Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, 27 September 2010


yesterday we tasted and smelt spring for the first time since spring officially started here in september. it was such a glorious day that it was time to take hubby and steph and head down to the new chinese gardens here in bendigo. all in the hope to not only feel the warmth of the spring sun on my pale white skin for the first time in what seems like months but also take photo's of all the new sculptures and pieces of this beautiful place. what a day and i loved every moment of it, spending time with hubby and steph (boys didn't want to come and grace wasn't home), taking photo's, enjoying the view and having icecream and cold drinks after it all. sorbet for steph and i and yummy ferero roche icecream for the hub. yum!!!

anyhoo i hope you enjoy the photo's as much as i enjoyed taking them and of course a little fun editing to help with the final process. i love the way they have all turned out and can't wait till the next time i get to go on a little fun photo shoot.

credits: coffee shop urban grit photo action.

credits: coffee shop photo actions vivid 2
credits: coffee shop vintage photo action

credits: coffee shop vintage photo action
credits: coffee shop vintage photo action

credits: coffee shop vintage photo action  
credits: paint the moon elegance b&w photo action

ok so that should do it for today i think...enjoy and i would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment. anyhoo take care, hugs chris xoxo

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

busy times...

what can i say except it's been busy times and seriously so. now we're on school holidays it hasn't slowed down whatsoever. this was the school holidays, the whole 2 weeks, where i was meant to have no appointments or meetings as i wanted to spend time with tim and the kids. we also wanted to start working on the inside of our home that seriously needs to be repainted etc, however society thought otherwise and didn't think i needed any down time so like i said it's busy times.

the past few weeks have been incredibly topsy turvy and once again tim and i are left picking up the pieces due to decisions and actions that have compromised everything, put plans right back to square 1 and honestly just dumbfounded us as a family with one question....why? and like my daughter grace asks....why us mum....why always us? and i simply have no answer because i ask the same question myself.

when situations like this happen, as adults we deal with it as best we can and we go through the processes as we need to, however when this in itself specifically happens to our children and even more specific...our kids with disabilities, it takes on a whole different meaning, it impacts on our kids like you could never imagine....because they are not able to speak up for themselves, they are not able to make those decisions, they are not always able to ask why or understand the reasons behind it and the parents...yes us ever so important people in our children's world that are also their full time carers, who will go the distance to fight for everything, are the ones left to pick up the pieces, cry for them, become frustrated, get angry, fight even harder for their future that sometimes seem so non existent and realise that so many out there really just.don'!

it's time for change and now!

till next time hugs and take care xoxo

Saturday, 11 September 2010

layout #?

i lost count a long time ago when it comes to how many layouts i've created either in paper of digi format. i have a few full albums now and more to add to this ever growing (but very important) hobby of mine but it's something that i've continued with pretty much the past 11 or 12 years now. something i've stuck with and absolutely enjoyed for all this time and certainly not something i plan to give up in any hurry. yes i've had to step back from it when times here have been very busy and other priorities take over, however papers and embellishments wait, they don't go to waste and when things settle again for a little i manage to get back into my creative side again.

 photo of my girls grace and steph taken last year down in geelong.

vintage carnival - collab kit - sahlin studio and jenn barrette - scrap matters

so there you have it....scrapbook layout #? enjoy and until next blog update.....take care and hugs, chris xoxo

Monday, 6 September 2010


i am so incredibly blessed because today marks tim and my 24th wedding anniversary, can you believe that? 24 years of marriage and still together and still very much happy and in love. what an incredible achievement in this day and age...what an incredible achievement full stop.

life has thrown so many obstacles at us in those 24 years, we've been polite and heard far too much advice trying very hard not to take it on. particularly advice that we didn't believe in, impacted on our own values and morals and simply tried to bring us crashing down because of people's own 'issues' and somehow through it all we have stayed true to ourselves and each other and overcome.

love is an incredible and amazing blessing and be loved, to give love, to have love and to share truly is a gift and one of not only receiving but giving as well. there's a scripture in the bible that says "husbands love your wives as christ loves the church".....what an incredible selfless act don't you think? something not to be taken lightly...ever!

so too my other half...i wish you a very happy 24th wedding anniversary. despite the obstacles, the hurdles, the highs, lows and everything in between, the challenges we have faced as individuals, as a couple and a family you have been my constant, the one that is by my side through it all, the one that stand's up for me, loved me for who i am and...i love you beyond words could ever express.

you are my soul mate, my best friend, the other half that makes the whole, the person that i never want to be apart from and from here to eternity i love you with everything i have and all of my self. xoxoxo

Saturday, 4 September 2010

new puppy...

everyone loves a new puppy right?...well perhaps not a brand new puppy because of her age but a new puppy to us all the same!!! today lance brought his very own dog...a 6 month old bull arab from our local rspca called cora-lee. she's a little full on at the moment simply because of her age and the fact that she is new to us and new to her environment but for her 1st day in her new home with her new family she is settling in really well.

lance is quite eager to start training her fully and although it will take a little work and will be very positive all round. i am very hopeful and know that lance with a little help and loads of patience will be able to transfer all he knows from volunteering and training the dogs up at righteous pups australia into training and working with cora-lee. she really is quite adorable.....

anyhoo just a very quick update tonight and too all those dads out there i am wishing you all a very happy father's day for tomorrow...may you all be totally spoilt.

hugs chris xoxo