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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Midweek mumblings!

Yep it's Wednesday here, it's cloudy and trying so desperately to rain. But that's a good thing when we are in the middle of one of the worst droughts on record. I just hope it pours and does something for our garden before everything completely dies. 3 out of 4 kids are home from school today as it is parent/teacher interview day but this time we have opted out as I just somehow cannot manage 3 kids and all their teachers by myself. Absolutely impossible. Every other year it has been fine as Tim has been able to see one lot of teachers while I see the other but this year he has uni on Wednesdays and we have a 3rd child in high school so we haven't been able to come up with 2 other clones of me for the day on such short notice ;). Ahhhh well can only do what you can. So Lance is down the street with mates, Grace is about to head out the door to visit mates and Stephanie, well her and I are staying home and no doubt on the PC's. Oh what fun :). It is peaceful here if anyone wishes to join in.

Ok so what's you know I had my eyes checked on Thursday.....well the good news is I'm getting glasses sometime soon as I need them for all close up work, you know reading, writing, craft, PC, and all that jazz so that should make a difference and hopefully get rid of the headaches and migraines I am having more often than not. I have had a focus problem since I was in my early 20's and as I am hitting the big 40 (shhhh) it is just getting worse and of course when I told the kids they just laughed and said I was getting old. Talk about CHEEKY and what's with the old talk anyways!!!!!!
40 is the start of good things to come...right? Isn't there a saying that goes something like "life begins at 40" and if it does then BRING IT ON I say. That also means I am only 10 years away from that IS scary! EEEKK!!!!

No new kits or designing goodies to show just yet. Although I am working on some coloured sticker doodles and hope to have them ready soon enough. I also have a few other ideas just need to find the time to get them started but with the school holidays next week and Easter close by things may just be in slow mode until the kids are back at school. They say patience is a virtue.

Latest LO for Faer Oak's CT is the one below of Stephanie and her first day at Secondary College this year. I can't believe how quick all my kids are growing up but the truth is they are and it is happening so quick.

Credits here

Well just a short blog today as I don't know what else to blog about. Oh and with the neighbours......all I can say is that there are things that make you go Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Ciao :)

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Thursday's Bits'nbobs!

Well here we are again at Thursday. Usually my most fave day of the week as it is closer to the weekend and all that jazz but also because most of the week has past. I do love my Thursdays though....hehehehe. So what's on in my little world today?! Kids are in school, Tim is studying, I'm blogging and enjoying the peace and quiet what more could a girl ask for, except to shop, which is happening a little later. Today will be busy enough as I have an optometrist appointment for myself to see how the eyes are or are not working. Funny thing is that I am quite often at the optometrist with my visually impaired children, Stephanie and Maddison and hubby Tim who all have what they call Best's Vitelliform Dystrophy. A rare genetic eye disease that allows progressive lose of central vision and the need to do things a little different as one would expect when you are dealing with permanent blind spots. Anyone want to know more, than check this site out. So anyway because I usually deal with everyone else and not myself it comes of no surprise that it has actually been quite a few years since my eyes have been checked.....oooops! So today at noon it's my turn just for the normal visual probs as I don't suffer with Best's Disease. I'll keep you all posted as to the outcome of that one.

We have new neighbours and if first impressions count for anything none of us guys in the Turnbull family are all that impressed and they have only been there for the past 2 nights. Our street has 5 homes in it and nothing at all across the road......pure bliss. It is usually a very quiet street and maybe we have just been lucky up until now but the new neighbours are noisy and very distracting. It seems though that the best time for them to make nosie and carry on and have all their outside lights on is right when the kids are trying to settle down in bed for the night. They usually go at around 9:30pm and then the noise and screaming starts.....grrrrrrrr so last night the neighbours were being very busy in the driveway which unfortunatley is on the same side as our bedrooms and so the girls could not settle until 11:30 pm when all was quiet. I am not sure how many there are yet and I suspect a much older teenage daughter, but drinking, burping, smoking, swearing (using the nasty "f" word) just doesn't quite cut it for me to listen to that for the past 2 days. They are renters and we know the owners so very very well. Time will tell and as I have already said to the kids we can't do awhole lot about it but if the noise late at night becomes an issue than a knock at their door from me...... a not so happy mum may happen. I'll let them settle in first. ;)

What's New?
Three new kits in fact and I am really happy with them. Now I can let you have a sneak peak!
First up is Summer Grunge, a full kit with 6 papers, elements, alpha, numbers and bonus symbols and all for just $6 and you can grab the kit here over at Pickleberrypop.

I love using cardboard on alot of my layouts at the moment so I decided it was time to get busy creating some cardboard elements. Cardboard Overlays and Cardboard Pieces are both available now at Pickleberrypop and are only $2.50 each. Sneaky peeky....

Includes 6 cardboard overlays. Simply pop them over your background papers.

Includes 8 assorted cardboard pieces ready to jazz up any layout!

Well time for me to say ciao as I need to get ready for the day so enjoy todays readings and I hope you enjoy my new creations and I'll catch you all next blogging. Oh and one more blog seems a little lonely so don't forget to pop on by and say hi. Every blog needs a little lovin' and don't forget you can now subscribe to make it easier. Just scroll on down and pop your name in the subscription box on the right.

Ciao Chris :)

Friday, 16 March 2007

Total ramblings about boredom and all that goes with it!

Do you ever wonder where the days go and what it is that consumes all your time? It's amazing how time passes by so quickly, my youngest son Maddi mentioned it the other this year was flying, going by so quick. I mean even the kids notice it. Do they really have time to be bored?! My reason for thinking out loud like this is that it is Friday which means tomorrow is Saturday and my kids are going to say how bored they are because they are not in school or doing anything "constructive". What happened to taking time out and a little R&R, why is it that kids these days cannot seem to occupy themselves when not in the same kinda routine as they are in school?! My kids have loads of things to consume their time with but they get so easily bored with it all. It's an amazing thought really, to stop and ponder and ask yourself what is it in this day and age that kids feel that they get so bored with when the wealth of absolutely everything is pretty much at their finger tips. And admittedly that is the answer. There is so much these days for children to play and amuse themselves with that it makes them frustrated with it all and the real important bits are lost. How many kids do you see in the street playing cricket or kicking the footy just for fun? Not where we are in fact we have several children in the block we live in but we rarely see them.
So once again tomorrow will come and I will have 4 kids say how bored they are and we will all just have to deal with it. As for me well I could always pop the old ear plugs in and ignore them all..............................................

No layouts today as I have been busy working on 2 new kits. One is called Summer Grunge and I just have to finish a couple of elements and the other is an element kit.....cardboard pieces and perhaps some extras in that not sure yet. No sneaky peekies at this time cause I haven't finished them.

I went on a little shopping spree yesterday (payday) and picked up some bargains at Target. We have been so desperate for a few things and so I shopped quite happily. Thanks Target for your 50% off sale I am one very happy customer. So what did I get you ask?! Ok here is the list.........
2 new matching dinner sets at $19.99 each instead of the normal $39.99 bargain 2 for 1. Both white square 16 piece dinner sets.
2 candle holders...very nice ones and they were reduced quite alot so grabbed then along with some smelly candles. They go perfect with our country decor!
1 pair of shoes for moi with a nice wedged heel and no back strap and only $12.87
1 towel rack that hangs over the door....another bargain reduced again.
1 Telstra 6100a Digital DECT Cordless Telephone with Answering Machine and 2 Extensions and that was reduced from $199.95 to $99.95 and with free bonus vouchers...woohoo. Been desperate for one of these as Grace drags the normal phone everynight into her room and there are cords everywhere and the back of the phone is partially falling out. So this will make it easier for all.
1 bag of Allens

I was very happy with my little lot of goodies.

Well the weekend is once more upon us and it's time for me to go do some work so have a great one and catch you all next bloggin'.

Chris :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

It's a little chilly don't ya think?

Well it is here in Bendigo that's for sure. The mornings are cold and the nights have been freezing but the days have still been hot although the last couple have only been in the mid to high 20's rather than 30 +. I am not a summer gal in fact I hate summer. I do not cope with the heat anymore and I have to admit that I am way past this summer, it has been hot dry and very very long and with very little rain around it is really terrible weather. I am more an Autumn, Spring and Winter gal. Love Autumn which we are in now for the change of the trees and garden beds and the beautiful colours nature unfolds but this year is a little different as we are in the middle of one of the worse droughts on record and everything is not changing colour beautifully but rather dying and it would take a miracle to bring back the gardens we all once had. I love Spring for it's beautiful newness in nature and love Winter cause it is simply cold. Why am I blogging about the weather you ask?! Well cause it is freezing here this morning, Autumn started and because I

So what else is new in sale ended and I am not sure yet how it fuly went but it was positive and a few things sold so thankyou to all those that grabbed a bargain and I do hope you enjoy them and happy scrapping. I am in the middle of working on another kit and I have had a request to create some more doodles so they are high up on the priority list. I am thinking about a CT call but need to look into that a little more and need to have a whole lot more confidence as well. Something that I have been turning over in my head for sometime now however I am full of hesitation for so many reasons.

I have been doing a little scrapping and love the LO's I have been doing lately. I am not a clean and simple scrapper and I love lots of elements on a page both in digi and paper format. Just the kinda gal I am. So here's the latest for you to have a looksie. ENJOY!!!

You can find all the credits to these LO's over in my Pickleberrypop gallery here.
Well that's it from me and until next blogging take care and ciao.
Chris :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

30 % OFF all my Designs!

Yep I am having a sale over at Pickleberrypop right now. 30% off all my designs through until the 11th of March (US Eastern times). So why not grab yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and browse awhile. Sale also includes my brand new collection 'Keep it Simple". Come on over and grab a bargain! See you there!

Friday, 2 March 2007

Keep it Simple Collection.... now in the shop over at Pickleberrypop so I am going to leave you with each kit preview and their link.

Grab it here

Grab it here

Grab it here

Grab it here

Grab it here

Grab it here

And last but not least the entire collection

Here is a layout created using my Berry Delight kit by the wonderfully talented Jo (Zebette). Thankyou Jo cause I love it.

Jo has also used Simple Sets 2 by ksharonk and I love how she has made it her own.

On other news my son Lance had a little accident on Wednesday night that required a rush trip to the hospital and can read all about it here. Just scroll down and the 9th post will give you the details. Anyway to all of you have a great weekend cause here in Australia it is Friday...woohoo!!