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Monday, 7 April 2008

Holidays are over.......

............and the kids are back in school and boy did they go quick. So it is back to mundane routines and keeping and eye on the clock at all and with the kids back in school guess what I managed today?

Baked 2 cakes, did 3 loads of laundry, the dishes, cleaned the kitchen benched, cleaned and polished our dining table, cleaned and tidy the lounge, moved a couple of pot plants....well Tim did that really and I just said grab this one and move it over there he really did all the hrad work. Clothes off line and towels away, swept dining and laundry floors, caught up in the forums and left a little loving on a few LO's here and there in the galleries, replied to several emails and read many, made a grocery list....well a menu list for when I go shopping so I have my shopping planned with my meals for the week, picked up kids from school, popped into the supermarket for bread and now that the day is almost over and tea is out of the way with I'm here blogging and ready to scrap as well. PHEW I think I am exhausted just reading my own list of what I did today.

Latest LO - A Moment has been uploaded into my galleries and I really enjoyed doing this one as I do all of them but I don't scrap Tim often and I love what this photo portrays and it came together so easy and so well. This LO was also chosen in the standout gallery thread over at DST for the weekend 4/4 - 4/6 and when that happens it really means the world to me. I have been fortunate to have this happen a few times now but it still really stokes me because someone takes the time to go through the gallery and pick my LO which means so much to me let alone all those others that get chosen and very often.


Now I must remember to add the new kits Tara has created as well and show them off but I think I'll do that tomorrow when I have a little more time so until then take care, stay safe and hug a loved one.....better still tell them you love them.

Hugs Chris xoxo

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Lee said...

OMG I am exhausted just reading that... I am such a fiend, I would have sat on my backside, laptop in hand and PS'd the day away! LOL

I am not surprised your layout was chosen for the Standout Gallery, because it's, well, outstanding LOL.

Stay well :-)