Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, 30 June 2006

So what's new!

Hummmm not a whole lot really. I mean I have been busy but as to what's new well that depends. Took the day off yesterday (Wednesday) from the computer and we all took a drive down to The Skydancers Butterfly place just outside of Castlemaine for afternoon tea. Completely enjoyed that too and then after we spent time there we went into Castlemaine which was nice just to walk the main streets to window shop. Then back home in time for tea. I needed a break from the computer just to recharge and I think it worked well enough too.

Today has been a full day on the computer to make up for lost but so much is happening at the moment and just getting some loose ends tied up and creating some awesome LO's as well but I can't pop them on here just yet...soon...I promise.

School holidays are coming to a close and I think the kids are all looking forward to getting back to school as well and catch up with their buddies. Only 3 more sleeps and then peace and quiet through the day again. I enjoy school holidays, always have but I have found that the older the kids are getting the less they want to do unless it requires And you simply just can't take them to the park or playground or the lake anymore as they don't want to go...oh the joys of 2 teens with 2 more very quickly moving into that scary.

Ok well dunno what else to say 'cept this......... cya soon!

My DD Stephanie. This photo was taken 1/04/06 at Barkers Creek at North Harcourt..near Bendigo. A number of us from our church got together for the day for a spot of fishing. Only 3 fish were caught but we really had a great time trying.

Credits: Dinner Party Kit by Shabby Princess and Sara Carling and Shabby Princess shabby staple.

Font: Monotype Corsiva


Monday, 26 June 2006

The Album I did for my MIL on her 75th birthday!

Ok so here it is, all the pages to this album I lovingly created for Tim's mum on her birthday which was on Saturday. From top to bottom are how the pages go in the album so grab a cuppa and sit back and enjoy each and every LO. She just loves it and was not expecting anything at all like this as usually we will just give her a block of chocolate or 2 for her special day. What do you give someone who has everything? So I decided to do this album for her and print each page off and pop it into an 8x8 album which was just perfect.

Ok so the Credits are as :

Shabby Princess Flea Market Chic Album Kit, Shabby Princess Flea Market Chic Kit, Heart Doodles from my Dots and Swirls Doodle Pack and Ali Hip Hop Alpha.


Lainie DaySH, Lovitz, Arial, Arial Narrow, Beautiful ES, Kayleigh, Kosal Says Hy and Architext.

Special Thanks:

To Atomic Cupcake for the Gel and Chipboard Actions used.

Wednesday, 21 June 2006

3rd day into the school holidays and all seems well...

.....well as well as can be anyway. The kids haven't been too bored thank goodness and busily enough keeping themselves amused with DVD's, XBOX, TV, a little gardening (as they help Tim) fighting, eating and generally doing what kids do best.

Yesterday Tim took them for a drive to Lake Eppalock about 20 mins out of town only to see it even lower then ever. Gosh I can remember that lake always being so full and way over 100% full as it use to flood often but just one more lake slowly disappearing due to this drought, not only Bendigo is in but the whole of Australia is battling with.

Today I am busy on the it's my day today without any interruptions so I make the most of it and the kids generally leave me alone especially when they know the work I am doing is designing a new kit or FTP'ing and writing descriptions....that's what I am doing today. I did create another part to my Cornflowers Blue kit yesterday an alpha tag set. Looks so good and I am really happy with it but you are all going to have to wait till i is finished before I show a little sneak peek of it.

I am truly a night owl.....not much good getting out of bed in the mornings but I am a night owl nevertheless and last night when everyone was in bed I opened up PSE3 and got busy creating a LO that I think I started around 1am.....yes you read right and I was finished by 1:45 and then went to bed. Actually I've been on a creative run at the moment with designing and creating LO's so I feel really good.

So here is the LO I did last night....oh well early this morning when everyone else was no doubt snoozing.

Credits: McCaigBean Heck Ya Kit
Fonts: my own handwriting using a wacom tablet!
Journaling reads: Maddi I just love the way you pose so naturally when I take your photo. This is one of my all time fave's. Taken at Barkers Creek North Harcourt on the 1-4-2006 while you were fishing. You enjoyed the day so much and even though you didn't catch anything you still had a great day trying. I just love and adore you so much. Mum xxoo

I love this LO and the kit was just perfect for it. It is one I have had for some time now but have only just started using it and I have fallen in love with it.

Ok well I think that's enough from me for now. Ciao for now buddies one and all.

Monday, 19 June 2006

Bad bad bad blogger...........

...........yep that's me I am a bad blogger as I haven't updated this blog of mine for sooooooo long and I guess you could say that it hasn't been on the list of priorities this past week or so either as there has been other things happening lately and I guess you could say that life does get in the way at times. Ok first up we started school holidays today so I have 4 kids at home for the next 2 weeks asking me "mum what are we doing today?" and "I'm bored" but so far today hasn't been to bad as the sun is shining and honestly it is like spring here as the weather although slightly on the chilli side is adorable and has been for the past week as well. So Tim is in the garden doing a much needed overhaul and some of the kids are helping him....(great thing too as Tim is also on holidays from his uni studies).

2 Sundays ago we went to Melbourne by train as the church we are involved with have a huge convention/rally every Queens' B'day weekend (a huge world wide event) and we try to get there for the Sunday meetings. With that Tim's older brother, wife and 2 children usually travel from Taree for the weekend as well so on the Monady and Tuesday we were able to catch up and spend the 2 days with them. It's always terrific to see them and spend some wonderful quality time with them as often as we can. The kids all get along great as well, they have 2... Tommy who has just turned 15 as he is 3 months older then Lance and Becky who just turned 13 as she is younger then Grace by 6 months but they all are terrific mates.

Wednesday our van decided to pack it in. We had been having problems with it for about 3 weeks and although Tim and his dad tried so hard to figure it all out and work on it it was time to book it in to the mechanics and that was done on Thursday but decided to cancel that as well as we have spent so much money on this van $1000's and we purchased it 2nd hand when I fell pregnant with Maddison and he is nearly 11 as we needed a bigger vehicle to fit us all in so we decided it was time to NOT spend anymore money on it as it just wasn't worth it at all. The Tarago ( called Bertha) is now out of action and we will try to sell it for spare parts as it is just so old and so worn out.

Thursday night we became the proud owners of a 1993, 6 seater Ford Falcon EB Station Wagon. Low kilometres, in such great condition and boy is it different to anything we have had before. Tinted windows and I mean tinted....nice and dark. Automatic (been a long time since I have driven one of them), ABS, immobilisier, duel fuel, white, oodles of boot space, A/C, power steering, (something to get use to) and generally a very good looking wagon. So we have been a little distracted with it this weekend taking it out on the road and "getting use" to everything we have never had before.

I'm entering this competition and have been busy creating digital layouts for it. I have done 2 LO's so far....Family and Wedding and just waiting on an email from another designer so I can use her kit with another LO I have in mind under the pets theme and then do some more. I have never entered a comp before but I decided well why the heck work is just as good as the next person's and I am not worried if I don't win but so long as I have tried, to me that's all that matters, and that I have created some fantastic LO's in the process.

Ok well I think that is enough from me today and this week I aim to update a little more frequently but for now I'm off to create another LO for this competiton...oh and I won't be posting these LO's anywhere till after the comp is over, 30th of this month so until I hear from them one way or another you won't see my LO's.

Ciao for now chat soon.

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Latest Paper Pack

Lemonade Candy
So this is my latest creation, a paper pack simply thrown together last night and today. The colours remind me of so many things and in particular blue lemonade and candy so thus the name Lemonade Candy.

Monday, 5 June 2006

The weekend that was.

Phew..........did I blink and miss something? I mean the weekend is over and I want to know what happened to it.
So what did I do? Well...................ummmmmm....let me see. Friday I worked on a digital LO which is nearly done but just taking my time for that as I want to do a few to go in a new gallery soon. Saturday was just a day for pottering. I did some baking and a little bit of this and that...(not sure what the this and that was mind you) and I had to have a nanny nap in the arvo for some strange reason and then went and got hot chips for tea and we also decided to have a DVD night. On the menu was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which we all really enjoyed and Just like Heaven which was a great family movie...bit of a chick flick but certainly a tear jerker nevertheless. Sunday went and bought a new top and another shawl type top to go over the new top if that makes any sense at all. Took the girls with me and did a little grocery shopping as well then off to church for the arvo/evening.

Bendigo actually had a very busy weekend tourist wise. We had the Home Expo show and also Craft Alive and I didn't go to either. Usually I attend the Craft Alive show but it is just the same thing year in, year out and I really couldn't be bothered with it all this time round and the Home Expo show doesn't interest me at all with all those crowds and hustle and bustle and shoving and pushing.....nope that just isn't my cup of tea.

So that was the weekend and now it is over and a new week has begun. Tim has finished UNI for 5 weeks before he starts the new semester and he plans to do lots of odd jobs around the place that simply don't get done when he is flat out studying. So today he started cleaning up the backyard and also fixed the next door neighbours mower for her and our kitchen sink plumbing ....again. So today was busy enough. Tomorrow well that is another day hey!!!!!!

I started my Designer Sample today thought I should at least get something sorted out there and have now and it is looking good so far. Ahhhhhh there is so much in my head and so little time to get it all done...I could do with another of me else feel that way sometimes?

Just think about it another you...but one that didn't need to sleep or eat and didn't loose their scrapping mojo and one that could do what was in the head when it came to designing and one that took 2 hours out a day to get the housework done and then....well and then there would be the real you....the one that would do all the other things that "wanted" to be done...not needed, as that is what the other you is for......hey I say bring it on!!!!!! If only ??!!

Well it's late and not that is unusual for me as I am a night owl but I want to go and do some more on this kit I am doing so I best finish up here otherwise it won't happen.

So until next blogging catch you all later and take care!

Thursday, 1 June 2006

What's New!

Well let me see what's new in my little corner of the world.........
  • I have been on another learning curve with little things here and there when it comes to blogging, designing, blinkie creating, banner making and even a little CSS.
  • On Monday the 31st of May I turned 39. One more year before the big 40 hits.
  • For my birthday Tim took me out to lunch, a place called Maldon about 30 mins from Bendigo, a gorgez town. Old and nostalgic and we use to go there so often when the kids were younger but now apart from petrol prices that are incredible.....we pay like aroung $1.50+ for a litre....but the kids just don't want to do this as they are older.
  • For my birthday I received so many beautiful handmade cards from the girls who are a part of the Birthday card club at StickersnFun.
  • Stephanie bought me a tiara that she wanted me to wear for the I was a princess for a day. I didn't wear it out to lunch.........not that bold but I did wear it in the morning and in the evening.
  • Gifts....well slippers, the new CD from Human Nature (The Motown Record), a little money, a little satchel....teddy/dolly size full of choccies and of course my time with Tim.
  • Lance's toe is getting better all the time....he was able to wear a sock for the first time last that has to be an improvement.
  • I am still scrapping this canvas and everytime I start back on it I am distracted by too many other things so it is just going to take a little more time.
  • I started a new kit last night...."Cornflowers Blue" and loving it already.
  • I did a little more to my blog....not awhole lot just a little here and there and it was time for a new song...gotta lurve Nickleback.
  • Desperate to change it with a decent background and a banner......all in good time though I guess and I wish sometimes some wonderful blog angel would do it for me.......but that's just me wishing and dreaming. I really want something that just stands out and suits me as a designer as well.
  • Yesterday Stephanie had her first day at secondary was come and try day and so up there at 9am....just the yr 6's going there next year for them to have a full day of school with awhole lot of fun. Tonight is also an Information night for newbies so as I did with Lance and then with Grace it is also Steps turn now. So that's where we will be for a few hours tonight.......and I had better get of my rear end and stop bloggong and start getting ready otherwise we won't get there....and that would be sad .....hey!!!!

Ok until next blog happy reading and ciao for now.