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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

latest EMD lo


well i have been a busy little bee now haven't i? and of course the LO above has been created using the latest collab kit Flourish by edeline marta designs and camila designs which you can find right here at scrapartist. I love the fact that it's so bright happy and cheerful, teeming with oodles of yummy digi goodness for anyone who loves to what'ya waiting for pop on over there and check it out!

ok on to other news while i'm blogging, first up at the moment our net connection has been slowed till monday cause we already went over our 25gb this month so till it's reset and i'm back in's gonna be slow going and just doing what i can when the internet lets me.....very very very

next on the agenda is the fact that the car broke down yet again yesterday.....and while i'm at the wheel yet again and this time the starter motor has packed it in completely so the tow truck was able to take it off to the guys that can fix that and we are just hoping that's all the damage and that it hasn't gone any further. of course today is a local public holiday....yep the bendigo cup so things will have to wait till tomorrow or friday till the guys go back to work and sus it all out. however i am grateful that this week was only busy with a couple of appointments and nothing like the past 3 weeks.

there is more to say but my sinus's are playing up today (oh the joys of spring) and i think i need to do something about good old hayfever meds! so till next time enjoy the latest lo and ciao xoxo

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

fiddlin' and changin'

yep today i started fiddlin' around with this old blog of mine. i added an extra side bar listing under "autism", fiddled with some links that were no longer active and rearranged a couple of other things. i would love to have more time to do a complete overhaul complete with a new look but that may have to wait till i've got more time as it's always quite time consuming to fiddle with ya blog. so as it's still a work in progress i will apologise in advance for any links not currently active although apart from the blog ring and perhaps some of the blinkie links i am pretty sure everything else is still ok. i just need more time in my day for that to get it sorted as i need to move and create some extra goodies.

today was a fairly productive day although busy. the usual run of the mill errands and bills to be paid, emails to answer and send, phone calls to make and people to but all in all good. i managed to finish another lo for EMD for her latest collab kit which is due to be released tomorrow and that's all i'm saying except the kit is gorgeous.....well i think so anyway.

lance's support worker from DHS was here for his weekly session with him. i am still in awe of what lance's worker is helping lance with which is emotions and how to read and understand them. i think i have mentioned before that lance although now 18 is unable to read/recognise facial and body expressions both within himself and that of others so his worker is taking him right back to basics there and trying to teach him all those things that we take for granted on a daily basis. as a parent it breaks my heart to think that his reality is not that of mine or anyone else's that we consider as typical and not autistic.

anyhoo this is just meant to be a very quick post and so i am leaving it at that. remember blog is under a little makeover and i'm working on it in my spare
outta here and until next time ciao xoxo

Monday, 19 October 2009

busy times!

the title of this blog post pretty much says it all.....busy times. i cannot begin to tell you how busy it has been for the past 2 weeks...yep since the kids have gone back to and how busy this week is fast becoming with an appointment pretty much everyday. i think the incredible thing about it is yes i am managing but i tell you most appointments are pretty full on mentally.

today i needed to take stephanie and maddi to their eye specialist for their monthly check up complete with vision test, photo's and scans of their eyes....just the typical monthly thing we are all so use to now...but today we had some good news. specialist wants to try and string their injections out till early december and of course if things change for them in that time then to get them back we always do. so that's some good news and next month maddi's case study will be presented to a huge medical conference our specialist is attending and presenting to his colleagues our about huge and in brisbane too.....yep my son has been a case study this year since he had a serious bleed in his left eye that if left untreated for another 2 weeks would have resulted in the permanent loss of his eyesight as well as a retinal tear resulting in the retinal fluid leaking so avastin injections were started there and then and continue to be what keeps the eye from getting worse. we have come a long way since then and although the kids need monthly check ups with photo's and scans and injections frequently to save their sight and will have this for the rest of their lives...this procedure far outweighs them losing their sight.

last friday maddi had his autism assessment with ADAS (autistic disorders assessment services) and while we do not have any information in regards to the outcome of the assessment right now, it's finally been done as it's been almost 12 months of waiting since his paediatrician diagnosed him with asperger's syndrome until further assessing. another 2 week wait till we receive the report and outcome but i'm patient.

ok some more good news....lance has been assigned a new case manager with DHS (department of human services) which is great....and if the phone calls and how nice he seems to be is anything to go on till tim and i meet him thursday then things are looking good.

ok 'nuf said about the above....yes i have been scrapping and once again for edeline marta designs. remember in my last post i mentioned i had done more lo's but wasn't sure when to post them? well i'm posting now so here ya go...the latest lo's for EMD


ok so think that's it for tonight and now i need to get my head into pscs2 and scrap a lo or 2 tonight in between flash forward and vampire diaries. ok outta here till next time....ciao xoxo

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

So much to say.............

ever get on your blog eager to update because there is plenty to tell but have no idea where to well that would be me and many times over. what's news you ask...hummmmmmmmm?
well there's plenty to mention and i think i will start with some good news because i have some in fact i have more then one piece of good news to share with you so let me take a breathe, connect the brain matter and go bloggin'.

first up i am on a CT (creative team for a digital designer for those that aren't sure) and i have to say i don't even know how i managed it because there was no call and i simply updated my FB status with the fact that i was going to be scrapping that night and edeline of edeline marta designs cheekily asked me if i wanted to scrap with one of her new kits. of course how could i after all she has actually asked me a couple of times to scrap with a kit or 2 of hers and i have done so quite happily but now i am part of the team and i am really excited and have already started scrapping a lo here or there. so without further ado here is my first one as an official member of her CT. There is another that is done but not sure if i can put it up yet so will wait till given the all clear which should be thursday.


ok so as i said i've been scrapping and here is another i managed to do for a frame (5x7 inch) i've had for some time sitting on a shelf.....more to come as i also have 2 other decorative frames to fill.


today tim and i had a victorian civil and tribunal hearing at out local law courts in regards to becoming full time guardians and administrators for our autistic son lance and the fact that he is now 18 and something we have been preparing for sometime now. the great news is tim and i are now officially and legally all that and although there is more paperwork to do and reviews for guardianship every year and 3 for admin and we have to keep records of this and that, we are now able to look after lance continually as we have been doing and protect him in every way possible. so today's outcome was good.

tomorrow is another full on day as stephanie sees our local paediatrician who specialises in ASD's (autism spectrum disorders) first thing and then we are back at her psychologist in regards to the cognitive assessment she went through last week and what the outcome of that full day tomorrow but one step closer to finding out exactly what's going on with this girl.

thursday will be righteous pups for lance....poor kid barely got there last week as it was full on with appointments and clashed with his times and this week is just as bad but just one of those things we can't avoid. friday maddi is off to his full assessment at the ADAS (autism disorders assessment services) clinic and that will be another welcome step forward in finding out where he sits on the spectrum. another phone call today from another teacher because of difficult behaviour and i have no idea what to do.....but i do know that many of the teachers think maddi is able to do better and really do not understand anything autism at all which makes me a little cross indeed. anyway will deal with that come friday.

oh and before i forget yesterday when lance's B.I.S.T (behavioural intervention support team) worker came out to work with lance he mentioned that we now have a new case manager which is exciting news as our last one resigned and got a job elsewhere and we have been without since about july/august and in desperate need of one. hopefully next week we will meet him...yep a him and someone they were very careful to select for our very unique situation. so more good news and it just has to get better and better from here onward....i don't mind the occasional set back as that's life but we have to be able to move forward and get a handle on all what we're dealing with...of course none of that is possible without a full support team in place and understanding and putting together the right services for us. we don't ask for much but we can't do it on our own.

anyhoo think that'll do for now.....see told you i had good news and very good news it is. outta here till next time so take care and stay safe peeps.....ciao xoxo

Saturday, 3 October 2009

time for an update!

seems it's been awhile since my last blog update although i could use all the excuses under the sun i wont bore you with the details except to say life is busy for me just as it is for! anyhoo we have been on school holidays for the past 2 weeks and come monday the kids go back to start a new term. not a single teen of mine is looking forward to it...not that i can blame them but for stephanie and maddi....there are huge changes taking place with the first part of their new school now complete and ready to go when they get back and new neighbourhoods to get use to. of course with the start of a new term comes a very busy time for us at least within the next 2 weeks....meetings and appointments fun!

prior to school holidays maddi had a cognitive assessment done and although i am still waiting to have an appointment with the psychologist that did it (he's on leave), what it suggests will have a serious impact on his teachers and his learning at school if they choose to take it onboard. although i won't tell you what his full scale IQ is, i will mention that it's low and all i can say at this stage in regards to the teachers that have recently given him such a hard time because they believe he is capable of so much's time to listen and take notice because you got it so wrong.....if only they would listen to parents!

next on the list is the fact that we have finally been given an appointment with ADAS (autistic disorders assessment services) here in bendigo so maddi can have a full assessment done. this has been such a stressful and difficult journey for the past 10 months because he does not have a case manager and we have had to do it pretty darn tough because of it. we have some paperwork to fill in for that...a developmental behaviour checklist, 1 for tim and i and one for his teacher to work through.

stephanie is in next week for a cognitive assessment....took 2 whole weeks to organise that....but you know the difference? steps is case managed and maddi is not. we have just filled in her developmental behaviour checklist as well which goes to ADAS and so that's been sorted out. we also need to get her off to the doctors this week because we need another referral for another psychiatrist to see her and help with what's needed there and then she is also off to see our own local autism specialist ken armstrong who is a paediatrician that specialises in ASD's.

in regards to lance we have this coming wednesday a meeting with his mentor at netschool and another support worker/case manager in relation to his funding for school in what to do and how best to support lance in relation to adults with a disability and where to next year.........................and speaking of lance he has had it pretty tough the past couple of weeks. 1st his paediatrician has weaned him off his heart medication and come next tuesday it will be a full 2 weeks. since then i have had to call him as lance has not done so well. breathless, heart pains, dizzy spells, almost fainted twice and has had pain down his right arm. dr just wants it out of his system completely, see if things stabilise and if it so then they know what the problem is and if it doesn't then it finally clarifies his coronary artery spasm for good. needless to say we are watching and making sure if things become urgent we just get him up to the hospital asap so we are being very very cautious. on top of all this he had a hair cut and although i think it looks great and so much better then what he had lance is not always coping at his best....a huge change is a hair cut in an autistic kid and oddly enough his last proper one was almost 12 months ago. anyway not only is it a physical change, a tactile change but indeed a social change as well. time will tell and it came close to ringing our triage service here the day he had it cut this week...yep things have been full on here.

grace is fine....checking out the local job places for a casual possie now that her health is pretty much 100% since she's had glandular fever. it was really nice to see her and steps playing with the wii this arvo for ages....loads of giggles and laughs and i'm certain heaps of but really great to listen to it all minus the stresses and the anxieties that plague this family full on.

oct 6th is almost here.....yep one year since dad past away suddenly...still can't get my head round it all and everything that has happened since then and there are just too many times that i expect him to just walk in the house still or start chatting to me on the phone when i ring mum or she rings me. how i miss you dad xxxxx

so like i said earlier we've been on 2 weeks of school holidays and you know when you have goals and aims and then pfffft nothing? yep thought so well i don't think i got much done at all. the truth be known is that although we did not have to worry about the school runs i still had appointments, still took lance to righteous pups 2/3 times a week and because he doesn't cope with his personal carer or staying there by himself just yet i need to stay with him so that takes out about 3 arvos a week. then there are all those times that i have been completely unmotivated to scrap and simply felt blah. oh and the weather.....well although spring sprung officially come the first of sep, we have had pretty much nothing but cold, wet, rainy, miserable days with barely a hint of sun or warmth! i did manage to potter about with a little bit here and there with my canvases, oh and i did by some gorgeous new paper scrapping products just the other day because our local spotlight store that was affected by the tragic bushfires on black saturday (feb 7th) earlier this year reopened, had a grand opening and is looking fab-u-lous!!!!! so had to sus them out.

anyway time for me to stop and do something else that hopefully will be just as constructive or close too blogging and i may even attempt to do some scrapping....yep digital as i have some new kits to play with and some gorgeous frames to fill. outta here....ciao xoxo