Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Latest PBP CT LO

My latest PBP CT LO is in the galleries and so I thought as usual I would pop it on the blog for all to see. She's gorgeous isn't she? Yep that's Stephanie back in 2003 but that smile isn't any different and nor is her gorgeous personality.
So what's new you ask?
Well where do I there is alot going on in the lives of the Turnbulls lately and it has not been an easy journey by any means. Are we any closer to an answer.... all I know is somehow, although struggling, I am trying to stay strong and hang in there but some days are just near impossible while others although not fantastic are better. I guess I try to stay focussed and sometimes the only way to do that is by taking time out be it scrapping, be it sitting in the car at the local lake at night trying to put my thoughts into the right place which doesn't work or some other means of shutting out the world and what we are going through for a time.
Lance is doing ok he has actually been at school yesterday and today which is a miracle in itself because he has missed so much and with an urgent phone call to his paediatrician last week and an urgent meeting with the person that is helping him his medication has just been doubled and a little more of the puzzle has been put together and I see a small glimmer of hope. Time will tell and now we have a little more to work with and something Tim and I have already known because Lance has lived like this for the past 15 years yes you read right 15 years and some have picked it up while others have refused to listen so it will be interesting if the possibility of this diagnosis is what he is FINALLY diagnosed with. It will be sometime yet so I don't wish to let anyone know the details. All in time and I feel that it is really important not to speak about it at this crucial moment.
Ok well just a quick post to let you all know I am still in the land of the living but guess what....just about to unplug the internet and all the cables and take my "baby" to the computer shop. It has been lagging terribly and my "baby" was turned off Sunday and Monday and the other 3 pc's connected to the internet ran beautifully, then go and turn mine on this morning and the other 3 pc's are lagging horribly so rang the guys this morning and they will look into it for me. A few possibilities which I am aware of, but I ain't touching those possibilities and like the saying goes...... I'll leave that in the hands of the experts. I'm not one of
Ok well until next blogging take care, stay safe say hi to a loved one and tell them how much you love them because we all need to let them know how much they are loved and often and we all need to be told how much we are loved and often.
Hugs Chris xoxo

Monday, 14 April 2008

Happy Birthday Tara

Yep it's Tara's birthday today and so have a great one chicki! It's Monday again, seems to come round ever so quickly. We were mean't to go away this weekend just as an overnighter to friends in Melbourne but as it turned out Tim was not well so it didn't happen. Life is busy as usual but then who's isn't these days and thankfully I don't have so many appointments this week. I just have physio and I also see my OT tomorrow and then Wednesday and Friday is my two weekly hydro sessions and that's about it for now in the way of what I have happening this week which is somewhat better than the past 2 weeks. I haven't scrapped much although I have been working on a LO which just needs the finishing touches put to it which I hope to do today and then start on some CT LO's for Tara as she has the most gorgeous goodies out and I simply can't keep up with that look at her gorgeous new kit Just Another Romance which you can grab here at PBP! But wait there's more but guess what I'm going to leave you in suspense till next blogging....rofl! Yep I sure is but then that gives me something else to blog about.

Ok well that's it for today short and sweet but still worth reading right? Of course so till next bloggin' take care, stay safe and hug a friend in need because there are plenty that need it. Hugs Chris xoxo

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

New TDD goodies and then some more!

Aren't these brand new goodies from Tara Dunstan Designs just awesome. I am so loving the rich colours and basically everything so why not pop on over to her part of the store at Pickleberrypop and do a little shopping. You won't be disappointed. I am so loving all her designs just a shame I don't seem to have the time to create with them as quickly as she is putting them out. Anyway I told you that I would get these pics up for you to see and now they are you can check out her designs in full at PBP.
It's another busy week and tomorrow I have hydro therapy in the morning and then parent/teacher interviews with Lance's teacher all afternoon so a hectic day. Ok well just a little blog tonight and don't forget if you drop by I would so love for you to say hi and let me know you are all doing.
Till next bloggin' stay safe, take care and hug a loved one.
Hugs Chris xoxo

Monday, 7 April 2008

Holidays are over.......

............and the kids are back in school and boy did they go quick. So it is back to mundane routines and keeping and eye on the clock at all and with the kids back in school guess what I managed today?

Baked 2 cakes, did 3 loads of laundry, the dishes, cleaned the kitchen benched, cleaned and polished our dining table, cleaned and tidy the lounge, moved a couple of pot plants....well Tim did that really and I just said grab this one and move it over there he really did all the hrad work. Clothes off line and towels away, swept dining and laundry floors, caught up in the forums and left a little loving on a few LO's here and there in the galleries, replied to several emails and read many, made a grocery list....well a menu list for when I go shopping so I have my shopping planned with my meals for the week, picked up kids from school, popped into the supermarket for bread and now that the day is almost over and tea is out of the way with I'm here blogging and ready to scrap as well. PHEW I think I am exhausted just reading my own list of what I did today.

Latest LO - A Moment has been uploaded into my galleries and I really enjoyed doing this one as I do all of them but I don't scrap Tim often and I love what this photo portrays and it came together so easy and so well. This LO was also chosen in the standout gallery thread over at DST for the weekend 4/4 - 4/6 and when that happens it really means the world to me. I have been fortunate to have this happen a few times now but it still really stokes me because someone takes the time to go through the gallery and pick my LO which means so much to me let alone all those others that get chosen and very often.


Now I must remember to add the new kits Tara has created as well and show them off but I think I'll do that tomorrow when I have a little more time so until then take care, stay safe and hug a loved one.....better still tell them you love them.

Hugs Chris xoxo

Friday, 4 April 2008

Have a great weekend!

Latest LO is of my son Lance who actually took this photo of himself. Using the new collab kit Happy from Pickleberrypop and Gotta Pixels. For more info on how you can grab this huge kit and what both sites are doing check it out here.
Of course we would love you all to join on in with the challenges at both sites so pop on over, register and join in the fun for the month of April.
Yippee it is the weekend and I am so happy because this week has been a really hectic and busy week and I need some time out. We have finished our school holidays here in Victoria and the kids go back to school on Monday so it will be a somewhat quiet around here. It has been a really enjoyable holidays and I just love having the kids home but like all good things they must come to an end so someone said although I don't believe that all good things really do must come to an end and why should they but anyway 'nuf of that or I could go on about it forever.
Tara Dunstan has some awesome new goodies out yet again. I don't know how she does it with a new born even if Lily Anne is now 12 weeks but she does and pretty darn awesome too but guess what I'm going to leave that till next time and leave you in suspense....rofl!
Anyhoo that's it from me till next bloggin' so until then stay safe, take care and let someone know just how much you love them.
Hugs Chris xoxo

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Happy 14th Birthday Stephanie!

Yes my DD Steps turned 14 yesterday and I am way behind bloggin' about it. Wishing you the sweetest 14th birthday Stephanie and I know you had a wonderful day. I do have to admit though I cannot believe how quickly my kids are growing up and I know I seem to be saying it a lot lately but having 4 kids so close together and pretty much all teens makes you think about it somewhat and I do. No longer little, very independent, very vocal and very much growing into themselves as young people, full of life and attitude as well.....rofl!

So having said that I thought I would sing this little song just for you Stephanie and all in lime green your fave colour.

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Stephanie
Happy Birthday To You
Hip Pip Hooray Hip Pip Hooray

How's your week been? Mine has already been a very full one and it's only Tuesday. Yesterday I had a physio appointment and a occupational therapist appointment, had to do a little grocery shopping, my DD's Steps 14th birthday in amongst it all and she had a movie marathon birthday party so we watched the Epic Movie, The Bratz Movie, It's a Boy Girl Thing and Ghost Rider. I only managed the last but then that's what a movie marathon is all about right? That combined with junk food, soft drink and pizza for tea. Then today I had a dental appointment and a tooth that they have been trying to save for the past 3 months or so finally comes out in a couple of weeks as they have had no such luck and hopefully the rest will settle down. Oh I hope so otherwise it means another tooth comes out and all I can say to that is OUCH!!! Tomorrow is 2 other appointments......hydro first thing for me and then an appointment for Lance. Thursday's a day off and Friday is hydro again first thing and Lance has another appointment with his paeditrician so busy busy busy. PHEW!!!!!
Well it was just a quick post today and no new LO's so sorry to disappoint but no time playing with any digi stuff....sad I know. Oh and did I tell you and if I already have oh well but I have some really good news. I have been dieting all year and I have been losing weight because of it. Up till now I have lost about 10 kilo's and noticeable amount in my body size as well. I am fitting into clothes I have not been able to where for years and I am proud as punch because of it. The only thing I am really hanging out to do is implement an exercise plan into it all and of course that has not been an easy thing because of my back and in fact it has been inpossible since I was put into hospital exactly 2 months ago but my physio, exercise therapist and occupational therapist are getting that all organised for me with my rehibilation back strong program and although I have to come to terms with things I simply can no longer do and have been adjusting to that because I no longer have the mobility, I am learning about the things I can do and therefore bringing what "exercise" I am able without aggravating the damage done will take a little while to learn and implement. I woke up New Years Day and said this year was the year of me where I was going to reinvent myself and take control of who I am and I have had a successful start to it already. So for anyone else out there who feels it's time to do the same thing go for it and don't give up. Hard at times? Yep sure is but once you get use to the dieting and the life style changes then it isn't so bad and it does just become a part of your day to day routine. Then you have the added bonuses......clothes fit better, clothes become too big, new clothes are needed and you start to shop in the 'normal" size range and not the options plus or bigger plus sizes and that makes you feel so darn good. You also start to see a drastic change in yourself and your self esteem and confidence is no longer way down on the floor but flying higher than it has for a very long time. That's where I am at the moment and although I have only just started, my aim, my goal, my achievement for this year alone is to where a dress come summer and look great in it and I am so excited about that. Already the skirts and the shirts from a few years back now fit. The jackets and the boots are looking good, the natural curves are starting to return and with that a new confidence and self esteem. I love the fact that I also have my PBP buddies supporting me as I am them because a few of us are achieving the same thing and we encourage and congratulate each other on our achievements and that's something to be proud of. So to each and everyone of us setting goals and achieving them day by day I say congratulations and well done. Keep up the great work and you will if you haven't already see the fantastic results.
Hugs Chris xoxo