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Friday, 16 March 2007

Total ramblings about boredom and all that goes with it!

Do you ever wonder where the days go and what it is that consumes all your time? It's amazing how time passes by so quickly, my youngest son Maddi mentioned it the other this year was flying, going by so quick. I mean even the kids notice it. Do they really have time to be bored?! My reason for thinking out loud like this is that it is Friday which means tomorrow is Saturday and my kids are going to say how bored they are because they are not in school or doing anything "constructive". What happened to taking time out and a little R&R, why is it that kids these days cannot seem to occupy themselves when not in the same kinda routine as they are in school?! My kids have loads of things to consume their time with but they get so easily bored with it all. It's an amazing thought really, to stop and ponder and ask yourself what is it in this day and age that kids feel that they get so bored with when the wealth of absolutely everything is pretty much at their finger tips. And admittedly that is the answer. There is so much these days for children to play and amuse themselves with that it makes them frustrated with it all and the real important bits are lost. How many kids do you see in the street playing cricket or kicking the footy just for fun? Not where we are in fact we have several children in the block we live in but we rarely see them.
So once again tomorrow will come and I will have 4 kids say how bored they are and we will all just have to deal with it. As for me well I could always pop the old ear plugs in and ignore them all..............................................

No layouts today as I have been busy working on 2 new kits. One is called Summer Grunge and I just have to finish a couple of elements and the other is an element kit.....cardboard pieces and perhaps some extras in that not sure yet. No sneaky peekies at this time cause I haven't finished them.

I went on a little shopping spree yesterday (payday) and picked up some bargains at Target. We have been so desperate for a few things and so I shopped quite happily. Thanks Target for your 50% off sale I am one very happy customer. So what did I get you ask?! Ok here is the list.........
2 new matching dinner sets at $19.99 each instead of the normal $39.99 bargain 2 for 1. Both white square 16 piece dinner sets.
2 candle holders...very nice ones and they were reduced quite alot so grabbed then along with some smelly candles. They go perfect with our country decor!
1 pair of shoes for moi with a nice wedged heel and no back strap and only $12.87
1 towel rack that hangs over the door....another bargain reduced again.
1 Telstra 6100a Digital DECT Cordless Telephone with Answering Machine and 2 Extensions and that was reduced from $199.95 to $99.95 and with free bonus vouchers...woohoo. Been desperate for one of these as Grace drags the normal phone everynight into her room and there are cords everywhere and the back of the phone is partially falling out. So this will make it easier for all.
1 bag of Allens

I was very happy with my little lot of goodies.

Well the weekend is once more upon us and it's time for me to go do some work so have a great one and catch you all next bloggin'.

Chris :)


Angela said...

Oooo.. I picked up a bargin at Target too... a black throw rug reduced from $79 to $17!! HOw good is that lol... also a throw for Julieannes room reduced from $59 to $29, so was pretty chuffed too. Didn't see the phones though, and we could do with a new one ;)

Mel said...

Sounds like you got some great bargains Chris! Yay for you!

fazzbech said...

Hmmm, hope the kids managed to find something constructive to do and leave you alone?!

Sounds like terrific bargains you got there!