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Friday, 30 June 2006

So what's new!

Hummmm not a whole lot really. I mean I have been busy but as to what's new well that depends. Took the day off yesterday (Wednesday) from the computer and we all took a drive down to The Skydancers Butterfly place just outside of Castlemaine for afternoon tea. Completely enjoyed that too and then after we spent time there we went into Castlemaine which was nice just to walk the main streets to window shop. Then back home in time for tea. I needed a break from the computer just to recharge and I think it worked well enough too.

Today has been a full day on the computer to make up for lost but so much is happening at the moment and just getting some loose ends tied up and creating some awesome LO's as well but I can't pop them on here just yet...soon...I promise.

School holidays are coming to a close and I think the kids are all looking forward to getting back to school as well and catch up with their buddies. Only 3 more sleeps and then peace and quiet through the day again. I enjoy school holidays, always have but I have found that the older the kids are getting the less they want to do unless it requires And you simply just can't take them to the park or playground or the lake anymore as they don't want to go...oh the joys of 2 teens with 2 more very quickly moving into that scary.

Ok well dunno what else to say 'cept this......... cya soon!

My DD Stephanie. This photo was taken 1/04/06 at Barkers Creek at North Harcourt..near Bendigo. A number of us from our church got together for the day for a spot of fishing. Only 3 fish were caught but we really had a great time trying.

Credits: Dinner Party Kit by Shabby Princess and Sara Carling and Shabby Princess shabby staple.

Font: Monotype Corsiva



Janie said...

Beautiful LO, that paper is just to die for, fantastic.

Lis said...

Oooh, your day trip sounds like fun!
Gorgeous layout too!

fazzbech said...

That layout is so stunning Chris! I'm going to go get me that kit!! yummo!

Jodie said...

Goprgeous layout Chris

Jodie said...

Oops trying again....
GORGEOUS layout Chris!