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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

busy times...

what can i say except it's been busy times and seriously so. now we're on school holidays it hasn't slowed down whatsoever. this was the school holidays, the whole 2 weeks, where i was meant to have no appointments or meetings as i wanted to spend time with tim and the kids. we also wanted to start working on the inside of our home that seriously needs to be repainted etc, however society thought otherwise and didn't think i needed any down time so like i said it's busy times.

the past few weeks have been incredibly topsy turvy and once again tim and i are left picking up the pieces due to decisions and actions that have compromised everything, put plans right back to square 1 and honestly just dumbfounded us as a family with one question....why? and like my daughter grace asks....why us mum....why always us? and i simply have no answer because i ask the same question myself.

when situations like this happen, as adults we deal with it as best we can and we go through the processes as we need to, however when this in itself specifically happens to our children and even more specific...our kids with disabilities, it takes on a whole different meaning, it impacts on our kids like you could never imagine....because they are not able to speak up for themselves, they are not able to make those decisions, they are not always able to ask why or understand the reasons behind it and the parents...yes us ever so important people in our children's world that are also their full time carers, who will go the distance to fight for everything, are the ones left to pick up the pieces, cry for them, become frustrated, get angry, fight even harder for their future that sometimes seem so non existent and realise that so many out there really just.don'!

it's time for change and now!

till next time hugs and take care xoxo

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