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Monday, 29 September 2008

School Holidays and all that Jazz!

Yes it's school holidays here in Bendigo and we've just started the 2nd week of them. I have to admit that apart from the kids being at home I don't feel like I'm on holidays. Everyday last week we had an appointment of some kind and if it wasn't the doctors it was the paediatricians, then another trip to the doctors then an appointment with CAMHS and that's without the phone calls and much needed things that we need to implement along with a few other government departments to get some support and help for our son Lance. Yes we have now gone into implementing a crisis plan as of last Thursday because things are critical here. As much as I want to blog more often, scrap more often and simply take time out from this world our family lives in, it isn't going to happen. How we all survive is truly a miracle and I thank God everyday for his help.

Last week I received some more bad news and yep if things couldn't get any they can. My father is in hospital seriously ill - he has just been told he has cancer. I am somewhat numb with it all myself I have to admit. One operation down things were going ok for a day or two until he took a turn for the worse and is now being feed intravenously with tubes coming out of every part of his body with what they are pumping in and what is coming out.

Until he is stable they are working out what to do as he needs to recover from this operation where they took part of the bowel and now there is another lump and so the initial thought was - operation done, home to recover then once done he would possibly start chemo, now he has taken a turn for the worse I am not sure what will happen and I don't think he will be home for some time. So apart from all that is going on here, keeping in contact with mum and helping out when I can life is hectic.

Scrapping....yes although I don't scrap as often because of different priorities now I still do manage to get some done. These LO's below were actually created some weeks ago ready for Tara to go live at her new store over at Funky Playground Designs on the 15th of this month. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances just as quickly as her shop opened there she is no longer selling at FPD or PBP. But still she has her store here @ Tara Dunstan Designs

Oh and have you checked out this new store After Five Designs cause if you haven't then you're missing out. Packed with the most awesomke designers and many of them were and still are the most amazing scrappers. Anyway go check it out for yourself oh one thing I should mention.....major drooling over the designs in the shop may just happen so be warned!
A couple of LO's with some of those gorgeous designs!


Click on the credits to find what gorgeous goodies were used and don't forget to check them out in the shop. Well that's it for today, I hope you have been inspired somewhat and I hope you enjoy my LO's. As for all those mums (and dads) out there on school holidays with their kids enjoy them and stay sane.
Till next blog post take care guys and hug a loved one. Hugs Chris xoxo

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Creative chaos and all things hectic!

Ever feel like you live on another planet? Well if you answered yes then welcome to my world!
Every day seems a whirlwind, every moment chaotic and every morning I get out of bed I surprise myself that I still am!

Today I managed to bring grown women to tears (including myself) who share a similar experience as I do......looking after a child who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Today I attended my first Autism Support Group meeting here in Bendigo and although my very intention was to sit and listen, take note in new surroundings, learn of others in similar situations, slowly pace myself, crawl before I walked, walked before I ran, I found myself to be the very opposite when they all asked me about my son Lance and our struggle in everyday life with him before diagnosis and the here and now since his diagnosis of autism some 2 months or so ago.

Just like me they were shocked to hear and learn it had taken so many years for our son Lance who mind you just turned 17 on Monday (15th) to be finally diagnosed with a lifelong neurological learning disability - Autism and that he indeed suffers with depression, severe anxiety and has learning and communication difficulties just to name a few.

Today I felt that I was able to sit, share and talk with all these other amazing and incredible mums who not only know exactly what it means to have a child on the autism spectrum but the difficulties and complexity of such a diagnosis, the impact it has on everyday life for not only the child but the family as well. Life will never be normal for the Turnbull family.

So ok it's been a while since my last blog but life has been somewhat hectic, oh and that in itself is an understatement. Since my last blog posting on the 2nd Lance had an EEG to check out some sort of seizures he has been having. Hopefully we find out the results of that next Monday. Tim and I with Lance were asked to go in to CAMHS to visit with one of Lance's assessors last week - this psycologist and talk to us about the diagnosis and listen to our journey with Lance his whole life completely undiagnosed and then begin to tell us that Lance is a high support needs child and they will put in place everything he needs and with some things he has become a priority. Appointment at the high school for Stephanie to sort out her course selection for next year -yr 9 and get that underway, completed, filed and signed off. Dealing with Lance and the aftermath of a massive meltdown and blowout last week. Another doctor's appointment for Lance yesterday with more health issues, ultrasound today, results next week on top of seeing his paediatrician Monday. Never ever a dull moment here...ohhh and that's without normal life, raising 3 other children, dealing with school camps this week, my own appointments, family visitors this past weekend, school difficulties with Maddison and his difficulties with his visual impairment, trying to implement strategies and plans for Lance and dealing with NETschool and coming to the realisation that Lance is not coping as well as we would like him to.

OH and let me tell you that it was mine and Tim's 22nd wedding anniversary on the 6th, Lance's 17th birthday on Monday (15th) and my mother's birthday yesterday (Wed 17th) and it is Maddison's 13th birthday tomorrow (19th)! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday guys and gals!!!

So that's my lot, anyone want it? Nah didn't think, however I could seriously do with a clone!

While I have you here though I have managed to scrap a LO or 2 or 3 or more....ohhh yeh they are far and few between at the moment but still when I can I will. This one is for the latest Hodge Podge Challenge here over at the Hodge Podge Art Blog in which you are all invited to join in. Tara invited me on very short notice and although it was one of the quickest LO's ever it was finished in record time and has been up over on their blog ever since, I am only getting about uploading it into my own personal galleries. Such is life!

Hip Chic

......and this one below too!



....and last but not least (for tonight anyway)

Old Building


Ok so that should take care of the creative chaos and there are a few more CT LO's ready to go but you know, I think I'll leave that till next time. Till then blogging buddies, take care, stay safe and be true to yourself! Hugs Chris xoxo

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Up for some Retail Therapy?

Oooh that got your attention now hey? Cheeky I know but still worth a shot. Ok seriously guys Tara Dunstan Designs is having a HUGE sale over at her store because it's time to retire some of her old gorgeous goodies to make way for some of her new gorgeous goodies. The shop can't hold them all so if your up for a little retail therapy and let's face it who isn't....hummmmmm yummy...ooops sorry got sidetracked a bit there, then why not pop on over to her store and grab yourself a bargain, I would be if I didn't already have

That’s right, 50% OFF EVERYTHING! ((Includes all Commercial Use Items)) <..... awesome hey with the CU items!!
Lots of products will be retired once the week is up to make room for lots more goodies too so get on in while stocks last!
If you cannot see or click the image above please go to:

So what ya waiting for and better be quick because once the sale finishes, her retired goodies will be no more.

Oh and pssst just 'tween you and me I know there's a typo in the above advert but if you don't tell then I won't let Tara know either!

Ok so lots to say but for now I think I'll leave it for tonight and simply leave you with the above temptation. :)

Till next blogging take care, stay safe and enjoy scrapping with those gorgeous new Tara Dunstan Designs. Hugs Chris xoxo