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Sunday, 12 February 2006

February 13 2006

Gosh what a past few days and I don't know if any of you really want to hear what has been happening but first my brand new external HDD has had nothing but problems and they are replacing the casing etc etc and doing that asap. It got so hot it would burn your hands and the switches were faulty and well anyway to cut a long story short at least it is getting sorted out but I can't do any digi scrapping cause everything is on the HDD and then to top it all off I went to update this blog of mine and I can't get into it and no matter how many emails I sent I didn't get anywhere it's like my previous blog does not exist even though it is there I cannot access it Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!so I have had to start a new one now haven't I. So for all of you who pop in and knew what I had I apologise as this wont be the same and the pics are gone and I will pop them back in when I get my HDD back as they are sitting on there.

For all of you who have commented as well sorry all is gone so just make sure you pop back in and say hi from time to time. I love it when you do that.

So once again abit of work to do here and of course to let you all know it is a new blog. I can't believe it and even when I put the right username and password in it says it doesn't exist and I thought it a bit odd as someome posted a comment on my blog and I went to reply as I do and I couldn't get into it most strange so the old is out and the new is in and that's all I can do.

They say bad luck runs in 3's now what's

So be patient and I will get this up and running in my "spare" time once again.


Heather said...

Hi hi Chris!! Just hopping in to say hello! :)

Hopefully there isn't anymore bad luck coming your way. *fingers crossed!!*

Lis said...

Good to see you are up and running again Chris...fingers crossed also that this is the end of your bad run :)

Kelley said...

Hey Chris!!! I get to see some more of your gorgeous work now!! And another blog to read!!! I am glad though cause i can keep up with whats happening with you here aswell!! Love ya!!

Chris said...

Hi girls and thanks.... so far so good with the new blog and still a wrok in progress but happening.


Kellie Carroll said...

Glad to see I can leave a message now Chris!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha great to be able to see more of your stuff.


Chris said...

Yep Kell so post away chooki!!!!!

Kellie said...

Hey Chris can you tell me what SPARE TIME IS especially for you!!!!!!!!!!LOL