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Thursday, 2 April 2009

All things iPod Touch!!

Oooooh I wish this was mine but sadly no....:( this latest gadget is now in the hands of it's proud new son Lance!!! Yep he decided he just had to have one and as he put it " I think I should treat myself to a nice new iPod mum", so he did. After having only an mp3 player for years and never owning an iPod this is the one he purchased. Although he was originally going to buy the iPod Classic (120GB), after much hoohum and indecision when he saw the iPod Touch, 2 stores and lots of reassurance, "checking in" with himself as one needs to with one who is autistic we finally decided on the 32GB iPod Touch and I have to say it is pretty darn kool......very sleek and stylish and way too awesome.

Yes we've already had the meltdowns and the "I want to take it back it doesn't work" because Lance has little control over his emotions, abilities in handling new things and forgets he actually needs to register and charge the iPod and learn something new which could take some songs have been uploaded (thx to moi), internet access (thx to moi), reading through the guided tour to learn the basics (thx to moi), you seeing a pattern and of course it has GPS and as he is sorting through the maps of Bendigo with ear plugs in listening to his fave music walking around the house and "his space" (his unit in the backyard) proud as puff.......he is happy and finally I feel we will have some "autistic" normality for now.....well that is until something else needs to be addressed....I give it till tomorrow!!!!

Ok so just a short post tonight and's time's a flying already. Hugs Chris xoxo

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