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Monday, 5 June 2006

The weekend that was.

Phew..........did I blink and miss something? I mean the weekend is over and I want to know what happened to it.
So what did I do? Well...................ummmmmm....let me see. Friday I worked on a digital LO which is nearly done but just taking my time for that as I want to do a few to go in a new gallery soon. Saturday was just a day for pottering. I did some baking and a little bit of this and that...(not sure what the this and that was mind you) and I had to have a nanny nap in the arvo for some strange reason and then went and got hot chips for tea and we also decided to have a DVD night. On the menu was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which we all really enjoyed and Just like Heaven which was a great family movie...bit of a chick flick but certainly a tear jerker nevertheless. Sunday went and bought a new top and another shawl type top to go over the new top if that makes any sense at all. Took the girls with me and did a little grocery shopping as well then off to church for the arvo/evening.

Bendigo actually had a very busy weekend tourist wise. We had the Home Expo show and also Craft Alive and I didn't go to either. Usually I attend the Craft Alive show but it is just the same thing year in, year out and I really couldn't be bothered with it all this time round and the Home Expo show doesn't interest me at all with all those crowds and hustle and bustle and shoving and pushing.....nope that just isn't my cup of tea.

So that was the weekend and now it is over and a new week has begun. Tim has finished UNI for 5 weeks before he starts the new semester and he plans to do lots of odd jobs around the place that simply don't get done when he is flat out studying. So today he started cleaning up the backyard and also fixed the next door neighbours mower for her and our kitchen sink plumbing ....again. So today was busy enough. Tomorrow well that is another day hey!!!!!!

I started my Designer Sample today thought I should at least get something sorted out there and have now and it is looking good so far. Ahhhhhh there is so much in my head and so little time to get it all done...I could do with another of me else feel that way sometimes?

Just think about it another you...but one that didn't need to sleep or eat and didn't loose their scrapping mojo and one that could do what was in the head when it came to designing and one that took 2 hours out a day to get the housework done and then....well and then there would be the real you....the one that would do all the other things that "wanted" to be done...not needed, as that is what the other you is for......hey I say bring it on!!!!!! If only ??!!

Well it's late and not that is unusual for me as I am a night owl but I want to go and do some more on this kit I am doing so I best finish up here otherwise it won't happen.

So until next blogging catch you all later and take care!

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fazzbech said...

Sounds like a fun weekend Chris! Oh I sooooo wish we could duplicate and triplicate ourselves sometimes! Enjoy having DH home!