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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

So much to say.............

ever get on your blog eager to update because there is plenty to tell but have no idea where to well that would be me and many times over. what's news you ask...hummmmmmmmm?
well there's plenty to mention and i think i will start with some good news because i have some in fact i have more then one piece of good news to share with you so let me take a breathe, connect the brain matter and go bloggin'.

first up i am on a CT (creative team for a digital designer for those that aren't sure) and i have to say i don't even know how i managed it because there was no call and i simply updated my FB status with the fact that i was going to be scrapping that night and edeline of edeline marta designs cheekily asked me if i wanted to scrap with one of her new kits. of course how could i after all she has actually asked me a couple of times to scrap with a kit or 2 of hers and i have done so quite happily but now i am part of the team and i am really excited and have already started scrapping a lo here or there. so without further ado here is my first one as an official member of her CT. There is another that is done but not sure if i can put it up yet so will wait till given the all clear which should be thursday.


ok so as i said i've been scrapping and here is another i managed to do for a frame (5x7 inch) i've had for some time sitting on a shelf.....more to come as i also have 2 other decorative frames to fill.


today tim and i had a victorian civil and tribunal hearing at out local law courts in regards to becoming full time guardians and administrators for our autistic son lance and the fact that he is now 18 and something we have been preparing for sometime now. the great news is tim and i are now officially and legally all that and although there is more paperwork to do and reviews for guardianship every year and 3 for admin and we have to keep records of this and that, we are now able to look after lance continually as we have been doing and protect him in every way possible. so today's outcome was good.

tomorrow is another full on day as stephanie sees our local paediatrician who specialises in ASD's (autism spectrum disorders) first thing and then we are back at her psychologist in regards to the cognitive assessment she went through last week and what the outcome of that full day tomorrow but one step closer to finding out exactly what's going on with this girl.

thursday will be righteous pups for lance....poor kid barely got there last week as it was full on with appointments and clashed with his times and this week is just as bad but just one of those things we can't avoid. friday maddi is off to his full assessment at the ADAS (autism disorders assessment services) clinic and that will be another welcome step forward in finding out where he sits on the spectrum. another phone call today from another teacher because of difficult behaviour and i have no idea what to do.....but i do know that many of the teachers think maddi is able to do better and really do not understand anything autism at all which makes me a little cross indeed. anyway will deal with that come friday.

oh and before i forget yesterday when lance's B.I.S.T (behavioural intervention support team) worker came out to work with lance he mentioned that we now have a new case manager which is exciting news as our last one resigned and got a job elsewhere and we have been without since about july/august and in desperate need of one. hopefully next week we will meet him...yep a him and someone they were very careful to select for our very unique situation. so more good news and it just has to get better and better from here onward....i don't mind the occasional set back as that's life but we have to be able to move forward and get a handle on all what we're dealing with...of course none of that is possible without a full support team in place and understanding and putting together the right services for us. we don't ask for much but we can't do it on our own.

anyhoo think that'll do for now.....see told you i had good news and very good news it is. outta here till next time so take care and stay safe peeps.....ciao xoxo


Ann-Marie said...

First up girl, a huge congrats to you all .. that must be a huge relief.
Secondly, WOW!! Eeline Marta's CT - whose a lucky duck?!?! lol!! Totally well deserved though as your work absolutely rocks hun.
As far as Maddi's teachers go - ugh! Some people just don;t get it and it's so frustrating to know that the very people we need to have get it just don;t .. hope that all goes well.
~AM xox

Didee said...

WOW hun, so much news..... as for teacher's getting it wrong, tell me about!!! I have the complete opposite problem where the teacher's just let Miss O go to school so she can see other children! I think they have given up on her and she constantly asks why she doesn't have to do the work the other kids are doing. They (teacher's) just want to teach Miss O about the basics of life like learning to read street signs and traffic lights, what they mean and what she should do. If that's all they want to teach her, I can do that myself. Miss O had an IQ test just before entering main stream school and her score was so low that they could barely register it. Now that she is 8 years old, I am on the hunt for a new case worker to start the ball rolling to see what the education department are going to do for my daughter. She is treated like she has an infectious disease by the other children, she can hardly catch the bus any more as no one wants to sit next to her. Makes my heart sink every time I put her on that bus. I think to myself, I must be a bad Mother to make her go through this every day. But they refuse to take her out of main stream for the simple fact that she is able to do jigsaw puzzles....go figure!
Anyway....enough about me, I got a little carried away when I read about the teacher's I!

Congrats on her CT spot, what a score!! I can't wait to see more pages from you!! I am lovin' your pages.

As for other news, I am very happy that everything is starting to get a little easier for you and your family. Thinking of you sweets!! xo