Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Hoppy Easter!

Yes it is that time of the year again where I would love to wish everyone a very Happy Easter, for those of us travelling and or on school holidays please travel safely and stay safe....mostly stay sane as the school holidays take their toll on all of us having to deal with children at home...fighting - that good old sibling rivalry - eating us out of house and home and mostly being what I like to call "in ya face" Now don't get me wrong I love 'em..... holidays and my kids but having 4 teens under the one roof can get a little full on and if that's not enough the fact that both my boys are autistic should be....because it can be very demanding, challenging, mentally and physically exhaustive and just plain insane.

As I try to think about what I should blog me when I say there's heaps...I can't help but feel really tired and if I were too close my eyes for a sec....hubby might just find me drooling all over the new keyboard...snoring like a chainsaw! Soooooooooo I'd better get typing...................I'm addicted to Farm Town on Facebook.....hubby can't work out what's happened to me because I "don't do games of any sort", kids are moaning cause I'm having some "me" time and me well lets just say I love it.......yep love working and watching my little farm grow and bloom everyday and it has been truly awesome meeting fab new people right around the that can't be that bad hey?!!!!! <................BTW that was not a question needing an answer......hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been busy though as usual and part of that busyness has been in the garden and repotting, replanting, cleaning up, putting in new plants and the general tidy up. So I am really pleased with myself these school holidays as I feel I am accomplishing a few things...well at least outside anyway. The cooler weather is on it's way and I am one happy so not a summer person what with the heat, the sweat, the body, the flies and not forgetting the mozzies that seem to come out of no can keep it I say.

School holidays are going well....we've had our moments but we've had our good times as well. Lance tried so hard to go down the street with a new friend of his today.....managed for awhile until I got the text message to say mum I can't cope anymore need you to pick me up so I was proud (although very worried) that he managed for a time. Tomorrow will be a quiet day for him and the rest of us in fact as I need to make sure Lance doesn't get to overwhelmed, anxious and agitated with his outing today.....yes it builds up and woe betide any of us near him when it does.....full on massive meltdown.

Yes I am doing a little scrapping.....2 LO's for BSM and 1 for me which I am almost finished thank goodness as I want to scrap with a new! Oh and guess what....was invited by Karah Fredricks to stay on another month as part of her Guest CT, so that's cool and need to start creating some more LO's with her products. Sadly the creativity is on holidays as we are at the moment so it is slow going but then thats what happens when everyone is home for the holidays.

I am wanting to take some more photos of Lance's unit and publish them as well....things are slowly coming together both inside and out with his unit and many ideas are buzzing about.....time and $$$$ is not always on our side but it's time for an update and I'll try to do that within the next day or 2.

Ok well thats it from me for now so Happy Easter everyone and till next time.....hugs Chris xoxo

Friday, 3 April 2009

Let the school holidays begin................

It's Friday night and I can't seem to get motivated......yes I'm!!! It has been another busy week with appointments and phone calls and more and more layers being added to our already chaotic life.....what's the deal with that anyway so I decided it was time for another quick post.

Remember in my previous post....only yesterday how I mentioned my son Lance purchased a new 32GB iPod Touch and the part where I said I would give him until the morning before something else needed to be addressed.....ahhh I know my son all too well I think because sure enough first thing this morning was......."mum I spent too much money and I'm not sure".....hummmm good guess hey. Still after more reassurance and telling everyone about his latest "gift to himself" he settled a little bit more with his new fandangled gadget. Although he wishes to create an iTunes account and one I won't allow because they require you to supply your credit card details permanently even for the free goodies....I was not happy with that and had to try over and over and over to explain anyway possible for him to understand why I would not do that.........................that one I shall have to perservere with and realise that he may not be able to process and understand this situation.................ever!

Ok so school holidays are almost here and I am welcoming them with open arms although I know it will be hard work with everyone at home pretty much under the one roof for the next couple of weeks.....not easy to deal with at the best of times. Usually we go away but this year we won't be and I feel really good about making that decision. Reality check....every year we have gone away it has been horrible because routines get mucked up, there is no real structure to the day, it's too busy with people and far too many social situations and far too much for Lance and Maddi to deal with.....we were always under pressure to go away from those that told us it would be good for us but the meltdowns, the running away from where we stay (same place every our church camp), the extreme anxieties Lance and Maddison dealt with in the end just caused so much grief for the family it just wasn't fair to any of us....and we had to try and hide it all or justify the behaviours and the difficulties experienced every moment of everyday....well not anymore....we simply can't do it and so we won't!!!!!! and boy do I feel better for it already.

I have a couple of LO's on the go for BSM and although I am bored to tears and can't seem to get motivated I had better finish with this post and open photoshop, the school holidays may have begun but I still have deadlines to meet and meet them I will. Hugs Chris xo

Thursday, 2 April 2009

All things iPod Touch!!

Oooooh I wish this was mine but sadly no....:( this latest gadget is now in the hands of it's proud new son Lance!!! Yep he decided he just had to have one and as he put it " I think I should treat myself to a nice new iPod mum", so he did. After having only an mp3 player for years and never owning an iPod this is the one he purchased. Although he was originally going to buy the iPod Classic (120GB), after much hoohum and indecision when he saw the iPod Touch, 2 stores and lots of reassurance, "checking in" with himself as one needs to with one who is autistic we finally decided on the 32GB iPod Touch and I have to say it is pretty darn kool......very sleek and stylish and way too awesome.

Yes we've already had the meltdowns and the "I want to take it back it doesn't work" because Lance has little control over his emotions, abilities in handling new things and forgets he actually needs to register and charge the iPod and learn something new which could take some songs have been uploaded (thx to moi), internet access (thx to moi), reading through the guided tour to learn the basics (thx to moi), you seeing a pattern and of course it has GPS and as he is sorting through the maps of Bendigo with ear plugs in listening to his fave music walking around the house and "his space" (his unit in the backyard) proud as puff.......he is happy and finally I feel we will have some "autistic" normality for now.....well that is until something else needs to be addressed....I give it till tomorrow!!!!

Ok so just a short post tonight and's time's a flying already. Hugs Chris xoxo