Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, 1 June 2006

What's New!

Well let me see what's new in my little corner of the world.........
  • I have been on another learning curve with little things here and there when it comes to blogging, designing, blinkie creating, banner making and even a little CSS.
  • On Monday the 31st of May I turned 39. One more year before the big 40 hits.
  • For my birthday Tim took me out to lunch, a place called Maldon about 30 mins from Bendigo, a gorgez town. Old and nostalgic and we use to go there so often when the kids were younger but now apart from petrol prices that are incredible.....we pay like aroung $1.50+ for a litre....but the kids just don't want to do this as they are older.
  • For my birthday I received so many beautiful handmade cards from the girls who are a part of the Birthday card club at StickersnFun.
  • Stephanie bought me a tiara that she wanted me to wear for the I was a princess for a day. I didn't wear it out to lunch.........not that bold but I did wear it in the morning and in the evening.
  • Gifts....well slippers, the new CD from Human Nature (The Motown Record), a little money, a little satchel....teddy/dolly size full of choccies and of course my time with Tim.
  • Lance's toe is getting better all the time....he was able to wear a sock for the first time last that has to be an improvement.
  • I am still scrapping this canvas and everytime I start back on it I am distracted by too many other things so it is just going to take a little more time.
  • I started a new kit last night...."Cornflowers Blue" and loving it already.
  • I did a little more to my blog....not awhole lot just a little here and there and it was time for a new song...gotta lurve Nickleback.
  • Desperate to change it with a decent background and a banner......all in good time though I guess and I wish sometimes some wonderful blog angel would do it for me.......but that's just me wishing and dreaming. I really want something that just stands out and suits me as a designer as well.
  • Yesterday Stephanie had her first day at secondary was come and try day and so up there at 9am....just the yr 6's going there next year for them to have a full day of school with awhole lot of fun. Tonight is also an Information night for newbies so as I did with Lance and then with Grace it is also Steps turn now. So that's where we will be for a few hours tonight.......and I had better get of my rear end and stop bloggong and start getting ready otherwise we won't get there....and that would be sad .....hey!!!!

Ok until next blog happy reading and ciao for now.


Lis said...

Wow...what a busy bee you are!!!! Look forward to seeing your next kit :)

Zebette said...

Yay on starting a new kit!!
Oh and time to change your profile again old girl ;)

Zebette said...

Yay on starting a new kit!!
Oh and time to change your profile again old girl ;)

Kelley said...

Loving the doodles and swirly digi things you have created - Love the boy themed ones too!! Gorgeous!!!
Your card from me is on its way - you know me - always late!! LOL!!
Glad you had an awesome bday!!!

fazzbech said...

Glad you had a great birthday Chris! So, it's the big 4-0 next year, hey? Big celebration! Also good to hear Lance's toe is improving each day. Glad you've still got the designing bug when so many of us around you have lost our mojo's!!

Lisa said...

Great kits Chris!! You have been so busy :) Glad you had a great birthday too!