving that till the last minute and I did plan to get it yesterday (cause I know what I am getting him you see) but he kinda was with me everywhere when we went done the street so couldn't do

Then off to the cake shop to buy a cake....nope I don't bake them anymore not for years I buy yummy ones instead.

Now this arvo is out as I have a couple of girls coming round for a scrapbook lesson they have been coming for a couple of weeks now and book in again same day same time so that's good and they love coming and what they are learning so even better.

Then of course Grace has volleyball tonight and her first game for the season. She said a couple of weeks ago she wanted to do it and I thought it was just a team from school to play at school then she brings home the sheet with all the times and is in a "real" playing "real" games with other teams in Bendigo.
Don't you just love the teenage stage for all you parents out there who have gone through it and may still be going through it. I love the fact that they kinda don't tell you everything. But anyway it will do her the world of good.

Of course there is another possibility I did know all this and just don't remember I mean sometimes I get busy and as much as the kids fill me on on everything it just goes in one ear and out the other so it is highly likely Grace did tell my everything and I just wasn't and they say kids are but I would be the first one to confess that occasionally I do have other things on my mind that do take over and anything else that needs to sqeeze past what has already taken over has no hope whatsoever.

So Tim's birthday tea may just happen very late tonight I think and that's ok too. So when some pics are taken I'll throw them on here.

Ok better go now and do what's needed to be done so ciao for now and catch you next time.

February 15 2006

Well here we are again and it is Wednesday..phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a busy day as I taught a scrapbooking class in the morning and had one last night too. It's amazing how it can kinda take it out of you cause everyone wants to pick my brain and that can be exhausting.........lololol but anyway the morning class was Matchbooks and at a hall with a number of ladies who do have a craft day every Tuesday morning 10-12 and for the next few weeks I will be showing them a few OTP (off the page) projects. This week and next week is the Matchbooks then after that it will be paint tins so I'll keep you posted on that. So that was yesterday.

Today was a running around day. Took Tim to get a few books he needs for UNI so went to 2 second hand places and couldn't get what he wanted so up to the uni book store to buy it brand new. Now his head is in that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we had morning tea down the street and went grocery shopping then back home.

I am still waiting on my external HD as I haven't heard anything yet but I do hope it is here tomorrow or early Friday as there is a Speed scrap and chat at DSH Friday night and if I don't get my HDD back I can't do it as all my digital scrapbooking stuff is on there. I have no room on my internal HD anymore. But I am getting that sorted out in about a month as well. The fellas in the PC shop who have looked after me wonderfully will get that organised for me when I get the $$$$$ for it. But it isn't so expensive anyway and I am looking at a 250GB Internal HD as well maybe even a bit bigger. All I have is a 40GB one now and it's pretty full. So then we will be set for storage for awhile I should with the internal and the external it will be 500GB's not bad hey. But digital scrapbooking takes up lots of space and I ain't getting rid of any of

For the girls on SNF who really haven't seen any of my work in the way of digital scrapbooking I will pop a few LO's in for you too look but please check out Digital Scrapbook Haven....the link on the right and check out my gallery. But just for today I will pop a few lo's in for you to check out with all the right credits as well I would hate to think that even on my blog I didn't credit the rightful designers so I will on each LO something that we must do on all digital scrapbook LO's also helps prevent piracy.

This LO is of DD Stephanie when we went to the Melbourne Aquarium recently. The photo was taken in Batman Park while we were taking a break and having a bit of fun mucking about before going home.Credits: Papers and ribbon from MaryAnn Wise's 'Summers Here' Kit at 2Peas, orange solid paper - me, inspired by the colours in the kit. Flower alpha from Holly McCaigs 'Bubble Flip' Kit at The Digi Chick.Fonts: Merced and 'Summer Fun' word art using Merced font and using the 'Chipboard Effects' by Atomic Cupcake.

This is the fountain in the main park here in Bendigo. It certainly is a feature to the park along with the cascades they restored sometime ago. I have actually used this photo on a paper scrappin LO and now as a digital LO and love it. Enjoy Credits: Heathers Dream Sage Garden Kit - Sage Marble, Lavender Floral and Lavender Marble Papers.Flowers: mine. Fonts: Lainie Day SH

I took a a close up photo of some of the Christmas Decs when the lights were on using some of the different modes on my digital camera. Love the photo so had to scrap it and here it is.....just had to "ink" the edges of course.

Credits: Papers and Elements from Vintage Santa Kit by Marcee J Duggar of The Digital Scrapbook Place. Font: Lainie Day SH

This LO was a Sketch Challenge on DSH. I love doing these challenges very inspiring.

This is a fun pic of my DD Grace on our trip earlier this year to the Melbourne Aquarium. The photo was taken in Batman Park.I adore the faces she pulls and love to capture them on camera....heheheheheheThe journaling says: "How I love the faces you pull they make my heart so happy.Credits: 'November Secrets' Mini Scrap Kit by Melany VioletteFonts: SF Jojo2 and Carolingia (BigfooT)

Ok Ok that will do you for a little plus I need to go cook dinner before we go out to church tonight so time to kinda finish up here as well.

Enjoy these for those that haven't seen them and for those that have well enjoy

Sunday, 12 February 2006

My 2 boys when Maddison was just a new born. Lance is 4!

Back To School Feb 1 2006

Ok I decided to start my own blog and I am still feeling my way with it as well. They say that practice makes progress and yep that's me in a nut shell.Well yesterday my 2 younger ones started school and today my 2 older ones started secondary college and boy what a morning.My eldest son Lance (14) has disorders and amongst those he suffers with depressive episodes and severe anxiety so today was no exception. After trying to sort himself out for a fresh start to a brand new year and in yr9 as well it somewhat didn't go so easy for him therefore me as well. But we got there in the end and he is in school lets hope he last the day and doesn't come home early.Anyway I do hope the day is a great day for him and that now that he is in yr9 he can knuckle down a little.

Well today is busy as usual oh and very peaceful too since all the kids are in school.I have been asked to go on DSH (love this site) and chat about journaling for scrapbooking. I have taught many classes on this as I am a scrapbook teacher and have been teaching for a year now here at home as well as in a LSS. So that should be exciting anyway. I'm thrilled they have asked me.Ok well I had better stop for now as I have to run a couple of errands before I am permanently glued to my seat and eyes fully focused on DSH for 2 hours between 1-3pm.Ciao for now!

My Son's first day back at school!

Phew!!!!!!What a relief Lance had a good day. What started out bad this morning turned into a great day for him so I am pleased. He enjoyed his day and enjoyed the subjects as well....even better. Didn't have any hassles with anyone or anything. So that is one day down and many more to go I just hope it all works out for him this year but it would also seem he has 2 really good home group teachers whom we spoke to yesterday with our concerns and they were great so bearing that in mind it has to be a good year for him. I know we would like to put the past 2 years behind us and move on and I know Lance in particular would like to do the same thing. Gosh it has been hard for him!My son is a long story....but by no means is it his fault and maybe one day I might just tell you all about it.

February 13 2006

Gosh what a past few days and I don't know if any of you really want to hear what has been happening but first my brand new external HDD has had nothing but problems and they are replacing the casing etc etc and doing that asap. It got so hot it would burn your hands and the switches were faulty and well anyway to cut a long story short at least it is getting sorted out but I can't do any digi scrapping cause everything is on the HDD and then to top it all off I went to update this blog of mine and I can't get into it and no matter how many emails I sent I didn't get anywhere it's like my previous blog does not exist even though it is there I cannot access it Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!so I have had to start a new one now haven't I. So for all of you who pop in and knew what I had I apologise as this wont be the same and the pics are gone and I will pop them back in when I get my HDD back as they are sitting on there.

For all of you who have commented as well sorry all is gone so just make sure you pop back in and say hi from time to time. I love it when you do that.

So once again abit of work to do here and of course to let you all know it is a new blog. I can't believe it and even when I put the right username and password in it says it doesn't exist and I thought it a bit odd as someome posted a comment on my blog and I went to reply as I do and I couldn't get into it most strange so the old is out and the new is in and that's all I can do.

They say bad luck runs in 3's now what's

So be patient and I will get this up and running in my "spare" time once again.

February 8 2006

Ok I know it has been a few days since I have updated but here goes. All the kids have settled into school and it has once again become peaceful here at home. But busy..... boy am I just doesn't seem to be enough time these days to do everything that needs to be Well we have been rearranging our home and finally have the lounge almost done and the study... well it is a study but it is going to take me weeks to go through alllllllll my scrapping stuff and put it in it's right place.

You wont believe just how much stuff I have and then again those of you addicted to scrapping as much as me maybe you would. But just to let you know I have over 3000 papers just all to my self.....I know what you are saying but it is true. On the site I am part of the design team for sometime in the last year we all did a little challenge to find out how many papers we all had and I knew I had a few like about 500+ but when I got to counting them I was a little embarrased that it was just under 3000 then and I have accumulated many more since and not just one or two but like another hundred or two and then there are the embellishments I mean what's a LO with trims hey!!!!!And now that I have started digi scrapping well my pc is jammed packed full of all those wonderful digi goodies so am I a hoarder or what.....well putting it that way I guess yep. The other way I like to put it is a complusively addictive scrapaholic..... kinda has a certain ring to it don't you think.......lolI love my digi papers and kits and trims just as much as I love the paper side of it. So my poor PC has run out of room 40 gigs just wasn't enough and I am patiently waiting on a Seagate 250 Gig external HDD that is actually in but the casing is not as they couldn't get one and then said it would be in yesterday.......still waiting.

So at this stage all my digi stuff is on CD's until I get the HDD and then it will take me awhile to transfer all my files onto it but then I will be a very very happy person as it will all be at my finger tips and no more having to sort through my 20+ CDs full of yummy digi products. Oooooohhhhh the agony of waiting. So as for digi scrapping well I have to say that at the moment I have had to slow down on it as it is a real pain having to sort through all the CD's just to get the perfect kit etc etc to go with my pics. Although they are all in order but 20 CDs is still alot to go through even for me.......Grrrrrr!!!!! and when I do put them on the pc I don't even have enough space to defragment my files etc etc so hurry up guys and ring me I need...... do you hear me...... need my HDD and it's casing!!!!!!! They just don't understand all my creativity is just wasting away at the present!!!!!

Hey guess what DS Lance wants to go on the school camp this year. Now you may think ok so!!!!! well because of his depressive nature he has opted out each year since he started Secondary College because he just couldn't cope and now he wants to go on the year9 one which is great just need to come up with the deposit as these camps are not cheap so he can go. But that is a great big step forward and I'm proud of him. xxoo

Just Be Yourself.

This is a paper LO of DS Lance.

Another LO of Lance!

My DD Grace!