Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, 11 July 2009

amazingly enough........

......the holidays have come to an end...yep it's saturday evening now and come monday kids are back at school....all mine with the exception of lance who only does an hour a week on wednesday's at the moment anyway. so how did all you mums (and dads) manage? did you enjoy them? did you manage to stay sane if not for all the time then some of the time? i surely hope so and although many of us enjoy the me, i guess in many ways we also enjoy the kids going back to school, back to some sort of normality and some sort of routine. the other great thing about them going back to school is we parents get to breathe a little sit back and recharge!

i have to admit i actually got nothing done that i wanted to these holidays. the first week i had the flu along with maddison and then after i started to get better with that, last thursday my back decided it was time to go out with another disc bulge and today is the first day i have been able to stand upright and have the muscles in my back go back to some sort of normal and not look like the hunchback of notre dame. so the roses didn't get pruned, the scrapping was barely touched...i did make a start and that was that, the rearranging and full on clean of the house did not get done and pretty much that's that and i got no where.

so life is still full on and seems to only get busier and i personally could do with a holiday. i can't believe we are in july already and that the weeks seem to fly by quicker and quicker with each passing day. we had a taste of spring 2 days ago for 2 days and it was warm and just gorgeous. today however it is pouring down with rain, not that i mind because the good lord knows we need it and plenty of it.

our car is out of action at the moment. yep decided not to start on tuesday and has remained like that since. we called the racv out on wednesday and he told us that it sounded like it was the coil etc etc so we replaced that with a new one and the distributor cap as well as some leads and tim and his dad worked on the car all day thursday and friday and now that everything is where it's meant to be....nothing! now the smartlock is playing up it won't reset no matter what we do. so the car will now need to go to an auto electrician come monday and we hope and pray they can sort it out asap for us. so rearranging appointments, cancelling some, rescheduling others and postponing a weekend away are just some of the "benefits" <.....note the sarcasm here....of not having a car and not having a 2nd car for any needed running about.

the tricky thing is getting grace to and fro work on the couple of mornings she starts at 6 am....any volunteers there? and of course getting her to school right in the centre of town straight after that. ahhh that is going to be a challenge and if anyone suggests buses....they don't run that time of the morning and she refuses to take a taxi because she does not feel safe. anyway somehow we will manage and hope and pray the car is dealt with asap and we have it back without too many more days without it.

well at the moment i have no idea what else to blog about....yeh i could blog some more but i really can't be nope i have no layouts to show just at the moment either although i recently did some for BSM but you will have to wait for those and next update i promise to throw some layouts on here from previous BSM months. well that's it for me...signing off and logging out. take care and hugs xoxo

Friday, 3 July 2009

first week......gone!

yep the holidays this time round are passing by far too quickly. the first week is almost over and i haven't done a thing it seems. mind you the weather hasn't helped seeing as it is cold wet and mostly rainy which is good just not great for being outdoors to do anything in the garden or take the kids anywhere down the street. so i hope you mums (and dads) have all enjoyed them and stayed as sane as humanly possibly.

today tim and i picked up a new hoover core 3 vacuum cleaner and also a pullman power wash carpet steam cleaner. not the sort of thing one really wants to go buy but sadly something we can't do without especially when the other vac just doesn't do anything anymore and the fact that i am tired of spending quite a bit of money yearly to have our carpets steam we can do that ourselves and seeing as tim use to clean professionally for a cleaning business upteen years ago he kinda knows what he's doing so that will be his job these days.

today lance and i also did a righteous pups session and that was cool because the pups are all back, somewhat bigger and more mischievous but beautiful just the same. lance walked a new dog today, not a new dog to righteous pups, but one to us and his name is albert a 2 yr old lab. he is just beautiful as they all are and lance also got to play, take photos and look after a few of the puppies which he just loved. this is something lance is enjoying so much and it's good to see him develop a bond/relationship not only with the pups and older dogs but with jo and kelly the 2 main managers there.

no recent scrapping has been done but i did manage a little on my canvases i am doing at the moment...yes they are taking forever but they are getting there and once done i am eager to take pics and show them off.

hummmm what else is new....nothing really except we plan to go see transformers tomorrow night. we saw the 1st one when it came out and everyone who has seen #2 say it is great and i can't wait just to go there and enjoy some time out from the everyday humdrum of our lives.

ok quick and simple tonight and until next bloggin' take care chris xoxo