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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

It's a little chilly don't ya think?

Well it is here in Bendigo that's for sure. The mornings are cold and the nights have been freezing but the days have still been hot although the last couple have only been in the mid to high 20's rather than 30 +. I am not a summer gal in fact I hate summer. I do not cope with the heat anymore and I have to admit that I am way past this summer, it has been hot dry and very very long and with very little rain around it is really terrible weather. I am more an Autumn, Spring and Winter gal. Love Autumn which we are in now for the change of the trees and garden beds and the beautiful colours nature unfolds but this year is a little different as we are in the middle of one of the worse droughts on record and everything is not changing colour beautifully but rather dying and it would take a miracle to bring back the gardens we all once had. I love Spring for it's beautiful newness in nature and love Winter cause it is simply cold. Why am I blogging about the weather you ask?! Well cause it is freezing here this morning, Autumn started and because I

So what else is new in sale ended and I am not sure yet how it fuly went but it was positive and a few things sold so thankyou to all those that grabbed a bargain and I do hope you enjoy them and happy scrapping. I am in the middle of working on another kit and I have had a request to create some more doodles so they are high up on the priority list. I am thinking about a CT call but need to look into that a little more and need to have a whole lot more confidence as well. Something that I have been turning over in my head for sometime now however I am full of hesitation for so many reasons.

I have been doing a little scrapping and love the LO's I have been doing lately. I am not a clean and simple scrapper and I love lots of elements on a page both in digi and paper format. Just the kinda gal I am. So here's the latest for you to have a looksie. ENJOY!!!

You can find all the credits to these LO's over in my Pickleberrypop gallery here.
Well that's it from me and until next blogging take care and ciao.
Chris :)


fazzbech said...

I am LOVING this weather lately! Bring it on! LOL

Good luck with your CT call decision - if you ever need a chat, I'm happy to help (not that I have done one myself ROFL!)

Loving your recent layouts and have commented on them all I think!

Angela said...

Oh I am so not a summer girl either!! HATE the heat, and I loved tonights cool change :).

Love all the layouts too Chris, I wish that I could do the element thing but it just doesn't happen for me lol... Great to hear that the sale went well too :)