Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

latest EMD lo


well i have been a busy little bee now haven't i? and of course the LO above has been created using the latest collab kit Flourish by edeline marta designs and camila designs which you can find right here at scrapartist. I love the fact that it's so bright happy and cheerful, teeming with oodles of yummy digi goodness for anyone who loves to what'ya waiting for pop on over there and check it out!

ok on to other news while i'm blogging, first up at the moment our net connection has been slowed till monday cause we already went over our 25gb this month so till it's reset and i'm back in's gonna be slow going and just doing what i can when the internet lets me.....very very very

next on the agenda is the fact that the car broke down yet again yesterday.....and while i'm at the wheel yet again and this time the starter motor has packed it in completely so the tow truck was able to take it off to the guys that can fix that and we are just hoping that's all the damage and that it hasn't gone any further. of course today is a local public holiday....yep the bendigo cup so things will have to wait till tomorrow or friday till the guys go back to work and sus it all out. however i am grateful that this week was only busy with a couple of appointments and nothing like the past 3 weeks.

there is more to say but my sinus's are playing up today (oh the joys of spring) and i think i need to do something about good old hayfever meds! so till next time enjoy the latest lo and ciao xoxo


Mara Spires said...

gorgeous LO & kit! :o]

Ann-Marie said...

Since you mentioned this kit I have been hanging out to see it and now I HAVE to buy it!! You are soo bad Muriel bwhahahaha!!! LOVE your Page and thanks for the enabling!! Oh and as for the car I hope things get sorted soon xoxoxo