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Monday, 19 October 2009

busy times!

the title of this blog post pretty much says it all.....busy times. i cannot begin to tell you how busy it has been for the past 2 weeks...yep since the kids have gone back to and how busy this week is fast becoming with an appointment pretty much everyday. i think the incredible thing about it is yes i am managing but i tell you most appointments are pretty full on mentally.

today i needed to take stephanie and maddi to their eye specialist for their monthly check up complete with vision test, photo's and scans of their eyes....just the typical monthly thing we are all so use to now...but today we had some good news. specialist wants to try and string their injections out till early december and of course if things change for them in that time then to get them back we always do. so that's some good news and next month maddi's case study will be presented to a huge medical conference our specialist is attending and presenting to his colleagues our about huge and in brisbane too.....yep my son has been a case study this year since he had a serious bleed in his left eye that if left untreated for another 2 weeks would have resulted in the permanent loss of his eyesight as well as a retinal tear resulting in the retinal fluid leaking so avastin injections were started there and then and continue to be what keeps the eye from getting worse. we have come a long way since then and although the kids need monthly check ups with photo's and scans and injections frequently to save their sight and will have this for the rest of their lives...this procedure far outweighs them losing their sight.

last friday maddi had his autism assessment with ADAS (autistic disorders assessment services) and while we do not have any information in regards to the outcome of the assessment right now, it's finally been done as it's been almost 12 months of waiting since his paediatrician diagnosed him with asperger's syndrome until further assessing. another 2 week wait till we receive the report and outcome but i'm patient.

ok some more good news....lance has been assigned a new case manager with DHS (department of human services) which is great....and if the phone calls and how nice he seems to be is anything to go on till tim and i meet him thursday then things are looking good.

ok 'nuf said about the above....yes i have been scrapping and once again for edeline marta designs. remember in my last post i mentioned i had done more lo's but wasn't sure when to post them? well i'm posting now so here ya go...the latest lo's for EMD


ok so think that's it for tonight and now i need to get my head into pscs2 and scrap a lo or 2 tonight in between flash forward and vampire diaries. ok outta here till next time....ciao xoxo


Didee said...

Loving your new pages, looks like you are having a ball scrapping!!! xo

Donna said...

You have been busy girl.. sounds like things are starting to improve for ya.. Loving your layouts darl.. just gorgeous.xx