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Sunday, 12 February 2006

Back To School Feb 1 2006

Ok I decided to start my own blog and I am still feeling my way with it as well. They say that practice makes progress and yep that's me in a nut shell.Well yesterday my 2 younger ones started school and today my 2 older ones started secondary college and boy what a morning.My eldest son Lance (14) has disorders and amongst those he suffers with depressive episodes and severe anxiety so today was no exception. After trying to sort himself out for a fresh start to a brand new year and in yr9 as well it somewhat didn't go so easy for him therefore me as well. But we got there in the end and he is in school lets hope he last the day and doesn't come home early.Anyway I do hope the day is a great day for him and that now that he is in yr9 he can knuckle down a little.

Well today is busy as usual oh and very peaceful too since all the kids are in school.I have been asked to go on DSH (love this site) and chat about journaling for scrapbooking. I have taught many classes on this as I am a scrapbook teacher and have been teaching for a year now here at home as well as in a LSS. So that should be exciting anyway. I'm thrilled they have asked me.Ok well I had better stop for now as I have to run a couple of errands before I am permanently glued to my seat and eyes fully focused on DSH for 2 hours between 1-3pm.Ciao for now!

My Son's first day back at school!

Phew!!!!!!What a relief Lance had a good day. What started out bad this morning turned into a great day for him so I am pleased. He enjoyed his day and enjoyed the subjects as well....even better. Didn't have any hassles with anyone or anything. So that is one day down and many more to go I just hope it all works out for him this year but it would also seem he has 2 really good home group teachers whom we spoke to yesterday with our concerns and they were great so bearing that in mind it has to be a good year for him. I know we would like to put the past 2 years behind us and move on and I know Lance in particular would like to do the same thing. Gosh it has been hard for him!My son is a long story....but by no means is it his fault and maybe one day I might just tell you all about it.

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