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Monday, 19 June 2006

Bad bad bad blogger...........

...........yep that's me I am a bad blogger as I haven't updated this blog of mine for sooooooo long and I guess you could say that it hasn't been on the list of priorities this past week or so either as there has been other things happening lately and I guess you could say that life does get in the way at times. Ok first up we started school holidays today so I have 4 kids at home for the next 2 weeks asking me "mum what are we doing today?" and "I'm bored" but so far today hasn't been to bad as the sun is shining and honestly it is like spring here as the weather although slightly on the chilli side is adorable and has been for the past week as well. So Tim is in the garden doing a much needed overhaul and some of the kids are helping him....(great thing too as Tim is also on holidays from his uni studies).

2 Sundays ago we went to Melbourne by train as the church we are involved with have a huge convention/rally every Queens' B'day weekend (a huge world wide event) and we try to get there for the Sunday meetings. With that Tim's older brother, wife and 2 children usually travel from Taree for the weekend as well so on the Monady and Tuesday we were able to catch up and spend the 2 days with them. It's always terrific to see them and spend some wonderful quality time with them as often as we can. The kids all get along great as well, they have 2... Tommy who has just turned 15 as he is 3 months older then Lance and Becky who just turned 13 as she is younger then Grace by 6 months but they all are terrific mates.

Wednesday our van decided to pack it in. We had been having problems with it for about 3 weeks and although Tim and his dad tried so hard to figure it all out and work on it it was time to book it in to the mechanics and that was done on Thursday but decided to cancel that as well as we have spent so much money on this van $1000's and we purchased it 2nd hand when I fell pregnant with Maddison and he is nearly 11 as we needed a bigger vehicle to fit us all in so we decided it was time to NOT spend anymore money on it as it just wasn't worth it at all. The Tarago ( called Bertha) is now out of action and we will try to sell it for spare parts as it is just so old and so worn out.

Thursday night we became the proud owners of a 1993, 6 seater Ford Falcon EB Station Wagon. Low kilometres, in such great condition and boy is it different to anything we have had before. Tinted windows and I mean tinted....nice and dark. Automatic (been a long time since I have driven one of them), ABS, immobilisier, duel fuel, white, oodles of boot space, A/C, power steering, (something to get use to) and generally a very good looking wagon. So we have been a little distracted with it this weekend taking it out on the road and "getting use" to everything we have never had before.

I'm entering this competition and have been busy creating digital layouts for it. I have done 2 LO's so far....Family and Wedding and just waiting on an email from another designer so I can use her kit with another LO I have in mind under the pets theme and then do some more. I have never entered a comp before but I decided well why the heck work is just as good as the next person's and I am not worried if I don't win but so long as I have tried, to me that's all that matters, and that I have created some fantastic LO's in the process.

Ok well I think that is enough from me today and this week I aim to update a little more frequently but for now I'm off to create another LO for this competiton...oh and I won't be posting these LO's anywhere till after the comp is over, 30th of this month so until I hear from them one way or another you won't see my LO's.

Ciao for now chat soon.


Zebette said...

Good to see you keeping busy Chris though I have missed seeing you about. Goodluck with your comp entries too.
Congrats on your new exciting!!!

fazzbech said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the new car, and all the best for the comp, I know you'll do well!

Lis said...

Yay for the new car!!!!

Can't wait to see what layouts you come up with, good luck, there are some great prizes!

Jodie said...

OOOh a new car... I'm envious!

Lisa said...

woohoo congrats on the new car!!!!
Goodluck in the comp :) Looking fwd to seeing these layouts of yours :)