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Wednesday, 15 February 2006

February 15 2006

Well here we are again and it is Wednesday..phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a busy day as I taught a scrapbooking class in the morning and had one last night too. It's amazing how it can kinda take it out of you cause everyone wants to pick my brain and that can be exhausting.........lololol but anyway the morning class was Matchbooks and at a hall with a number of ladies who do have a craft day every Tuesday morning 10-12 and for the next few weeks I will be showing them a few OTP (off the page) projects. This week and next week is the Matchbooks then after that it will be paint tins so I'll keep you posted on that. So that was yesterday.

Today was a running around day. Took Tim to get a few books he needs for UNI so went to 2 second hand places and couldn't get what he wanted so up to the uni book store to buy it brand new. Now his head is in that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we had morning tea down the street and went grocery shopping then back home.

I am still waiting on my external HD as I haven't heard anything yet but I do hope it is here tomorrow or early Friday as there is a Speed scrap and chat at DSH Friday night and if I don't get my HDD back I can't do it as all my digital scrapbooking stuff is on there. I have no room on my internal HD anymore. But I am getting that sorted out in about a month as well. The fellas in the PC shop who have looked after me wonderfully will get that organised for me when I get the $$$$$ for it. But it isn't so expensive anyway and I am looking at a 250GB Internal HD as well maybe even a bit bigger. All I have is a 40GB one now and it's pretty full. So then we will be set for storage for awhile I should with the internal and the external it will be 500GB's not bad hey. But digital scrapbooking takes up lots of space and I ain't getting rid of any of

For the girls on SNF who really haven't seen any of my work in the way of digital scrapbooking I will pop a few LO's in for you too look but please check out Digital Scrapbook Haven....the link on the right and check out my gallery. But just for today I will pop a few lo's in for you to check out with all the right credits as well I would hate to think that even on my blog I didn't credit the rightful designers so I will on each LO something that we must do on all digital scrapbook LO's also helps prevent piracy.

This LO is of DD Stephanie when we went to the Melbourne Aquarium recently. The photo was taken in Batman Park while we were taking a break and having a bit of fun mucking about before going home.Credits: Papers and ribbon from MaryAnn Wise's 'Summers Here' Kit at 2Peas, orange solid paper - me, inspired by the colours in the kit. Flower alpha from Holly McCaigs 'Bubble Flip' Kit at The Digi Chick.Fonts: Merced and 'Summer Fun' word art using Merced font and using the 'Chipboard Effects' by Atomic Cupcake.

This is the fountain in the main park here in Bendigo. It certainly is a feature to the park along with the cascades they restored sometime ago. I have actually used this photo on a paper scrappin LO and now as a digital LO and love it. Enjoy Credits: Heathers Dream Sage Garden Kit - Sage Marble, Lavender Floral and Lavender Marble Papers.Flowers: mine. Fonts: Lainie Day SH

I took a a close up photo of some of the Christmas Decs when the lights were on using some of the different modes on my digital camera. Love the photo so had to scrap it and here it is.....just had to "ink" the edges of course.

Credits: Papers and Elements from Vintage Santa Kit by Marcee J Duggar of The Digital Scrapbook Place. Font: Lainie Day SH

This LO was a Sketch Challenge on DSH. I love doing these challenges very inspiring.

This is a fun pic of my DD Grace on our trip earlier this year to the Melbourne Aquarium. The photo was taken in Batman Park.I adore the faces she pulls and love to capture them on camera....heheheheheheThe journaling says: "How I love the faces you pull they make my heart so happy.Credits: 'November Secrets' Mini Scrap Kit by Melany VioletteFonts: SF Jojo2 and Carolingia (BigfooT)

Ok Ok that will do you for a little plus I need to go cook dinner before we go out to church tonight so time to kinda finish up here as well.

Enjoy these for those that haven't seen them and for those that have well enjoy


Lis said...

Some great layouts here Chris!!!!

Hope you get the HDD sorted out soon....must be very frustrating!

Chris said...

Thanks Lis yes it is but when everything is sorted out I am sure there will be no more hassles. Looking forward to that I tell you.

Heather (DSH) said...

As usual, some amazing layouts!! I especially love the Magic one. The lighting effect is just awesome in the photo!

Hope the HDD comes soon! :)