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Saturday, 4 September 2010

new puppy...

everyone loves a new puppy right?...well perhaps not a brand new puppy because of her age but a new puppy to us all the same!!! today lance brought his very own dog...a 6 month old bull arab from our local rspca called cora-lee. she's a little full on at the moment simply because of her age and the fact that she is new to us and new to her environment but for her 1st day in her new home with her new family she is settling in really well.

lance is quite eager to start training her fully and although it will take a little work and will be very positive all round. i am very hopeful and know that lance with a little help and loads of patience will be able to transfer all he knows from volunteering and training the dogs up at righteous pups australia into training and working with cora-lee. she really is quite adorable.....

anyhoo just a very quick update tonight and too all those dads out there i am wishing you all a very happy father's day for tomorrow...may you all be totally spoilt.

hugs chris xoxo

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