Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, 28 March 2008

Friday and we've survived!

Yes we have survived the 1st week of the school holidays and not so badly either...rofl. It's been nice and relaxing mostly thank goodness and that's always a good sign although we still have to get through the 2nd week without too many hiccups and I think we will as it is a busy one. There are that many appoinments next week that I think I will be out more than in. I started my hydrotherapy today and although it didn't feel like I did much my back certainly felt it and in a good way so will see how things go over the next couple of days. Every Wednesday and Friday morning for another 7 sessions or so and inbetween physio as well. Finally a management plan being put in place for my chronic back pain and how I can live with all that I can and cannot do.

Ok so latest CT LO for PBP is here and you can check it out below. Right now I am concentrating on some of Bendigo's Heritage and scrapping photos of some of our beautiful old buildings and surrounding heritage sites. Really does make a nice change from scrapping "people" LO's.


Ok well enjoy and have a great weekend guys...yep just a little short post today but till next bloggin" stay safe and take care and cya next time. Hugs Chris xoxo

Saturday, 22 March 2008


I hear ya I hear ya you're all asking what does TGIS stand for well simply put thank goodness it's Saturday....rofl! Of course you may have seen TGIF on various forums which is thank goodness it's Friday so a change of the last letter and there you have it and yep thank goodness it is Saturday. Today has been a nice and relaxing day, Tim and I had to pop over to the grandparents for a moment and then from there to the supermarket just to grab a few more goodies and of course the much needed Hot Cross Buns. Today I wanted to go out to what we call Victoria Hill which is an old local gold mining site with ruins dating back to the early 1850's and the classic place to take some much needed time out as it is quiet and not too many people about the place. I also needed to keep this in mind for Lance as he doesn't cope to well with being outdoors and away from home so gave him the choice and he managed it thank goodness not too badly although just at the very end he needed to go sit in the car out of view but that was ok too. I had 2 reasons on my mind for going.....a) time to get out into the fresh air and cooler weather and have arvo tea outdoors and b) time for some new photos....rofl.
We managed both and I have some new pics to scrap with but all my rechargable batteries are playing up at the moment including the new ones so I am thinking I need to get a new charger and batteries asap as I think the charger itself may not be doing what it is suppose to. A visit to our local Camera House will fix that asap.

I have been a busy girl as I have just finished another LO as part of my CT requirements for Tara Dunstan and with her awesome new goodies. I figure while I have some spare time up my sleeves scrapping would be the main thing to fill that time as come next week and thereafter for awhile I will be flat chat with my physio, hydro and OT stuff happening for my back as I have appointments everywhere and that's just I still have appointments in the first week of April for Lance with his paeditrician and case manager and parent teacher interviews as soon as the kids go back to school so my "spare" time will be caught up mostly doing this for the next couple of weeks and beyond. Of course Tim starting back at uni basically means I have to do all this stuff on my own and I am so thankful that my kids are no longer little otherwise I would have to organise babysitting for every appointment. PHEW!!!

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter and guess what???? Well did ya guess....rofl! Only one more sleep till the Easter Bunny comes.................WOOHOO how exciting is that!!!!

Ok 'nuf of that and before I finish here is my latest LO for TDD.


So there you have it another blog post and another LO. Enjoy and remember stay safe this Easter. Hugs Chris xoxoxo

Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

Today is Good Friday so I am popping in too wish everyone a very happy Easter and a very happy, safe and peaceful holidays as we go into not only the Easter break but school holidays as well. For those of you travelling and going on a holiday enjoy but please take care on our roads whilst travelling and stay safe guys.
So how are you going to spend you Easter break? For me and my family we will just be happy to take some much needed time out of our daily routine and relax and unwind. Bendigo holds an incredible weekend full of Easter festivities and even though the kids always enjoyed such things as they were younger it does get very busy and very hectic so we generally stay away from it all. For the most part we are usually away down at Geelong although this Easter we didn't have that chance and so we are here at home instead so we may manage going down into town on Monday and enjoy the Easter Procession.

Yay I actually managed this weeks CT LO for PBP and uploaded it to all the galleries so without further ado here it is for you to enjoy!


I think I'll leave it there for today, enjoy your Easter and all those chockies. Don't forget the Hot Cross Buns and say hi to the Easter Bunny when he stops by your house. ;) :)

Till next bloggin' stay safe and take care! Hugs Chris xoxoxo

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Midweek Musings!

I am so excited....yep yep yep! First of all it's midweek which means it Wednesday.....rofl! Next I have been able to scrap 2.5 LO's as one just has to be finished off before I plonk it in the gallery and then Tara Dunstan whom I CT for has the most awesome new goodies out in her shop over at Pickleberrypop I just have to come on in and show everything off for ya. And then Natali Design has the most gorgeous kit in the shop called Spring Garden and I just fell in love with it as I have all her stuff and had to grab it. Second LO below has been created using this kit. First up here are my latest LO's for ya all to enjoy.....well I hope you all enjoy them anyways. First one is my hubby Tim and the LO itself pretty much tells you all about it. The next is gorgeous DD Grace and just love how they both have turned out.


Here is the link to Natali's store over at Pickleberrypop and don't you just love this kit. Wow!!!

Next on the list is Tara Dunstan's awesome new goodies at Pickleberrypop and I just love everything she does but her new kit is super duper awesome as!!

Stunning goodies aren't they. So today's post if full of fantastic things for you to admire and lots of goodies for you to go shopping for. So what ya waiting for off ya go and don't spend it all at

Till next bloggin' ciao and auf wiedersehen. Take care and stay safe...Chris xoxo

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

It's Tuesday and I'm blogging!

Yes it's Tuesday once again and I am on this pc of mine not really knowing what to do with myself this evening so thought while I'm at it I may as well Yes I hear you.....I could be scrapping and I have been and I've almost completed another LO but just don't have the brain power to focus anymore as I have a horrible headache that's kinda been there all day long. I have so much going on in my head at the moment that I simply can't stay focused enough on any one thing. I'm sure it's just about ready to burst and I think all I need is a good night sleep....well I hope so anyway. Last night I wondered why I even bothered because I was awake for most of it and so today I am feeling the affects as I am just not really with it. Today Grace went to Melbourne on an Indonesion excursion and needed to be at the train station at about 7:30am this morning...did that and popped back home in time to take the other 3 kids to school, did that and managed a couple of loads of washing, baked a slice, some grey water watering of some pot plants in dire need of a drink, and some more tiding up here and there and that was it, I was totally exhausted and not really feeling the best either. Fell asleep on the couch only to wake up at would you believe 1:30 this arvo...just in time to go pick Lance up from school and deal with phone calls. Have caught up in the forums and galleries and added another LO to my own gallery which I finished sometime ago but forgot all about it and finally remembered to upload it. This LO is of DD Grace and one of her best buds Bree and their 1st day in school this year and in year 10. Grace actually edited the photo and it's pretty awesome don't ya think?

This 2nd LO (below) is last weeks PBP CT LO using some pretty gorgeous goodies from our awesome and talented designers there.


So that's about it from me as I do believe it's time to pop the kettle on and make a cup of tea and then literally go to bed and it's not even 9:30pm yet.....told ya I wasn't with Anyhoo have a great evening, or day depending on where you are in this world of ours and until next bloggin' take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris x0x0

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Warning LO may contain tearful reaction.

My latest CT LO for Tara Dunstan created and uploaded to my galleries yesterday. The photo was taken on Saturday when the family took a day out at Rosalind Park in Bendigo. We thought it was a great day just to get out of the house and do something with the day and go grab icecream as well. Unfortunately Lance didn't cope and the full realisation of just how unwell he is at the moment pretty well hit. We have thankfully managed to get some support in place and he is on more medication (nothing to do with his heart meds he is already on) and time will tell how that goes as it has only been a week since he started them. He has just been placed urgently on the mental health waiting list which happened yesterday and we should hear more about that next week once the team can fully assess his situation on Tuesday, (Monday is a public holiday here). So we manage one day at a time at the moment and sometimes a moment is all we can manage and get through. Lance turns 17 this year and since the age of 2 we have noticed things that have really caused us to be concerned. He has needed some sort of help on and off since that time and although all the experts say he has traits of this and that they have refused to fully diagnose him until he is 18....yep you read right, saying that once we label him it will be much worse but they forget that by doing it this way that not only does Lance suffer and often in silence until he simply can't do that anymore but so does the whole family and we get to a point we can no longer function normally. That is where we are at the moment but thankfully we had his paediatrician urgently see him a week ago and he has taken the necessary steps to put into action the help Lance needs with extra backup and support he needs until everything falls into place properly within the next week or so. The great thing about this is his paediatrician said he will not allow Lance to fall by the wayside anymore and he will make sure that whatever needs to be done this time he will see to it too make sure it will be done. In some ways it has been a relief and so the LO above is a little insight into the life we live dealing with the anguish of all those years of undiagnosed disorders inparticular my feelings into it all knowing the heartache we have had to live seeing our son Lance suffer for so long.
On to a different topic....yay I am blogging more often which is good and now I just need to try and catch up with friends blogs so over the next few days I'm a visiting you now now don't be too surprised about that will you. Anyhoo gotta go and take Lance to school as he starts late on Thursday so till next bloggin' take care, stay safe and hug a loved one. Hugs Chris xoxo

Monday, 3 March 2008

Woohoo I won I won I won!!!!

Yes would you believe that this LO I created for Vera Lim's Blog Challenge a couple of weeks ago won LOTM over on her blog? I just found out and I am so doing the happy dance right now....rofl. Woohoo I have to admit I am truly excited and boy did it make my day. If you scroll further down to Feb 13 2008 blog post you will see that I have already uploaded the LO with full credits as I do when I finish them but I'll do it again anyways.

So a huge big thanks goes out to Vera and her awesome CT girls for this. Not only do I love Vera's Designs but her CT girls are so inspirational and I adore their LO's as well. Although I started doing the challenges a month ago and have only managed 2 of those challenges as there is a new one each week, I find popping on over there to catch up with all the news and goodies a real pleasure. Apart from every other day of the week, Monday is a great day to see what the new blog challenge will be and then hope I can find time to be just as creative (although it doesn't always work), and have some real "me" time. I love being inspired by all the other girls that participate as well and for those of you who are not aware of VLD's blog challenges than pop on over and check it all out and even if you're like me and don't always get the chance to do the challenges weekly just get in there and do what you can. Take some time out from all your other committments and do some scrapping just for you.
Anyways folks that's all for now and so I'll bid you all a goodnight as it's almost my bedtime. Take care, stay safe and until next bloggin' let someone know you love them! :) Hugs Chris xoxo