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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

fiddlin' and changin'

yep today i started fiddlin' around with this old blog of mine. i added an extra side bar listing under "autism", fiddled with some links that were no longer active and rearranged a couple of other things. i would love to have more time to do a complete overhaul complete with a new look but that may have to wait till i've got more time as it's always quite time consuming to fiddle with ya blog. so as it's still a work in progress i will apologise in advance for any links not currently active although apart from the blog ring and perhaps some of the blinkie links i am pretty sure everything else is still ok. i just need more time in my day for that to get it sorted as i need to move and create some extra goodies.

today was a fairly productive day although busy. the usual run of the mill errands and bills to be paid, emails to answer and send, phone calls to make and people to but all in all good. i managed to finish another lo for EMD for her latest collab kit which is due to be released tomorrow and that's all i'm saying except the kit is gorgeous.....well i think so anyway.

lance's support worker from DHS was here for his weekly session with him. i am still in awe of what lance's worker is helping lance with which is emotions and how to read and understand them. i think i have mentioned before that lance although now 18 is unable to read/recognise facial and body expressions both within himself and that of others so his worker is taking him right back to basics there and trying to teach him all those things that we take for granted on a daily basis. as a parent it breaks my heart to think that his reality is not that of mine or anyone else's that we consider as typical and not autistic.

anyhoo this is just meant to be a very quick post and so i am leaving it at that. remember blog is under a little makeover and i'm working on it in my spare
outta here and until next time ciao xoxo

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