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Monday, 6 September 2010


i am so incredibly blessed because today marks tim and my 24th wedding anniversary, can you believe that? 24 years of marriage and still together and still very much happy and in love. what an incredible achievement in this day and age...what an incredible achievement full stop.

life has thrown so many obstacles at us in those 24 years, we've been polite and heard far too much advice trying very hard not to take it on. particularly advice that we didn't believe in, impacted on our own values and morals and simply tried to bring us crashing down because of people's own 'issues' and somehow through it all we have stayed true to ourselves and each other and overcome.

love is an incredible and amazing blessing and be loved, to give love, to have love and to share truly is a gift and one of not only receiving but giving as well. there's a scripture in the bible that says "husbands love your wives as christ loves the church".....what an incredible selfless act don't you think? something not to be taken lightly...ever!

so too my other half...i wish you a very happy 24th wedding anniversary. despite the obstacles, the hurdles, the highs, lows and everything in between, the challenges we have faced as individuals, as a couple and a family you have been my constant, the one that is by my side through it all, the one that stand's up for me, loved me for who i am and...i love you beyond words could ever express.

you are my soul mate, my best friend, the other half that makes the whole, the person that i never want to be apart from and from here to eternity i love you with everything i have and all of my self. xoxoxo

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Steph. :) said...

Wish I could find someone like daddy. He sure does love you, because you are amazing.

Mummy, you mean everything to me and same with daddy. No matter what, you are the strongest person I know. Don't ever forget that. This whole family has been through hell and back, and we'll get through anything that life decides to throw at us. I do love you and daddy. No matter what! xxxoox.